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Night call

by theodore amos 5 months ago in Fan Fiction
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Texting your vagabond love while at a party

Night call
Photo by mark champs on Unsplash

Connie watched the scene from her seat with a slightly intoxicated smirk. It was a movie-perfect house party. Young adults horny, happy, and inhibited—the sound of 'Anderson. Paak was blaring through the speakers as her peers danced so close that it felt like the height of summer instead of the dead of winter, Daniel and Patricia among them. They were lost in their own world.

'Get it, you two' She chuckled at the thought before hearing cheering from the far left where a gaming setup was being played. Her friends Jeff and Peedee jumping up over a team victory on smash, their opponents asking for a run back and ', double or nothing.' She shook her head, knowing they were going to steal the guy's money.

She sighed again before getting up and walking out to the balcony, gently turning down a few dance requests on her way. Once out there, she took a deep breath of the moonlit air, looking up to the star-filled sky. She lited her phone camera up and took a shot before sending it to its designation. Walking to the edge, she leaned on the railing; she waited for a response.


Connie smirked as she viewed the message she got, a picture of a moon over a city skyline. She turned her camera to the house and shot it before sending it with the message '🏠 🎉 '

She sighed again as she waited for a response.


She turned to her phone, receiving a video of a not so expensive but definitely more than a decent hotel room. A second message came up after it. '🍻 at 🎉?'

She sent a picture of her with the red cup, looking mischievous.

-Ding- scandalous!😄...You ok, having fun?

I'm fine, and the 🎉 is fun; I got some dancing in with Patricia...but

Connie smirked before sending.

-Ding- but what?

I miss you and felt a bit lonely.

She looked at the message, and while it was somewhat true, she didn't want him to get the wrong idea. 

I missed you and wanted to check up on my Biscuit 💋 💘. I didn't wake you up, Did I?

'-Ding-' Naw..not really. I was preparing to sleep in a few; long day of being a vagabond, hehe.

Oh, I'm sorry.😞 I should let you sleep then.

She waited for a response for a message for a few moments before sighing. 'Maybe he fe-.'

'-Ding-' Sorry, phone was about to die. You're okay, Berry, actually was going to pop you a text... Feeling a bit lonely. Hehe!

She chuckled at their synchronization.

I am too.

'-Ding-' Even at a wild 🎓 🎉?

Isn't that wild, and it's because of the party. Everyone is coupling/trioing/grouping up in some way or fashion. It made me miss my other...Made me miss you...😉 more than I usually do.

'-ding-'_You should see how pink my cheeks are now, charming Knight._

It's a privilege to do so, my life. Not that you can talk. Last time we were in person, I was a blushing mess, Cassobiscuit.

'-Ding-' of all the portals and all the rooms in the world, she had to warp into mine.

She had to laugh at the private joke between the two of them. The last time they were together, two weeks ago, they spent the day watching old movies on his hotel bed, cuddled up—one of those movies, Casablanca. 

It was lovely, having her head on his chest and thighs around this leg while he rubbed her back with his palm. 

If times like that were an indication of their future, she was all up for it.

You dork.

'-Ding-' Here's looking at you, Con.

I wish you were; I do look lovely tonight. 😌Caught my fair share of eyes, if I am to be honest.

-Ding- To be expected. You always had mines, my heart too.

Schmaltzy boyfriend.💋

Connie's cheeks grew hotter at the two texts. Been together for two years, and she still gets those butterflies in her stomach.

-'Ding'- Mind taking a picture. I'm feeling a bit envious 😔

' he's so honest.' She mused, shaking her head. Just as she was about to take a picture, she heard a rustle from below. Looking over the balcony, she saw a familiar pink and smiled mischievously as she sent her message.

She waited for a few before the text ding was heard; with a sigh, she closed the phone.


Steven sat on his bed, waiting ten minutes for the picture from Connie. "Maybe her phone died." He sighed, laying back, feeling his eye's lids dropped, the urge to sleep getting stronger.

He felt a shift in his bed as if someone was leaning by him. Opening his eyes and looking left, he felt his cheeks burn.

"So." Connie grinned, kissing him before standing up straight and backing away, standing in the path of the city lights that shined through the balcony window, putting her dragon braid, black vest. A side buttoned blue turtleneck dress on display-posing gently with her hip on her left hip.

"I can see why you stole glances," Steven admitted as he sat up red-cheeked. Wiping his eye with a yawn," didn't think you'd come to see me. Wonder if this is just a dream based on me missing you."

"Not a dream, Steven," Connie assured as she sat beside him, interlacing her hands with his. " I missed you too. So I came to see you." She kissed his cheek, "Share the night with you."

Steven turned to her before gingerly holding her chin and turning her towards him. " will you be sharing tomorrow morning too?"

"And afternoon as well." She smiled before feeling his lips on her in a tender lip lock before settling in a cuddling lay. It was too late to talk, and all other love drench lines were not needed as the two drifted to sleep in each other's arms.

Their Longing sated for the time being.


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