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Multiple Personality Disorder

I am You. You are Me.

By AmeliaPublished 2 months ago 10 min read
illustration multiple personality disorder/


This story contains scenes that may be triggering or traumatizing for some readers. I ask for reader discretion in enjoying this story.


"Do you know about Multiple Personality Disorder?"

They said Multiple Personality Disorder is a condition when a person has two or more distinct personalities. Multiple Personality Disorder is also called Dissociative Identity Disorder. This condition is generally caused by repeated traumatic experiences.

"What kind of bullsh*t is that? Who will believe that?"

I said as if I couldn't believe what had happened to me.

I don't understand the people around me. They always say things that confuse me.

*In The Park near my house..

"Ever since you got out of the hospital, I don't understand your ever-changing attitude! WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU? WHAT'S GOING ON? WHY ARE YOU BEING LIKE THIS? YOU'RE NOT JESSICA I KNEW!"

The shout of someone who sounded loud to me with an expression of annoyance and worry.

"Jessica? Who do you call Jessica? Me? I'm not your Jessica. Sorry."

I said with a cold, flat expression. Which then left her alone.

"What a fool. What's wrong with her? Shame on me.."

Honestly thought about what she said. Isn't my name Ariadne? Yes, that's my name. Why did she call me Jessica? Does anyone look like me? It's true that the myth says that every human on earth has at least one to seven non-blood twins.

"Does she look a lot like me? Well, I don't care what that weird girl says either. I'd better go to the supermarket to buy some fresh food and drinks. This day is really suffocating."

Arriving at the supermarket with that casual look. Which was very different from her previous appearance. Ariadne entered the supermarket while looking around and looking for food, drinks that she would buy for today. Ariadne furrowed her brows after seeing the prices that were quite expensive for her. Ariadne forgot that she went straight out of the house and only took some money.

"Sh*t. What is this? Why is it so expensive? Seriously?! Come on, isn't there anything cheaper?"

Ariadne reached into her pants pocket and counted how much money she was carrying. Of course, she had only brought a small amount of money.

"Argh.. So unlucky day. Why did I have to leave the house like that? I can take more than this."

Thinking hard, Ariadne chose to steal a snack and 1 canned drink.

"I don't care. Instead of going back to my house, just take it. No problem, right? Just take some."

Ariadne eventually took it and put it in her shirt. Then she walked as usual so as not to get caught by the supermarket cashier. When she was almost at the exit, someone suddenly called out to her...

"Hey girl, What are you doing? What are you carrying?"

Asked someone who saw Ariadne walking hurriedly while holding her stomach.

Ariadne turned around, and was surprised. It turned out that the person calling her was a female cashier of the supermarket.

"Oh, f*ck."

She mumbled in annoyance.

"Hey, I didn't hear what you said. Come here, I wanna see what you brought."

The cashier told Ariadne to face the cashier. And showed her something she was carrying. But Ariadne didn't care, she chose to run away from the supermarket.


The cashier shouted, which Ariadne could still hear from afar.

Ariadne still didn't care about the cashier, she kept running as fast as she could until she got home.

"Uh, a little thief. I just wanted to ask what she took. I'll pay for it."

Murmured the cashier who lost the girl (Ariadne). Don't know where she went.

*At Ariadne's House..

Arriving home, Ariadne went straight into her room. And locked the door to her room. To the confusion of her parents, what made her run in such a hurry.

"Sweetie, are you okay?"

Asked in a loud voice. Her mother was worried as she knocked softly on the door of her room, what's going on.

"I-Im okayy.."

Ariadne who was still panting, and caught her breath.

"Are you sure? What made you run around like that? Is something bothering you, sweetie? Just tell me."

Asked her mother again in a loud voice. Hearing Ariadne's voice like that made her mother even more worried, afraid that something would happen to her daughter.

"Yeahh! I'm really okay! I was chased by the next-door neighbor's dog!"

Ariadne lied, she who had begun to stabilize her breathing.

I'd to lie, because I didn't want to make matters worse. It's precisely this reason, which must have made mom easy to believe.

"Pfft.. Omg. I thought something happened to you. Okay, I'll tell them not to bother you again."

The mother's reaction was to chuckle at her daughter's funny-sounding excuse. Then her mother left the door of her room.

Ariadne no longer heard her mother's voice at her door and was relieved. She felt very tired. She placed her food and drink on the table near her bed. She climbed into her soft bed.

"Finally.. omg. I'm so unlucky today. Why's my life like this? It's so tiring..." *Zzz..

Without realizing it, Ariadne fell into a deep sleep.

*15:00 PM..

"Oh my gosh! How long have I slept?!"

A girl woke up from a deep sleep. This time she is Jessica.

"Ugh... Why does my body smell so bad? Sweaty too. I just slept all day. Did I sleepwalk again? Why's my head a little dizzy too.."

Jessica said. Feeling confused with herself. She looked around her room. Her eyes fell on the food and drinks lying on the table near her bed.

"Huh? Why are there canned snack & drink here? As I recall, never saw this even before I went to bed. Did mom bring them for me when I was fast asleep?"

Jessica said trying to remember back before she fell asleep.

"Ah.. I think I should ask mom about this."

Jessica said as she hurriedly got off her bed, and headed to the door of her room but-

*Cklek (The sound of the door turning out to be locked)

"Locked? I didn't even lock this door. This is weird, really weird. If this door is locked, how did mom get into my room? Ugh... Makes my headache even worse.."

Jessica mumbled in confusion as she opened the door to her locked room. Then she went straight over and asked her mother who was in the living room.

"Mom! Did you bring me a snack and canned drink to my room while I was fast asleep?"

Asked Jessica curiously. She wanted to make sure if it was really her mother who brought it.

Her mother had a puzzled, thoughtful look on her face. Jessica saw the look on her mother's face that made her wonder even more.

"Ah.. I see. Can I ask you a favor? Please give this money to the supermarket cashier."

Her mother's sudden request for help while giving her a hefty sum of money.

"Why? Why so suddenly? Did you run out of money at the supermarket?"

Asked Jessica a little annoyed because suddenly her mother only asked for help and did not give a clear answer to her question earlier. She felt even more confused and weird.

"Yes. I brought you a snack & drink to your room earlier. Sorry, I forgot.."

Her mother said in a soft tone, smiled slightly, and kissed her forehead.

Jessica nodded slowly, then went out and headed to the supermarket. On the way she thought to herself, why didn't her mother just answer her question.

*Arrive at Supermarket..

"Excuse me, I'd like to pay for my mom's shopping.."

Jessica handed over the money.

"Ah.. You again. Well.. Thanks for coming back. I hope you don't run away from me again."

The female cashier said casually while smiling faintly at her.

"Coming back? Run away?"

Asked inwardly. Jessica was shocked after hearing what the supermarket cashier had said.

"Sorry, wdym by running away? Me? Running away from you? Why?"

Asked Jessica curiously.

"Are you senile? How many times has it been. Never mind, it's useless. You'd better go home and thank your mother."

The cashier said as if she already knew what Jessica had done all this time. Jessica was silent.

*On the way home..

"What really happened during this time? What did I do? What?? Why??? What's wrong with me?!"

Jessica muttered while biting her fingernails. She felt like the thoughts filling her head were about to break. The more she thought about it, the more it hurt.

Jessica rushed home and wanted to ask her mom a lot of questions about herself. But when she arrived home, she saw a girl who looked familiar to her talking with her mother. The girl immediately said hello, then hugged Jessica tightly.

"Hi Jessica, I miss you so much.. hiks.. hiks.."

Warm tones, and words that want to cry.

"Cassie? What are you doing here? What's the matter with you?"

Softly asked her old friend Cassie.

"I-I was so afraid that you would just forget about me. But I understand now. Why you were cruel to me.."

Cassie who was already crying loudly, said as she hugged Jessica tightly.

"Cruel she said? When did I do that?"

Asked inwardly. Jessica was in shock. Jessica was getting more and more clueless, with the people around her. They always said things that she never did.

"I'll get some more water for you. Calm yourself down first. Continue talking to my mom."

Jessica said trying to calm her old friend down. and rushed to the kitchen to get another glass of water. As she was about to return, she paused for a moment. She overheard a conversation between Cassie and her mother that sounded faint. She got a little closer until she finally heard quite clearly.

"-love Jessica very much.. I hope Jessica can recover from her Trauma."

Her mother's sad voice could be heard. On the other hand, Jessica tried to cover her mouth, which was about to fall open due to severe shock.

"If only I could have protected her back then. Maybe she wouldn't have become like this. As far as I know, psychotherapy can help reduce and overcome the mental disorder that Jessica is currently experiencing. I hope that it will help Jessica's recovery."

A suggestion in Cassie's voice. Jessica paused and placed the glass she was holding on the kitchen table. She immediately rushed to the bathroom to wash her face in the sink.

"Fffuahh.. Mental disorder? Hahahah! Did they think I was crazy this whole time?! No way. Trauma?! What does that mean?!"

She muttered while suppressing the anger that was building up inside her. Jessica tried to calm her mind while lowering her anger. Then she faced the mirror and looked at herself.

"Hey. What's wrong with you? I know. You are me, and I am you. "

Jessica was very surprised to see her own reflection in the mirror as if talking to herself now. Jessica felt more and more anxiety, anger, all rolled into one.


Jessica screamed so loudly that Cassie & her mom were startled by the screams coming from the bathroom.

"Wah, You're so arrogant-"

"Smart ass-"

"Hit her quickly. You trash."



The whispers that surrounded Jessica's mind. Her memories were so vague. Jessica felt herself getting more and more uneasy. Jessica tried to cover her ears with both hands.


Cassie called out and hugged Jessica.

"You should die."

The whisper from the left ear was so loud. Jessica fell silent and cast her eyes towards the girl who was hugging her tightly.

"C-Cassie? You're.."

Jessica was lost in her memories. The voice she heard now was exactly the same as the whispers she had heard. Well, she finally remembered.

"Wh-why are you here? Why-"

Jessica asked with a trembling body. The girl tightened her embrace. Making it difficult for Jessica to breathe.

"I said, DEATH."

The girl whispered with a smirk. Jessica immediately rebelled while screaming very loudly. Then Jessica did not hesitate to pull the girl's hair and hit her against the mirror until it broke.


Her mother was shocked by her daughter's behavior towards her friend and tried to separate Jessica from Cassie.


Cassie screamed in pain as she tried to get away from Jessica.


Jessica fainted. Her old friend Cassie had blood on her head. Jessica's mom rushed to call the hospital to get them both there.

*At the hospital..

Jessica's mother recounted her daughter's deteriorating condition to her specialist. The initial expectation was that Jessica would slowly recover if her own mother took care of her directly. To be honest, her mother was uncomfortable with her changing attitude as well as her father. But after all, she was her biological daughter. Her mother did not expect it to be this bad. Still feeling unacceptable, even his old school understands that trauma due to the bullying she experienced is a common thing. Remember, “Money is above all else.”

Cassie's parents came to see their severely injured daughter. They demanded responsibility for Jessica's behavior towards their daughter. Jessica's Dad who was an office worker promised to take responsibility for everything that happened to Cassie.

*Next morning, 07:25 AM..

A heavy voice that sounded faint. Of course, it was Jessica's Dad sitting on the chair to the right of where Jessica was lying.

"Jessica.. Dad is here. Pls, Wake up."

The tone of voice was both gentle and worried, a plea from her father as he held Jessica's hand.

*Shortly afterward..

"Hey Dad. I'm fine."

Said his daughter who had woken up with a cold, flat expression while smirk.


"These impairments include memory, consciousness or personality problems. All of these conditions may be the result of stress or traumatic events that she experienced during her school days. The form of trauma can be physical or emotional abuse that occurs repeatedly."

The doctor's explanation to her parents.

*5 Days Later..

After 5 days in the hospital. Jessica had to undergo a diagnosis with a full medical interview, observation and a thorough physical examination. Doctors were worried that being discharged would worsen her condition. Within 5 days, doctors were able to identify Jessica's symptoms of anxiety, panic attacks or phobias, depression, mood swings and sleep disturbances. Jessica was muttering suicidal thoughts and experiencing hallucinations such as hearing voices when there were none.)

Get well soon Jessica:)

-The End-


"I hope you always take care of your health, especially mentally ^^"

- Amelia.

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  • Alex H Mittelman 2 months ago

    Very great story! 🥸 I enjoyed it!

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