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Old Man's Advice

An agonizing realization!

By Adil ChandioPublished 4 months ago 3 min read
Old Man's Advice
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"It's true" the old man said, advising his son while on his death bed that,

"Money is very important for living a fulfilling life", while in agonizing pain that he was experiencing in his last moments but he continued,

"But running behind it your whole life is indeed fool's paradise. A wise man acknowledges the importance of everything whether it be their health, wealth, intellect, family, and friends. I can understand this now when indeed it's too late for me and this wisdom can provide me nothing..." he exhaled his last breath and death strangled him before he could finish and transfer the wisdom that he accumulated over his lifespan to his son.

There was an atmosphere of sadness in the room in which he was hospitalized. His son, daughter-in-law, and his 10 years old grandson all of them started to cry. During these moments the old man's son started to utter these words while in tears,

"Father you gone too soon. Oh my dear, I had to spend so much time with you which you always complained about while I was away for study or busy in my career. Now, when I finally spared time you left me father and I can't even complain..."

He continued, " How can you do this to me father? There was so much I needed to learn from you, so many things I wanted to tell you!!!

Why Father? Why would you do that to me?"

Once the mourning was done, everyone started to come back to their normal life and routine. The old man had made a lot of money which he left for his son and his family. So, the family started to live like rich people with core focus on earning more money and spending it lavishly.

But in all this the old man's last words, the infinite wisdom that he uttered during his last breath faded away like smoke in the open field. It was not difficult to sustain and expand wealth in a capitalist society where you have to be rich to get rich.

It was success all around for Mr. Roy especially in the realm of business and wealth creation. Having a business backgorund, Stanford MBA, and sigificant iheritance made him unstoppable. But still it was not enough for him as there was some kind of void in him and he was not content.

He started indulging in activities like smoking, doing drugs, and drinking alcohol along with with other immediate pleasure routes. To the extent, that it started making an impact on not only on his heath, wealth and personal life but it start to shake the strong foundations of love with his wife and kids. Still it didn't make any impact on his attitude towards life as a result of which his wife separated from him and filed for a divorce.

When he received a divorce papers he was shattered and in that sad and depressing state he consumed an over dose of drugs due to which he was moved to hospital emergency but it was too late and doctors could not save him. He died miserable, suffering, and alone. What if he would have followed the old man's advice, life could have been 180 degree apart. He had everything in his life which a man can desire health, wealth, good relationships. But few bad choices derailed him and deviated him so much that before he could even realize it was over. He wasn't even able to say good bye to his family like old man.

This is just a fictional story, but it is my life, it is your life, and these are our choices that make us happy and fulfilling. We are the architect of our life and we should not make mistake which Mr. Roy made by not listening to old man's advice. Rather, we should always follow his advice by making smart and healthy choices daily and strive to create balance in our life.

I hope you were able to relate, that it inspired you, made you realize how precious life is, how we can anchor it before it is too late for us and we end up making an agonizing realization. Be sure to show some love, I love to read your feedback. Thanks!

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  • Donna Renee4 months ago

    What a sad tale! 😢. Balance is certainly key!

  • Babs Iverson4 months ago

    Outstanding story!! Loved it!!!💖💖💕

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