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Mystical Coast Dancers

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By Arshad MecciPublished about a month ago 3 min read

The Mystical Coast was a realm of wonder, where the ever-flowing waters met the lush rainforest wilderness. The year was 1898, and on this sunny June day, the coastal scenery was nothing short of enchanting.

Near the river's mouth where it met the ocean, black and white whales frolicked in the waves, their joyful antics punctuated by squeals, whistles, and hums. These magnificent creatures seemed to dance to their own symphony, their games interrupted only by the distressed calls of a six-month-old whale calf.

The calf's cries echoed in the whale dialect, a desperate plea for its mother. The older whales, sensing the distress, nudged the calf gently, discovering tangled tree vines ensnaring its flippers and dorsal fin.

With maternal instinct, the mother whale lifted the calf's blowhole out of the water, ensuring it could breathe, and began pushing forward. The pod followed a watery trail leading inland, guided by the scent of chinook salmon migrating upstream.

Meanwhile, miles away on the river, the sleek fishing boat "Otter" sailed with sails gleaming like white clouds against the azure sky. A melodious voice accompanied by the strumming of a stringed instrument wafted through the salty air. Tomas, the boat's occupant, sang songs that recounted his adventurous life on the sea. From stowaway to river sage, his journey was a testament to his unique gifts.

Tomas had an uncanny ability to navigate using nature's cues—listening to the calls of shorebirds, recalling ship details, and identifying stars and constellations without formal study. Though his eccentricities puzzled the crew, they came to accept and appreciate his extraordinary talents.

Over the years, Tomas observed the wildlife along the Emerald River, from bears swatting salmon to the playful "River Whales" hunting for their main food. He grew familiar with the dorsal fin patterns of these smaller whales, recognizing them year after year.

The "River Whales" were a friendly and curious bunch, often approaching the "Otter" when it anchored. Tomas and the crew would reach out to touch their smooth heads and stroke their backs, feeling a connection with these gentle giants.

As Tomas grew older and settled near a riverside village, he continued to share his stories and songs, serving as a fishing guide and entertainer. On this particular day, barrels of salmon from the morning's catch sat on the "Otter's" deck, a testament to the family's fishing prowess.

Back on the ocean, the pod of black and white whales surged over the river's bar, their sleek bodies slicing through the water as they followed the migrating salmon. The mother whale, still carrying her calf, swam more slowly, her energy waning.

Tomas spotted the familiar dorsal fin of the mother whale and recognized the unique curve at its top. He knew this whale, and he knew her calf was in trouble. With Elsie by his side, he devised a plan to free the tangled calf.

Throwing salmon into the water to lure the whales closer, Tomas began singing a soothing melody. The calf's blowhole spouted air in acknowledgment, and Tomas felt a connection with the whale. He could see the vines entwining the calf's fin, and he knew he had to act fast.

With a swift cut, Tomas freed the calf, and with renewed energy, the young whale leaped out of the water in exhilaration. The mother whale nuzzled her calf, and they sped away, their freedom palpable.

Years later, tales of Tomas the Whale Speaker spread throughout the village. Murals depicting the heartwarming rescue adorned local eateries, but Tomas remained humble, continuing to entertain with his lute and accepting donations near the docks.

Occasionally, Tomas would spot the mother and calf he had saved, their dorsal fins recognizable among the pod. Their playful leaps and joyful songs served as a reminder of the bond they shared and the power of compassion.

As Tomas played his lute by the river, watching the whales frolic in the distance, he couldn't help but smile. The cycle of life continued, and the connection between man and nature remained unbroken on the Mystical Coast.


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