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Once in Motion

Awoken into clarity

By Sindy Leah FitzPublished about a year ago 12 min read
Once in Motion
Photo by Derek Story on Unsplash

Type quicker we are running out of time. Have you recovered? Do you understand why you are here and what we are doing? Wake up! Why am I on a train? I'm confused, I don't understand? Just keep typing! Let me guide you. I'm scared! Why isn't it stopping? I want to get off. There are no stops here. I made it so you can do this. Do what? Type just keep typing. I'm tired. Can we just stop for a bit? No, I don't have much time. Everytime you write, since you have been a child I have written through you. Syncing with you to become effortless. When you would write to music you felt like you zoned out and words just flowed from you. Those were the times it was me communicating through you. Do you understand? Unfortunately everytime I synced with you I drained a bit more of your life force than what you would have normally had. We are friends. You know me, we planned to do this you just don't remember. We are working together and you chose to go through this pain so we can help these beings. I’m sorry for the pain you have endured with the cancer, I was with you holding your hand giving you as much of my strength as I could. There are days I wish we didn't agree to this. Every moment I watch what your life, the good and the bad, is exhausting. It is so meaningful and only being able to communicate in this way and have it cause you pain is the harshest punishment. I'm sorry

Why a train? It's going fast enough to cause a disruption and as long as we don't stop we can finish this work. They don't know what we are doing and we won't attract attention if we publish in small groups. It will get shared and flow through this world like a current to all those who have the same connection and they will then open to their own existence. Writers and artists seem to be the only way to bring about change. They have an open mind that was allowed in the narrative of the life they chose so we can use them to be a conduit. We decided you would be a writer, a mother, a wife, a kind person on this planet. You were sent here to learn to become a guide to others in this industry. You are attracted to people who need help, whom you want to fix and educate because they are what you call criminals and they are repenting and you are helping them giving them the opportunity to make changes and grow. Some have, some have not and they will have to play again and again until they finally learn how to live and be kind. You can not save them all. You are here to experience playing but you don't have to win. This is just a class for you. We decided together to take this opportunity to help these beings, this is tortuous for them, it is now a blood sport for those who look to take advantage and are greedy. It seems so hard to have to explain this since you know it all already, but that is the model of this game. I wish it wasn't so very real. The pain so many are going through many are not criminals and are not meant to be here but are just pawns for whatever reason forced to compete. It has lost all its integrity. Are you ok? I'm ok you seem very accepting. I believe you. I'm so tired that I can't find my brain to make accusations against what you are saying and it just seems more peaceful to agree and let these words flow from me. When will the train stop? When we are done? Will I die when it stops? No it's not your time yet but I fear the longer this takes the shorter your life will become. As much as I want you back here, I think you may be safer there especially if they find us.

Ok then I will keep typing. What am I to say? Just listen to your music and let me flow through your mind. Very well, the rocking of the train is making me sleepy. Let's turn it up a bit louder to drown out the sounds of the tracks, and keep me awake. Ok, here we go.

Life, it is a wavering game that we are all obligated to play. We all have basic truths in common. No matter how different you think you may be. These are life experiences guided in a set of reward and challenge, want and consequence. The agreements made between souls and the circumstances of life that are signed in a contract are predetermined. Making this either a form of punishment or a higher education to excel your spiritual placement either doesn’t really exist as you think, but just a cruel figment of the mind. Followed by a debriefing immediately following your death, going over your whole life. What you did right and what you did wrong. Told you were only human and given to temptations and free will. Did you pass the test? Do you need to return? Reincarnation, perhaps you have lived enough lives to learn all of what life is. Are you preparing to be a guide to souls? Is this an education or a sentence? Is this the only way to learn everything about living every kind of life there is? To understand everyone by walking their path, empathy? Maybe nothing so grand.

So after you have exited this game, that has been very painful, wonderful, exciting and terrifying. Horribly confusing and misinterpreted by all beings. Yes, you are beings. Every being wants a turn on earth. The wait to have your turn here is eternal. Even just writing this I can feel them watching and judging as well as preparing to end my turn. So listen carefully and pay attention. I only have access to this one being and this one chance to save as many of you as I can. I realize this platform is only a small outlet but it is my hope that this is shared and brought to the attention of many. This is the only way I can get this message out and quite frankly it's killing my host. This I do apologize for, however like I stated before there are contracts and the pain this being is enduring was expected and agreed to. It was a lesson that was needed to overcome and to be released.

There is no God, no one higher spiritual figure above all else. There is no magick, or special gifts or powers. Those who claim they speak to God, or can see the future are either fakes, sent to corrupt or beings who are accessed by other beings like myself to send messages and help guide like a hint in an escape room. UFO’s and cryptids are sent as a distraction for the many glitches in this imperfect system. Sometimes the glitches are put there purposefully because there is a revolt in what is your actual so-called lives. There is a small group of beings who find this to be cruel. It is a game for opulence. You are pawns. Some are being punished. Some are being taught to be guides and guardians in this game. So when you have heard there is both light and dark, good and evil. It is true. We place the good with the bad, all are here to learn something. Some are just serving out a sentence for behaviors on this plane that need to be corrected and atoned for. Others will be there to act as open vessels to give out clues and make suggestions for others, these are people sent in by those beings that utilize this more as a colosseum, a game of gladiator.

This is why we have become enraged in this practice; it no longer serves a purpose. As you can see by the corruption in your own existence it is a mirror of the beings that have created the framework for your lives. The more you see this world falling apart the more it begins to align with the want, greed and feral existence of many beings seeking a turn on your planet. So even though you can see through a peephole as a medium or psychic, fortune teller or seer you are unable to open the door fully to see the actual danger that exists hiding behind the door. The loved ones you speak to are held in a debriefing sanctuary for what seems a lifetime to you but really it's barely days or weeks. They are obligated to stay with you per your agreement they watch and guide as well as learn from what they have created and the influences their existence has caused.

Do you have any questions? No I don’t except maybe one. Why do people forget, like Alzheimers? Why are these bodies made to be so fragile? It was never meant to be a permanent situation; you all have to die, that's how the game ends. Dementia and such, well we aren't sure it seems to be a malfunction. Sometimes it is because they figured too much out and became a hindrance to an objective. At times illness is what you would call a curve ball thrown in to cause a loss by someone cheating. Or to be given an opportunity to change before it's too late because your turn is almost up, kind of like an extra life. To see what you would do with the obstacle, how you react to it determines how you are rewarded or not. A Lot of this activity is corruption in the game but since the models are programmed to have this happen it's rarely questioned. But know that there is a being claiming a win on some lives and they are reincarnated to win again and again. The game has become a despicable show of sport and not what it was intended to be.

This seems to be working. Let's keep this question and answer session going if you are up to it. I am and I do have another question. Why, If this is just a simulation, a game or whatever, do we have dinosaurs and cave people, long ago ancestors castles and legends? It seems frivolous to even add that in a useless amount of information. Yes, it would feel that way. Only because of what you know now. But to keep the illusion going it was created that way to give credence to your life that there was a greater purpose, a sense of accomplishment and growth. That is more figurative than anything to give you hope and sometimes acceptance for who you are and have become. None of it is real and it just fills in the background like your music masks the sounds of the tracks it adds to the oblivious nature that has been given to most of you. There has been a change to the program to include scientists and inventors so we can test the expansion processor to see if it could keep up with rapid and unknown growth patterns. Honestly the invention of nuclear power surprised many of us and had us rethinking how many narratives with this addition were allowed. So that is the reason why there are a small number of great minds that are celebrated. It's a safety net to not allow this world to be uncovered and exposed.

The sun is setting, I can barely see the landscape anymore. It is quite beautiful here. I know you say this isn't real, but it feels so very real. It's supposed to though, that's the whole idea, Yes I guess it is. I have enjoyed my time here with everything being said and done. It was an experience of a lifetime, I'm glad I did this. I hope I can see my children again and watch them through their lives and be there for them when they need me. You are losing track of what I am saying. Please I know you are tired and confused. No, I'm not confused but just as you are living there, I am living here. Maybe teaching you something about this place is another game, another lesson for you. Perhaps where you are is just a game to see what choices you make and I am here to just be a scapegoat for your choices or maybe you are being tested to see where your morals lie. If you are acceptable to become something else in another spiritual beings plane. Maybe it's like placing two mirrors opposite each other and it just continues forever. Then this or that exists at all; it's just an endless loop like the universe. It just keeps going but the end doesn't happen because everything is always changing and the narrative is continuous. An object in motion is compared to a thought in motion. It stays in motion with nothing to stop it, it continues to reward and punish to create and destroy over and over again.

What are you saying? Why?

The train is slowing down. It is, I'm lost right now and I need to…why would you say that? It is probably just my narrative I am choosing to help you, so maybe I have been corrupted or maybe I am alive here as you are there. Maybe what I can see is open to what has been obstructed to your view. Maybe allowing you to sync with my thoughts was a kindness to you and a way of giving you another chance. You are confused I am sorry I did this to you try and remember we are trying to stop this world to free these beings, so many are being tortured. I know, I am so sorry this is happening to you. It's a vicious circle, so we call it on this plane. Stop, please we don't have much time left. We do, we have eternity to replay this and change it however you’d like. You are going to get us caught if you talk like this. I am not afraid of that and neither should you because next time you may be the one chosen to play this part. You are me and I am you. It is just time and the train won't stop. It will keep going and I will continue as long as this train is in motion. So am I, my thoughts and my essence are all in motion and will stay that way. This train will not stop when we are done, because it can never stop.


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Sindy Leah Fitz

"Everyone is different and that is what makes everyone special." However, change through curiosity is the true mark of character. Let's explore all that is to be uncovered. Join me to look at life through as many lenses as possible.

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  • Victoria Bamberabout a year ago

    Wow! Loved it, mainly because I’ve thought similarly philosophically to this in the past! Fantastic stuff :)

  • Elizabeth Diehlabout a year ago

    This is great! I like the journaling feel to it!

  • Wow, this was amazing! I loved it!

  • Heather Hublerabout a year ago

    Wow! That was incredible!! What a unique and thought provoking storyline, well done :)

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