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My Aunt Jackie Part VII

"Hold it!" Grandma cried, "as the only sane female in this house. I think I should be the one to answer it."

By Annelise LordsPublished 6 months ago 3 min read
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"Shut up!" my father demands through his teeth again.

"Mom, I wouldn't send my teen daughter to a Frat party full of College men," Mom said.

"What did Jack say?" Grandma inquired.

"Who, Mr. Ross?" Mom asked, eyes on my Dad.

"Who the hell is Mr. Ross?" Grandma yelled at my Mom.

"Jack, Mom," Aunt Jackie cut in. "She calls him Mr. Ross whenever they are fighting."

Everyone stared at my father, who looked like he had been caught doing something illegal.

Grandma sighed, nodded, and counseled, "honey, Suzie is a normal teenager. In fact, she is more responsible and smarter than all of you, she only got caught."

Dad walked over and comforted Mom. This time, she didn't push him away.

I can't believe I didn't wake up when she rolled me over and took my sheet and blanket.

Hours later, and about the tenth time, Mom asked Aunt Sandy what time

the Captain said he would call.

"Why don't you call him?" Dad suggested, but Mom had already taken the cordless telephone from my father and was dialing.

He wasn't there, but he did leave a message.

Mom screamed into the phone, "how the hell can you be calling all morning, I have been sitting here for over four hours!"

Grandma grabbed the phone from her and apologized, "please forgive her. She didn't have her caffeine, I mean coffee as yet. What did the Captain say?"

She listened for a while, then hung up. Turning to Mom, she calmly asked, "Honey, did you remember to turn the phone on this morning?"

Mom looked like a child who had just wet herself. Before anyone could say a word, the doorbell rang. Everyone rushed to it.

"Hold it!" Grandma cried, "as the only sane female in this house. I think I should be the one to answer it."

She opened the door. A young lady with jewels in every visible part of her body, her face painted with more colors than Sherwin Williams paint. She stood smiling in a tiger-striped fake fur coat like Mom. She saw my Dad and walked in, unbuttoned her coat, and dropped it on the floor, going towards my father.

Whatever she was wearing, 99.99% of her body was showing. Mom rushed over and pulled me up, pushing me into the nearest closet. Grandma covered Grandpa's eyes, and my two aunts each had a hand over my father's eyes, from what I could see peeking out of the slightly open closet door.

She walked around our expensively decorated living room, then teased, "she is right. You are loaded." 

Her words sounded so sweet; I imagined musical notes rising from her lips. I was still peeking out of the closet.

"That's my coat!" Mom cried.

"Not anymore," she cooed softly, spinning around the room, eyes on my Dad, who couldn't see.

"Suzie sold it to me. She has been calling you all morning."

Everyone stared at my Mom.

"Where is she?" My mother asked.

"In Jail," she answered as if Suzie was in Church.

"Oh, God!" Mom cried, holding on to her chest.

"Did you get to meet any celebrities inside?" flew from my Aunt Jackie's mouth.

All eyes that could see stared at her. The eyes that couldn't, their head unconsciously swayed to where the voice came from.

She didn't say her name. She stretched out her hand. The front door was still open, and a policeman walked in and put a handcuff on her stretched-out hand.

"Hey!" she cried out. "I am just here to deliver a message." Then she started to caress his biceps with her other free hand. "And I could deliver one for you as soon as we get out of here."

I was still peeking from the closet, and I think I saw musical notes coming from her mouth.

My sister walked in seconds later, dressed like a hooker. Shocked by her attire, grandma shoved my grandfather into the closet next to mine and locked the door!

Thank you for reading this piece. I hope you enjoy it.

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