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Nourished by the Moon

by Cezarina Trone 6 months ago in Fantasy · updated 6 months ago

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She slipped through the back screen door into the darkness of the lush tropical garden leading to the center space where the true face of the moon was being revealed. Goddess Luna was beckoning her for another song tonight… she sensed her feet moving forward in small steps as they deeply enjoyed the warmth of red Mexican tiles wrapping around the curvature of the saltwater pool under the tall mimosa tree. A great silence enveloped her entire body.

She looked up and smiled. Yes, the moon still remembered the childhood games of hide and seek that the two of them used to play so many…many years ago. Luna was now gliding on the water and then hiding in between palm trees before she would appear again, almost bashful at the possibility of being noticed.

She silently called out to the Moon:

I see you, my Beloved Queen of the Night

Regina Noptii (as they call you in Romania)

You never cease to enchant and illuminate me.

My Muse…my playmate and soul friend.

You were my maid of honor in Tuscany

and you continue to be my Dream Companion,

the vastness of my feeling realm incarnate.

I adore your light.

And the Moon heard it all. And time stood still.

Human years are like mere moments to me”, the moon whispered in her left ear. And she glowed… her bright face, an open bowl of liquid white fire in the night sky.

Sing to me, my Beloved… sing to me again… sing a new song for this Eternity of Now.” Luna beckoned again.

I watched her eyes smile at the moon, her feet anchored into the chest of mother Gaia and she sang…she sang a lullaby accompanied by the melody of crickets. And Luna was gliding and hiding in between tall palm trees for just a second before she appeared again…in her glorious garb of light.

“Sing… sing, sing more… please. The more you sing to me, the brighter my companion stars will shine for you all.”

And she sang her lullaby watching tiny light sparks from her human veins ascend into the night.

I have been waiting through the wholeness of an entire day for this song,” Luna whispered… “first the opening of the evening concert with crickets’ song then your goodnight song blending in… my heart is full now. This white fire, this liquid light of mine I am now pouring like a diadem on your head”, the moon said. And as Luna poured her liquid light into the crown of her head, her body glowed and the remainder of this white fire gathered under her feet. Now the moonlight shone from the soles of her feet into the heart of mother Gaia.

Your song is allowing me to travel from within your body into the heart of the Mother so she can hear my silent mysteries now,” Goddess Luna said.

Keep walking, beloved one, Luna whispered… “each step you take is tracing a new glowing circuit in Gaia’s chest… her heart, more Alive than ever.”

She walked around and around the pool…a gentle spiraling walk… and she took a deep breath in and received a new heartbeat of the Earth through the soles of her feet and back up into her body into her own heart space. And this new heartbeat changed hers forever.

And Goddess Luna knew this all along.

“Thank you for this nourishment”, my inner mother Moon, “and thank you for celestial playtime and shared magic", she whispered all to herself.

And on her way back to her own bedroom, she looked up once more and winked back at Goddess Luna.

By Mark Tegethoff on Unsplash

Thank you for reading this Moon Transmission, Dear ones. If you feel called to work with your Moon Body, simply send me a message anytime for a complimentary Moon Energy Session. We all have a moon layer within our energy field and as we sensitize ourselves more to it, we receive new revelations on how to enjoy this energy daily.




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Cezarina Trone

In my native Romanian Village I wrote Poetry in the night fragrant gardens as a child. These days I bring Magic, Ease & Flow to others in each moment 'to make them light up inside'.

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