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Nimrod's Teacher

by Deon Hudson 2 months ago in Short Story

hunters are made not born

this education comes with a price

They say it takes one to know one. How true is it? if it does? These great white sharks know nimrod better then his own family. They Know him better then him self. Who could truly understand and appreciate the natural born skills of a professional killer. None other than a Great white killer who owns these oceans with a terror beyond man's deepest fears. It started as a kid off the coast of southern California where Nimrod became fascinated with the ocean . He began to swim and dive in order to discover this mysterious world. When he was not in the ocean he was going on hunting trips with his father. Together they hunted all sorts of big game. They hunted bears , deer, caribou, and alligators. His father was a wise hunter who taught Nimrod the 7 hunter commandments.

It was these 7 commandments that became the core values of the almighty Nimrod greatest hunter who ever lived. 1: love death just as much as you love life, they are equal. 2: you are either the predator or the prey. 3: The thrill of the hunt is your greatest reward. 4: as hunters the Apex predator is our greatest challenge. 5: the only fear a hunter should ever have is the fear of failure. the other 2 commandments are secrets belonging to the hunter of all hunters, the Great white.

450 million years of hunting evolutionary education and training

When Nimrod became a man his father decided to teach him how to hunt a different type of predator. His father said that if you want to be the best you have to learn from the best. It was at this time that they began to take boating trips into the heart of the ocean in search of great white sharks. There was this one shark nick named 15 because he hunted and killed a crew of 15 sailors leaving no trace. 15 was ruthless and vindictive, no one survives his attack. A true silent killer who has no respect for any idiot tress passing on his territory. His only train of thought, you should know better. Ignorance of my territory is no excuse. test these waters if you dare. You will lose your life. The people living on the coast of southern California feared 15 . He was the cause of state wide beach shut downs. He was so unpredictable and elusive. those waters belonged to him

you should Know better ,ignorance of my territory is no excuse.

Nimrod and his father decided to challenge them selves. A 100 million dollar reward was placed on 15's head wanted dead not alive. they began to fantasize about all that money. What would they do? Where would they go? if they won all that money? The greatest question of all was how could any one hunt the greatest hunter of all hunters. How could any one hunt the master he knows all the tricks. One day out in the ocean nimrod and his father got caught in a tug of war with 15. this struggle lasted for hours . 15 was trying to sink their ship. Nimrod's father attempted to harpoon 15 but could not hit his target . It was as if 15 stayed 15 steps head of the game. Now the hunter became the prey. Nimrod knew that if they loss this battle, death is forever and final. there had to be a way out . Nimrod's father called him to the front of the boat he said c ommandment 6: some times you have to bait the hook with some thing you love. His father dumped a bucked of blood in the water, grabbed his harpoon, and dove into the ocean. As soon as 15 opened his mouth the harpoon was launched but Nimrods father was killed. It took forever for 15 to die.

some times you have to bait the hook with some thing you love

It was at this moment in time that the last commandment was revealed to Nimrod a voice unlike any voice he has ever heard spoke to him from the dead remains of 15. It said only because you have defeated earths greatest hunter I will reveal to you the 7th commandment the greatest victories come with the greatest sacrifice .You lost your father but you learned how to hunt from the best who ever did it.

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