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The Realm of the Purpling Sky

By Kent BrindleyPublished 3 months ago 4 min read
Photo by Nechama Lock on Unsplash

Every night at midnight, the purple clouds came out to dance with the blushing sky. The showy nightly display was a sign of hope for the future of Mystica; a future still left for the youth of the enchanted realm. It also happened too late in the evening for the youths to really enjoy it. However, if midnight was too late for young eyes to behold the spectacle of the cloud dance, then those old enough to enjoy it were just too old and jaded to appreciate it anymore.

It was close to 11:55 (as understood in Earth time). Rion had successfully snuck out of bed and out the family window over an hour ago to make sure to reach the sacred space that was shared with Viella. Of course, Viella was running late; she was always late. Knowing "Vie," she had gotten caught by her parents again; or worse yet, had actually mentioned to them that she was on her way out! Amateur! Rion loved Viella; at fifteen, they saw a future together in Mystica. However, at fifteen, she was still a little too honest with her family and that had cost her time together before with...

"Adrianna!" the effeminate squeaking voice hissed from the shadows.

Rion nearly leapt from a seated position. Only a few people used "Adrianna;" the conniving escape artist had either been caught by the family or...

Rion ("Adrianna") turned to face the red-headed woman in the silvery gown; a stark contrast to Rion's full black garb that actually served a purpose in sneaking around.

"Vie!" Rion hissed back, taking her to one side and draping an arm around her shoulders. "You're almost too late to see the sky-dance; and you scared the life out of me with my full name like that.

Viella giggled triumphantly.

"Little old me put the fear of the use of your first name in you!" she crowed a little too loudly.

The sky began to entangle itself in the violet night show before Rion could upbraid her partner for speaking so loudly whist Mystica was supposed to sleep. Instead, the majesty of the night sky caused her to forget a former complaint and she sat down on the grassy knoll, beckoning that Viella still join her. Vie responded to the open invitation and sat down beside Rion. Moments later, Rion settled her head into Vie's lap to better see the sky; and better enjoy her friend's company.

"Tell me again about the purple clouds." Rion pleaded in barely above a whisper in hopes that Viella would take the hint.

Vie tousled Rion's unruly raven curls affectionately and she leaned back for her own proper view of the night sky.

"Well, it is said that the Purple Clouds of Mystica are the magic that binds our realm." Viella murmured. "Grandmother tells me that the Purple Clouds of the Sky are the bond between our world and the Land of the Sky; a paradise for those whom have passed before us."

Had Rion's mother recited this, en rote, from her Sacred Text, she would have snorted, rolled her eyes, and left the room to leave her mother be with her beliefs. From Viella (even as her grandmother's obedient messenger-girl), there was some hope interspersed in her words.

"The clouds are magical?" Rion asked.

It would have certainly explained their dazzling transcendental show each night; a spectacular performance that the grownups slept through out of jadedness and that they insisted that the young miss in blind obedience.

Viella carefully considered her next words and reclined back further to relax.

"They are the truest form of magic." Viella explained. "They mean that our ancestors and loved ones are watching over us, that they miss us, and that they love us."

Rion thought of an older brother even as Viella was probably thinking of a younger cousin.

"They love us?" Rion demanded. "Can they still feel love in their new place?"

Viella thought for another moment.

"They are in a place where love is far more allowed than it is here." Viella insisted. "Where they have gone, it is innocent and natural."

Rion accepted that and considered "magic" next. She seemed to have a sixth sense for when others were around to catch her in a frowned upon act; Viella seemed to naturally attract only adulations wherever she went. Their two unique talents had only seemed to tie them together.

"Magic?" she asked as her own voice grew a little too loud. "Is there magic and mysticism in humanity?"

Viella placed a finger to her lips to remind Rion of her own constant warning and seemed surprised by the question.

"Is our place not called Mystica?" she asked. "Did we not find each other here?"

"That's magic?" Rion actually scoffed at Viella.

Viella nodded.

"It's poor magic maybe and only as much mysticism as the human frame can take." Viella conceded. "Adrianna, the living can barely understand mysticism, let alone wield it in extremes. Alas, to truly grasp magic and mysticism...look to the sky again."

Rion did as requested and the two teens simply sat together.

"...They have attained true magic." Vie added.

Rion reached up to chuck Viella under the chin.

"I now know and understand." she answered.

By Sam Dan Truong on Unsplash

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Kent Brindley

Smalltown guy from Southwest Michigan

Lifelong aspiring author here; complete with a few self-published works always looking for more.

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