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Myth Of The Mermaid

Romanian Mermaids

By KodahPublished 4 months ago 3 min read

Mermaids have existed for millions of years. Going back to the ancient Greek mythology, mermaids have all different kinds.

Kinds you're asking?

Well, there are good, bad... sneaky, helpful, funny.... all sorts of mermaid kinds.

Especially when it comes to the Romanian mermaids... Located in Bucura Lake.

In the 1200s, there were mermaids who swam to the lake of Bucura in Romania. The hunters, pirates and fisherman used to travel to this lake to in hope to capture a mermaid. The Romanian mermaids were much more expensive then the other mermaid kinds. The mermaids here held a special aura of felicity, peace and harmony, ranking on #2 most wanted mermaids in the world. The mermaids here weren't so easy to catch however. They are not only sneaky, but they lie.... sometimes they look like humans. That's why it's very difficult to achieve a kidnapping of a mermaid. There was a law that you couldn't just simply capture a mermaid as sometimes they look like normal citizens...

Let me tell you the story of how it started....

Mermaid Laska was a very well-known mermaid in Bucura Lake. She was very strategic and often got confused with a human. Her ability to comprehend a situation was beyond belief, until the day she was watching her daughter be a human for the first time...

Mermaid Laska watches from the rocks as her 5-year-old daughter emerges from the waves, stepping onto the shore as a human for the first time. "Now Nora, this is how you trick any bad person! You run to the shore, don't let them see any aspect of mermaid in you."

She walked slowly at first, getting accustomed to the feeling of sand beneath her new feet. Her legs wobbled but she moved with a grace that hinted at her true nature. Laska swelled with pride as her daughter lifted her face to the sun, eyes closed, reveling in the warmth on her skin. Though it pained her to see her child venture into the human world alone, she knew they weren't alone....

A fisherman comes rushing to the shore... aiming his bow and arrow at the prize of abundance. Laska's mermaid scream pitches at him, signing him to back away. She grabs her daughter and quickly runs back into the lake.



Laska collapes...onto Nora. Covering her for protection as the sand welcomes Laska's deceased embrace. She saved me... my mother saved me.

"M-mother...?"- Laska's blood drips from her scales to Nora's tail.

I still remember what happened after she saved me. And I will never forget what happened. As I waited for the fisherman's appearance, I got myself ready for that tasteful revenge.

He lifts her up...

I yell...


He yells, in agonizing pain. Nora's teeth are digged, deep down into the fishermen's eyeball. He has one eye... He can't see. He's going crazy.

Even though she was only 5, Romanian mermaids were known for blossoming into a woman at a young age, this usually occurs from trauma. That's how mermaids became a symbol for pride and love.

Furthermore, there began a pirate ship coming closer.

*HONK* The pirates honk their ship. Witnessing the crime the meramid performed.

Do this for me my love~ Do this for mother....

"Do this for mother." I say to myself.

She walks closer to the figherman she killed, ripping out his other eyeball.

She turns to scream at the pirate ship. Diving into the water.

"Mermaids? But, I saw a human!"

A high-pitched, maniacal cackle escaped her lips as she leapt onto the pirate ship, slashing and stabbing with reckless abandon. Nora splattered across the deck as she gutted one pirate after another, their dying screams like music to her ears. She was a whirlwind of death, ripping out throats and lopping off heads left and right. Soon the deck ran red with blood. The mermaid stood amidst the carnage, her hair matted with gore, still cackling with deranged glee at the gruesome handiwork of her deadly rampage.

She watches some escape into the back. She screams once again... Using the rope to create fiction, she bonds a fire and spreads it across the ship.

"Oh, dainty but dangerous..."- She jumps off the ship with a crazed gleam in her eye and a maniacal grin on her face.

That day, she killed 68 people. Making Romanians ranking #2 for the most wanted mermaids in the world...

That was... The myth of the mermaid~


Before her flee,

She left her mother~

Read my next poem!


Authors Notes:

Thanks so much for reading!

All photos from Pinterest!

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  • Caroline Craven4 months ago

    Wow! Your writing is awesome. Great story - normally I am so squeamish especially about eyes (eeek) but this was so good.

  • Priya P.4 months ago

    Magnificent story! Love it

  • Jade Loson4 months ago

    Looovveeee this!! Laska did a prettt good job😅, can’t wait to read your poem!💕

  • Lunaverse4 months ago

    Beautiful story Kodah❤️

  • Whoaaaa, she killed 68 people! I aspire to be Nora! I feel so sad for Laska though. In Czech, Laska means love!

  • Billy lewis4 months ago

    Interesting flow of imagination here! Keep up the great work 😁

  • Carrie 4 months ago

    Can’t wait for the poem!!

  • real Jema4 months ago

    Hi, let's subscribe to each other

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