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A Story of Two Unlikely Friends

By Donna Fox (HKB)Published about a year ago Updated about a year ago 8 min read
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Everett was the youngest in his batch of octopods. Being the smallest and most timid of the bunch, he often was left out of the usual Octo- shenanigans. Things like playing hide and seek, to practice their camouflage. Or even their propulsion races, to practice getting away from predators.

He often was left alone to do his own thing. But he liked it better that way. It was easier to be alone than to deal with the constant name calling and bullying.

“Inky Everett!” They would all chant, whenever he got scared and inked himself.

So it was best to steer clear of the batch as much as possible. He never knew if a funny shaped rock or sea shell with mysterious contents might startle him and make him ink. Which would in turn, start the batch chanting his humiliating nickname.

One day when he was minding his own business, he had stumbled upon a cool rock. It was an unusual shade of purple, similar to his own skin tone but slightly off. It was in the shape of a seashell, but it definitely was a rock. It intrigued him enough that he wished to take it home and make it part of his collection.

But as he went about pulling it from the sand with his tiny tentacles, it changed form. Proving not to be a rock but Aiden. The meanest of their batch. He had camouflaged into the sand with one piece of him being purple and shiny to look like a rock.

This shocked Everett and he did what he was known for. He inked himself and the water around them, swirled with black murky ink.

When it cleared all the other Octo- babies in his batch were surrounding him. Chanting “Inky Everett! Inky Everett!”

Everett’s beak began to tremble and he felt inky tears starting to well up in his eyes.

“Awe, are you gunna cry now? Cry for me little baby, cry!” Shouted Aiden. Moving his melon shaped head from side to side as he taunted Everett, to the beat of the chant.

The other Octo- babies cheered and continued chanting.

Everett darted through the batch, propelling himself as far away from them as he could. Until he bumped into a tall rock that almost reached up to the waters surface. Looking back, he feared they would follow. He camouflaged to be the same colour as the rock and crawled to the top. So he could sit and watch for them.

After a short while he heard the group calling out to him as they passed his rock, unnoticed.

“Its okay Everett, we were only teasing. Come out and play!” Aiden called in a sarcastic voice. So thick it couldn’t fool even their parents into thinking there were pure intentions behind it.

The sounds of the groups voices faded and Everett relaxed. Watching his skin return to its usual shade of Lilac purple. Taking a few breaths he soothed himself and began to take in his surroundings.

He was sitting just below the waters surface. The blue sky above the water was visible with fluffy white clouds spotting it. The world above the water looked so inviting. He thought about sticking a tentacle out to feel the warm breeze above the surface.

But his mother’s voice rang in his head, “Avoid the surface at all costs. There are creatures that would gladly eat you, up there.” She always reminded him in a stern voice.

Immediately, he retracted his tentacle and curled the other seven around himself. Settling for peering into the world above, as something unexpected began to happen.

The waters surface seemed to be coming down towards him. Panicking, he frozen and covered his eyes.

Sea level continued to sink until Everett and the entire top of the rock he was on, were submerged in sunlight. Everett remained frozen for some time as the warm breeze caressed his little body. But he remained still.

Moments later, he felt the fear fading and was brave enough to remove the tentacles from his eyes.

Peeking out, between tentacles, he felt breath taken by the new world he was laying eyes on.

The sand on the shore sparkled in the sun light. Little creatures could be seen on the shore scuttling around looking for food. Little rocks and shells littered the damp sand like hidden gems being revealed.

Everett sat awestruck upon his little rock, admiring all that lay before him at the waters edge.

Next his attention was drawn to an unknown thing bobbing in the water, only feet away from his little rock. Immediately startled he covered his eyes again and inked himself, this time.

But nothing happened, his ink was only effective under water. He sat trembling on the rock, waiting for what he thought would be certain death.

But it never came. He waited and waited for the creature to attack, but nothing happened.

Soon, his fear began to fade again and he removed his tentacles from his eyes. Peaking out, once more.

The creature had bobbed closer yet to him but made no move to attack or even any sign that it had seen him.

Everett studied it for a moment, its skin looked brown and fuzzy. It appeared round in shape and was quite buoyant as it bobbed in the water gracefully, in a non threatening way.

He studied the creature for some time as it bobbed closer and closer. Coming within tentacles reach.

This creature didn’t seem to notice or care about Everett’s presence. It just bobbed along in the water, minding its own business.

This intrigued Everett even more as he began to perceive this creature as not a threat by possibly a new friend.

Gathering his courage, he cleared his throat and called to it. “Hello.” He greeted the fuzzy little brown creature.

The creature did not move or show any sign of hearing him.

So he repeated it louder but nothing happened again. Clearing his throat he continued, “My name is Everett, do you want to be my friend?” He called to the brown fuzzy thing, as it bobbed closer.

But it still showed no interest or sign of hearing him.

Mustering his last bit of courage. Everett tentatively reached out a tentacle to tap the creature. Hoping to get its attention.

But as he reached over to tap the creature. The waves ebbed abruptly and bumped the creature into his tentacle. Causing him to suction onto the creature. Making it dangle from his out stretched tentacle. Caught off guard, he swung his arm trying to release the creature but was struggling to do so. Eventually panic set in as he flung his arm out to the side. Sending the little brown creature flying several feet away into the open ocean.

The creature had absolutely no reaction to being tossed but Everett felt mortified. Thinking his new friend definitely wouldn’t appreciate being tossed. “Sorry!” He called out, feeling heat rush to his cheeks in embarrassment.

But the little brown creature continued to bob along, still leaving Everett unacknowledged.

Everett watched as it bobbed closer in the water again, until it was only a tentacles reach away. Still feeling ashamed of his behaviour, especially after tossing his new shy friend. Everett tentatively reached out again, “I’m sorry, I just want to be your friend.” He explained, gently placing his tentacle on top of the little brown creature. Tentatively, he watched it continue to bob along side him.

Then the voice of his mother penetrated his thoughts, once more. “Apologies are always better with a hug.” She always said, wrapping him up in her own tentacles.

“Friend, I would like to give you a hug.” He commented, waiting for his bobbing friend to react in any way.

The reaction did not come, but figuring his friend was shy, Everett slowly moved closer. Until all his tentacles were gently wrapped around his new friend. Who he was now going to name Bobby until he was told different.

But as he crawled onto Bobby, Everett became top heavy and turned upside down. Bobbing under the water along with Bobby.

The motion caused them to bob away from the rock that Everett had been perched on. So he hugged Bobby tighter and enjoyed the snuggle as they bobbed along in silence.

After sometime Everett heard someone come swimming up to them. Looking around, he saw his mother and began smiling broadly.

“There you are, my child.” She greeted him also smiling.

“Hi mom.” He replied, trying to keep an eye on her as he continued to bob along. Rotating in the water so his back was almost turned to her.

Placing a tentacle on her son, his mother turned them so Everett was facing her. “What are you up to, my love?” She asked in a soft voice, her eyes twinkling in adoration.

“I’m giving my new friend a hug. He’s a bit shy.” Everett explained, with a playful smile.

“My dear, your new friend is a coconut.” She added, still smiling fondly at him.

“What’s a coconut? And does that mean Bobby and I can’t be friends?” He asked in a fearful voice. Enlarging his eyes in apprehension as he watched his mother.

“A coconut isn’t something that is alive, but if you like. You can still be friends with, Bobby.” She explained, still using her soft voice and speaking with him in admiration.

“Yay!” Everett cheered. “I really like having a friend who is nice to me.” He added, excitedly.

“Okay, my little Octo-nut. Well, you have fun with Bobby and I’ll see soon for dinner.” She stated, letting go of her son and starting to swim away.

“Sounds good mom, love you!” He called as he and Bobby bobbed along.

That night at bed time. Everett fell asleep proud of himself at being brave enough to make a new friend and try something new. Maybe he wasn’t as fearful and timid as everyone thought. He dreamt on of all the new adventures he’d partake in one day and all the new friends he might make along the way.

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  • Dharrsheena Raja Segarran2 months ago

    Everett dear, I would love to be friends with you too! I wish I could give you a hug just like how you gave Bobby a hug! I'd even take revenge on Aiden and all of the other Octo-idiots for you! You have my heart, Everett! I enjoyed rereading this story D! 🥰🥰🥰

  • Aiden was soooo mean! Poor Everett! Lol, the moment I read something brown bobbing, I knew it was a coconut. And I'm so happy Everett named it Bobby because I would have too! Loved your story!

  • Jessica Bandaabout a year ago

    What a cute story! Poor Everett , I love him I hope he finds a real friend. This would be a great children’s book.

  • Noel T. Cumberlandabout a year ago

    I really enjoyed this story. It has a sweetness and innocence that is hard to come by these days! Everett just feels like a true name for a baby octopus. I can't say why, but I was taken with him from the very beginning. You took us on a nice journey of discovery with him, culminating in his brave moment of reaching out to a new potential friend, despite being harshly treated by his friends. It was pretty uplifting to read. You could benefit from a second set of eyes to help with some common word-choice issues. ("react in anyway" should be "react in any way" and "would intern" should be "would in turn") These are easy to miss when you are editing yourself. Overall, I really liked reading this story and I look forward to seeing more of your work. Good job!

  • Novel Allenabout a year ago

    Wonderful! Good to see you back. I hope poor Everette gets a living friend soon. Great take on the challenge.

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