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Mya Finds a Home

by Rebecca Hackney 4 months ago in Young Adult · updated 4 months ago

A barn owl finds her home

Mya looked around the barn and got excited. Yes, she thought, this would make a nice home. She had been looking for a new place ever since the human burned down her tree. This barn would do. It looked deserted and unused so she wouldn’t be bothered. Mya stretched out her wings and took flight into night to find some food however she didn’t realize how windy it was and she crashed into a tree. Mya got back up and went to fly but something was wrong so she flew back to the barn to rest.

The owl was bigger than Lily originally thought. She heard it last night and watched it fly to the barn after it crashed into the tree. She wanted to make sure it was okay but this owl though was no normal owl. It was huge and seemed bigger when it stretched its wings. It was beautiful too with its brown and tan feathers that were almost golden. It looked scared but Lily knew what to do.

“Hey there. It’s okay I won’t hurt you,” Lily said in a calming voice.

The owl stared at Lily as if thinking about what she said. Lily saw it then, the sticks stuck in the owl’s wings.

“Oh not, you’re hurt! That’s okay I can help.”

The owl got scared again and started backing away but Lily had an idea. She had some gummy worms in her pocket and held one out to the owl. When the owl stepped back farther Lily dropped it on the ground close to it, then set another one down making a trail to her. The owl grabbed the first worm and ate it, then went to the next one until it made it to Lily’s hand. So about five gummy worms later Lily was able to pet the owl. She was careful but knew she had to be quick to get the sticks out of its wings. Lily distracted the owl with another worm and brushed its feathers with one hand while reaching for the sticks with the other. Lily pulled them out and the owl jumped back.

“There you go. That should feel better. I need to go home though it’s getting dark out.” Lily said slowly getting up. The owl flapped its wings and flew out the barn door. Lily ran out after it trying to see it in the sky but couldn’t.

Mya followed the tiny human but not close enough to be seen. This human helped her and has tasty snacks. Mya wondered about this human and wondered if she was different than the one who burned down her home. The little human walked a short ways then arrived at her house and was greeted by another human this one a little bigger. Must be her mother Mya thought as she landed in a nearby tree and watched a light come on in an upstairs window and the little human walked over and stared out. After a few minutes the light went out and Mya flew off to find some food. She would be back tomorrow to check on this interesting little human.

The next morning Lily got up early because she wanted to check on the big owl but realized that it was a night animal and would probably be sleeping. So instead Lily walked around her yard and played a little when she heard a rustling in the bushes. She got closer and saw a brown stripped cat.

“Hi kitty!” Lily said putting her hand out for the cat to smell. The cat sniffed her hand and started purring rubbing its head on Lily’s hand.

“You must be hungry, let’s go get you some food.” Lily said picking up the cat and walking inside.

Mya watched as the tiny human was gentle with the cat then took it inside. Mya realized this human was different; this one helped animals and respected nature. It was nice to see. Mya flew off back towards the barn to get some rest; she had a feeling the little human would come see her later.

Lily walked to the barn so she could check on the owl or at least see if it was still there.

“You stay here Moon,” Lily said to the cat as she walked in the barn door. She looked around and the owl was still there perched on top of one of the beams. It flew down when she walked into the barn further.

“Oh you are still here! After everything that happened I wondered if you would still be here or if you would have just flown away. My name is Lily, what’s yours?” Lily looked at the owl then realized owls can’t talk. “Oh right you’re an owl. I guess I could name you. Um… let’s see. Are you a girl or boy? Guess I could find a name that’s good for both.” Lily sat there thinking when she noticed the owl drawing something in the dirt.

“Mya. Is that your name?” Lily asked and the owl nodded. “Oh wow! You can understand me! That’s so cool! Hello Mya it’s so nice to meet you.”

Mya walked over to Lily and started drawing more things in the dirt. She wanted Lily to know what happened so that maybe she could help. Mya drew her home in the tree then the fire that destroyed it. Lily watched closely trying to figure out what it all meant.

“Oh I think I got it. Your tree burned down, you lost your home. I’m sorry.” Lily said giving Mya a hug. There was a big bang outside and Mya flew off into the rafters while Lily went to go see what happened.

“It was probably just my cat.” She assured Mya.

Lily walked out the barn and saw a man kicking at the side of it. “What are you doing?” Lily angrily asked.

“Go away kid.” The man said gruffly pushing past Lily.

Lily stood her ground, “This is my barn and I want you to leave it alone.”

The man knelt down in Lily’s face and said, “I don’t care. I’m going to tear this thing down and there is nothing you can do about it.”

Lily ran to get her mother. She would not let this man tear down Mya’s new home.

Mya watched the encounter with Lily and the man. She watched the man laugh as Lily ran towards the house. Mya recognized the laugh and when the man turned towards the barn Mya recognized him. This man was the same man who burned her home down and now he wanted to destroy the new one she found. Mya knew Lily would try to save the barn but Mya also knew she had to do something.

“Mom! There is a mean man trying to take down the barn!” Lily yelled while running inside her house.

“What? He is here already?”

“What do you mean? You can’t let him tear it down!”

“Sweetie the barn is a mess and it would be easier to take it down. That way I don’t have to worry about it falling.”

“We can fix it Mom please we have to fix it!” Lily pleaded.

“There is no reason too.”

“But Mom my friend lives there and she already lost her other home.”

“What friend?”

“Uh… um…” Lily stammered.

“What friend Lily?”

“Her name is Mya and she lives in the barn. Please Mom don’t let the man take it down.”

Mya watched as the man walked around the barn kicking places and tugging on boards. Mya would not let him get away with destroying her home for a second time so she hid and watched him. He was walking around the outside of the barn and Mya knew he would come inside soon. Mya heard a noise outside the window and went to look; it was Lily and her Mom coming to the barn. Lily ran into the barn while her mom talked to the man.

“Mya? I know you are hiding but my mom needs to see you. If she knows you are here she won’t tear the barn down. You can trust her like you trust me.”

Mya flew down and landed near Lily and started hooting as if she was trying to tell Lily something. Mya drew the picture of the tree and fire again in the sand then pointed her talon towards the window.

“Wait. Are you saying that man burned your tree down?” Lily asked and Mya nodded.

Lily’s mom walked in and saw the giant owl and screamed, “Lily get away from it!”

“Mom! This is my friend Mya. That man out there burned down her tree and she needs the barn to live in.”

“Lily you can’t go around blaming people for things. How do you know it was that man?”

“Mya told me”

“Owls can’t talk, Lily.”

“I know mom but she can draw and she understands me! Don’t you?” Lily turned to Mya who looked scared. “It’s ok Mya. This is my mom. She is really nice and she won’t hurt you.” Mya looked from Lily to her mom and decided to trust Lily. Mya walked over to where they were standing and started drawing in the sand. First she wrote her name then she redrew the tree and fire. Lily’s mom looked amazed.

“Did you teach her that?” She asked Lily.

“Nope! She’s just really smart.” Lily exclaimed hugging Mya.

Lily’s mom went outside to talk to the man but he was already taking the barn down.

“What are you doing? Stop! My daughter is still in there!” Lily’s mom shouted as the barn started shaking but it was too late. She watched as part of the top came crashing down. She ran inside and what she saw shocked her. The owl, Mya, had her wings spread out and was using them and her body to cover Lily from the collapsed roof. Lily saw her mom and ran to her.

“Mama!” Lily said hugging her mom.

“Oh honey are you okay?” Lily’s mom said checking her out.

“Yes. Mya saved me.” Lily said wiping a tear from her face.

“I saw that. Thank you so much Mya.”

Mya nodded then collapsed. Lily ran over to her and saw that she was hurt. One of Mya’s wings was messed up and her leg looked broken.

“Mom we have to help her.” Lily pleaded.

“Of course we will help her. And we are going to fix this barn up. But first I need to make sure that man is dealt with.”

Lily sat with Mya while her mom had the man taken away. Lily’s mom called one of her veterinarian friends to come take care of Mya. Soon news spread about the brave barn owl that saved Lily. People from town donated money for her care and to repair the barn. Lily and her mom decided to make the barn a sanctuary for owls. A place injured owls could stay while they got better or to stay if they didn’t have a home.

A year later and the owl sanctuary named Mya’s house was up and running. Lily and her mom took in all types of owls that needed help. Other owls came and went but Mya always stayed close by after all this was her home.

Young Adult

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