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My Broken Valentine

Chapter 18 (The Derek Morgan Chronicles)

By Cynthia FieldsPublished 5 months ago 9 min read
My Broken Valentine
Photo by René Porter on Unsplash

Valentine’s Day – 1 year later

Home of Derek Morgan –

Reid shook his head and snickered as he watched his friend pacing back and forth across the living room floor. Derek Morgan was the coolest person he knew, and he’d never seen him so rattled.

“Calm down Morgan, calm down, you’re going to wear a hole in the floor.”

“This is crazy! It’s Valentine’s; who proposes on Valentines?”


“Exactly! She’s going to be so disappointed! I should have chosen another day, a day she’d never expect! Do you think she’ll be upset that I put absolutely no originality into this?”

“Please, Garcia loves you, and it wouldn’t matter when you proposed just as long as you proposed.”

“Maybe I should have gotten a bigger diamond or maybe not even a diamond at all! A ruby, or emerald...damn Pretty Boy, I’m so screwed!”

“You will be screwed if you pass out before you get to the restaurant. Now, breathe...breathe!”

“Yeah okay, okay. It’s just that...”

“What’s going on with you? I’ve never seen you this nervous. You love Garcia and you know she loves you, so why are you so nervous?”

“Penelope could have her choice of any man so why in hell would she chose me? I have more ghosts than a haunted mansion and what we do for a living, anything could happen. I mean last year my ex-wife’s crazy-ass nanny tried to kill me!”

“Believe me I’ve spent a lot of hours trying to figure it out myself, Morgan...”

“Not funny Reid!”

“Look, just kidding. Listen, love isn’t supposed to make sense and if we could explain it then we’d really screw it up. Just be happy that the two of you found each other and you had the courage to fight for your love. You’re going to have a good life together!”

“You really believe that don’t you?”

“Yeah, I really believe that.”

Home of Penelope Garcia –

Penelope put the last touches on her makeup and hair. She had to admit that she looked fabulous. All that was needed were the crystal chandelier earrings that JJ was bringing over. The extra bling would add a special touch to her form-hugging pale-yellow dress. She was a bundle of nerves and no matter how many times she inhaled and exhaled she couldn’t calm down. She was happy to hear the key turning in the front door and JJ enter closing the door behind her.

“GARCIE, I’m here bearing jewels!”

“I’m in the bedroom, blondie.”

JJ rushed toward the back of the apartment and stopped in her tracks at the doorway of the bedroom.

“Oh Garcia, you look amazing!”

“You think so?”

“I know so.”

Penelope stood and jokingly struck a pose and twirled for her friend.

“I know something else too,” JJ teased.

“What pray-tell?”

“You won’t be able to fit in that dress in a few months.”

“Oh shush!”

The two women chuckled as Penelope took her seat in front of the mirror again.

“Do you think he’ll be upset?”

“Are you kidding? He’s going to be overjoyed!”

“I know it’s just that, we’re not married and both of us work crazy schedules at a crazy job...”

“You’re not serious, are you? So, you’re not married. Will and I weren’t married when we had Henry; so what, it’s the twenty-first century for heaven’s sake. Frankly, I’m rather shocked it hasn’t happened sooner.”

“JJ!” Penelope looked at her friend with her mouth open.

“What? I mean the team took bets and so far, Hotch is winning.”

“Hotch? Hotch is in on the bet too?”

“AND he even said that Derek would find out on Valentine’s Day.”

“I hate profilers!”

“Yeah well, you’re about to give birth to a mini profiler so get used to it.”


“Relax, relax everything is going to be just fine. Derek loves you and when he finds out you’re about to make him a father, he’s going to be over the moon.”

“You really believe that don’t you, Jayje.”

“Yes, I really believe that.”

Langston’s Steakhouse – Evening –

Morgan had called in several favors, and it still had taken three months to secure the private dining room at the upscale restaurant. The staff had followed his instructions to the minutest detail, and now the room was elegantly decorated and with the help of his mother, a special menu had been created just for the two of them.

Derek’s jaw dropped at the sight of her being led toward him. It was as if the restaurant had gone quiet and except the two of them, the place was empty. She was the most beautiful woman he’d ever seen and again he wondered why she would ever choose him.

It had to be a crime somewhere in the world for a man to be that gorgeous. He was magnificent in every way and the fact that he was an incredible human being mystified her even more. He was hers; hers who’d ever think that Penelope Garcia would have the power to tame the FBI’s most notorious playboy. He knew how to wear a black suit she thought as she followed the hostess toward the private dining room.

The hostess smiled as the two embraced and swallowed each other in their arms.

“You look absolutely amazing, Baby Girl.”

“So do you Handsome.”

He pulled out her seat and she sat and watched as he took the seat to her right.

“This place is amazing and the private dining room. How did you pull this off?”

“I know people,” he joked.

“Oh, okay, so you called Dave.”

“Yeah, exactly.”

The two laughed hysterically as their private waiter appeared with a bottle of champagne. The next two hours were filled with more expensive champagne, delicious gourmet food and dancing; lots and lots of dancing.

“Oh, Derek this has been a wonderful evening! I honestly don’t know how you pulled it off! I mean it’s like you crawled into my head and stole the plans to my dream date!”

“I have to admit, Baby Girl, I wasn’t sure if I had done enough to make tonight special. After all its Valentine’s Day and you know that I’m not the best when it comes to Valentine’s Day.”

“Well, I’ve known you for a long time, Derek Morgan and we both know that you’re usually between women on Valentine’s.”

“You’re right,” he chuckled, “but that’s now all changed thanks to you. I’ve finally found my forever Valentine.”

“Oh, you have, have you?”

“Yes, I have.”

Derek pulled her closer and the two rocked back and forth dancing and humming the tunes that he had chosen for their listening pleasure. For the first time that evening Derek felt eerily calm and sure of himself. He was tired of doubting that he could make this woman in his arms happy, and he also knew that she had never judged him, never required him to be perfect; in fact, she knew all his flaws and loved him anyway. So, without another moment, he pulled away from her and dropped to one knee. He saw her eyes widened and he heard the gasp escape from her lips as her hands flew to her face. Suddenly, the butterflies returned but he didn’t care, it was now or never.

“Penelope Antoinette Garcia, you are God’s example of what joy is. You are my solace and with you I no longer fear the unknown. I also know that I don’t deserve you but for some reason, God blessed me with you anyway.”

She couldn’t believe her eyes, Derek Morgan the man whom she’d loved for nearly fifteen years was now on one knee with so much love and hope in his eyes. She wanted to look around the room to see if perhaps it was all a dream or maybe another woman had entered and his words and sentiment was really meant for her, but it was just the two of them and her dreams were playing out before her eyes; she had but one request and that was that no one would wake her up and spoil this moment.

“Thank you for giving me a chance, us a chance and now I want to spend the rest of my life with you as my best friend, my lover and most of all my wife. Baby Girl, will you marry me?”

He saw her nodding, yes and the tears, happy tears as she pulled him to his feet.

“Yes, yes, yes, of course I’ll marry you, Hot Stuff!”

Derek had forgotten about the ring in his breast pocket; nervously, he pulled out the velvet box and revealed the most gorgeous ridiculously large diamond ring she’d ever seen.

“Wow, Handsome you really know how to impress a girl!”

“I love you Garcia,” he whispered as he slipped the ring on her finger.

She kissed him on the lips as he gently wiped the tears from her cheeks.

“And I love you Derek Joseph Morgan; you are and have always been my Knight in shining armor and I’m the one who’s been blessed with having you in my life. I just hope that after I tell you something, you’ll still want to marry me.”

Derek looked puzzled and the butterflies leaped into a frenzied dance in the pit of his stomach.

“What? What’s wrong? There’s nothing that could make me change my mind; you do love me right, I mean you just said, you love me so...”

“Shhh...” she silenced him with her index finger on his lips.

“I’m...we’re going to...” she exhaled and began again. “I found out a couple days ago that I’m pregnant.”

The next second felt like minutes as his eyes widened and tears welled in his eyes.

“We’re going to have a baby. Really, Baby Girl?”

He kissed her over and over each time pulling away to search her eyes for what she didn’t know.

“You’re not pulling some sort of pre-April fools thing on me are you, because if you are I’m really going to spank you!”

“Well Suge I like the idea of the spanking, but this is not prank, you’re going to be a daddy!”

Before she knew what was happening, he lifted her off her feet and began twirling her around and around.


...and around...

“Derek, put me down or you’ll be wearing that dinner on that amazing black suit!”

He placed her on her feet then gently dropped to his knees to kiss her stomach and then pulling her against him.

“Sorry, in there...I’m just so happy that...I mean your mommy and I are so excited...” he kissed her stomach again, “wow, a baby...oh my goodness, Baby Girl!”

Standing to his feet he kissed her sweetly on the lips, both now in tears.

“Thank you,” he whispered.

“For what, Handsome?” She asked.

“For making me the happiest man in the world.”

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I adore words and I love what happens when we grab them, sleep with them, holler and scream and laugh at them! I love what happens when we throw them in the air and watch them fall magically from our minds onto paper!

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  • HandsomelouiiThePoet (Lonzo ward)5 months ago

    Awesome Continuous Story!!😉❤️📝🎬I love that Penelope wore the yellow dress 👗👍🎯

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