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By THE SPEAR SISTERSPublished 6 months ago 5 min read

12:34pm Hey hun tried calling you. Drone dropped a box here.

12:34pm Did you order something? I didn’t

12:36pm It’s a pretty big box

12:37pm Well, a big medium sized box

12:37pm Doesn’t say who it’s for though

12:40pm Should I open it?

12:45pm ???

_________12:50pm Sorry couldn’t answer

_________12:50pm In conference

12:51pm Shoot sorry!

12:51pm Thought it started at 1!

_________12:52pm 11

_________12:52pm No worries tho!

_________12:53pm Don’t think I ordered anything.

_________12:53pm What does box look like?

12:54pm Is it ok you’re texting during conference?

_________12:55pm Yeah I’m way in the back.

_________12:55pm No one can see. Phone on silent

_________12:56pm Shouldn’tve come. So boring.

_________12:56pm Just saying all the stuff

_________12:56pm We’ve been saying for years 🙄

_________12:56pm Glad you texted!

_________12:56pm Saves my mind from monotony

12:57pm Ok good haha

12:57pm As long as I’m not going to get you into trouble

12:58pm There’s nothing on the box. It’s blue - if that helps?

_________12:58pm Not sure

1:00pm Ah! Actually there’s a tiny logo

1:01pm Says AID and there’s a paw

_________1:02pm Paw?

1:03pm Print  🐾

1:03pm Know what that could be?

_________1:04pm Nope. No clue

1:06pm Should I open it?

_________1:07pm Sure!

_________1:10pm What is it?

_________1:11pm My mind may explode with anticipation here

_________1:12pm As you can see, a very dull day over here

_________1:12pm A mysterious box opening is definitely

_________1:12pm The highlight

_________1:12pm 😁

1:15pm Holy crap!

_________1:15pm What?!

1:15pm That gave me a fright and a half! I

1:15pm Thought it was a dead dog!

_________1:16pm A dead dog?!??

1:17pm Yeah I opened the box and it looked like a little dog

1:17pm Inside

1:17pm But it wasn’t moving at all

1:17pm Totally still

1:17pm And then it blinked!

_________1:18pm Who’d send a dog by drone? That’s horrible.

_________1:18pm Is it ok??

1:20pm There’s a manual. AID is Artificially Intelligent Device

1:20pm It’s a robot dog!

_________1:21pm Wow!

_________1:21pm One of the guys here was just talking

_________1:21pm About those

_________1:21pm He signed up for some beta thing out of Korea

_________1:22pm Is it creepy?

1:22pm It’s actually super cute

1:22pm It looks reallllly real. Like REALLY real

1:23pm And he’s super soft

_________1:24pm You touched it?

1:24pm Yeah, I took him out of the box

_________1:24pm Is that a good idea?

_________1:25pm Well, I definitely didn’t order one.

_________1:25pm Maybe a wrong delivery?

_________1:25pm We’ll have to figure out how to return it

1:27pm The manual says it’s designed to be a companion but you can also pay for additional programming if you want it to be a guard dog.

1:28pm Looks kinda small for a guard dog.

_________1:28pm Can you send a picture?


_________1:30pm Oh wow he does look like a real dog

_________1:30pm Are you sure he’s not real?

1:31pm He hasn’t moved except blink this whole time

1:31pm Definitely not a real dog

1:32pm Awe it says his name is Mote. So cute!

_________1:32pm Is there a return address on the manual?

1:33pm Not that I can find.

1:34pm Ooh, there’s a list of commands he comes with

1:35pm He can fetch things like slippers or blankets

1:35pm And you can set levels on all sort of things like playfulness


1:36pm Ah looks like you can order different sizes and looks. I bet people looking for guard dogs probably don’t go with this model.

_________1:36pm Little dogs can do some real damage

_________1:36pm If they’ve got sharp enough teeth

_________1:37pm How does it know what it’s guarding?

1:37pm Says you program it so it knows its owner

_________1:38pm Should probably put it back in the box eh?

1:39pm He comes with a little ball

_________1:40pm Are you going to put it back in the box?

1:42pm Awe! I told him to play fetch and he’s fetching the ball!

1:42pm He’s so cute!

1:43pm I’m going to see what else he can do

_________1:43pm It’s an “it” not a “he”.

_________1:43pm It’s just a computer with fur.

_________1:45pm Right hun?

_________1:54pm ?

_________2:00pm Everything ok over there?

_________2:07pm You not answering me is kinda

_________2:07pm Freaking me out

_________2:15pm Kinda really freaking me out

_________2:25pm Really freaking me out

_________2:25pm Are you ok?

_________2:31pm Hun?

2:31pm Sorry! Yeah, Ava just came by

2:31pm Mote is hers

_________2:31pm Ava?

2:32pm Our neighbour

2:32pm From the house across the street.

2:32pm Guess there was a mix up with delivery

_________2:33pm Ah. Good it’s all sorted then

2:33pm Yeah.

2:34pm I’m glad Mote’s going with Ava. She needs some good in her life right now that’s for sure

_________2:35pm Why?

2:35pm Remember her bf Kris? Big guy with red hair. Manipulative, controlling, jealous, loud. Real piece of work.

_________2:36pm The guy who was yelling midnight on

_________2:36pm Wednesday?

2:36pm Yeah

_________2:36pm He’s the worst

2:36pm Yup. They broke up a couple weeks ago

2:37pm I mean, it’s a good thing, but I think it’s been rough

_________2:37pm Damn caught

2:37pm ?

_________2:38pm Someone sees I’m texting

_________2:38pm Gotta go

2:38pm k

_________3:34pm Released! Finally!!

_________3:34pm On my way to airport

3:50pm Excellent! Can’t wait to see you!

3:51pm What time will you be home?

_________3:59pm Prob about 9

3:59pm Ok, safe travels! LOVE YOU 😘

_________4:00pm Thx! Love you too 😘

4:31pm I miss Mote

4:50pm Should we get an AID?

5:13pm Found the site

5:21pm There’s a Malamute model!

5:25pm I know, we probably shouldn’t, they’re pretty expensive

5:30pm But I did just get a promotion…

5:58pm Ordered one!

5:59pm Coming on Monday

5:59pm You’ll love him!

6:00pm (I hope!)

6:01pm His name is Oberon

6:01pm I’m so excited!!!!!!

7:45pm Let me know when you get off plane

7:46pm I made extra mac&cheese if you’re hungry

8:30pm You’re going to have to come up alley when you get here

8:30pm There’s some sort of police incident out front

8:31pm Lots of flashing lights

8:31pm Street blocked off

8:33pm Ambulance just got here

8:34pm It's going to Ava’s

Sci FiShort Story

About the Creator


Kailey and Sam Spear are film & TV director/writer/actors (and twin sisters) originally from Nex̱wlélex̱m, Bowen Island, Canada. Their passion lies in character-based genre, particularly world building in fantasy and sci-fi.

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