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Model Sister: Ep 2 Side A

Chapter 3

By Bianca WilsonPublished 2 years ago 4 min read

Needless to say, it was awkward.

The drive back home was silent, and Dean refused to let Nalani drive home so late.

Larissa watched on with pursed lips when he told them to pack their bags. Threw up her hands when he kept patrolling their rooms.

"They can't go!"

"New Zealand isn't even that far from Hawaii!"

The girls paused to listen to as the voices of their parents' voices became muffled as Nalani shut the door behind her.

She eyed them both.

"You both know you don't have to come if you don't want to, right?"

Marina and Merida exchanged looks of panic. Was she changing her mind?

"We know!"

Merida quickly added, "We want to go!"

Nalani placed a hand on her chest in relief.

"Great, I didn't want to feel like I'm forcing anyone to go somewhere they didn't want to." She walked towards the window to peer outside.

It was raining.

The rain continued the next day.

Larissa scowled at the sky with her sunglasses.

"Look, it's not safe to travel!"

"Then that means we should all go home." Dean hummed before looking to his wife and everyone. "Well, want to go home?"

His daughters averted his gaze, Merida looking to the left, pretending music was playing in her earphones, Marina at her phone and Nalani at the glass ceiling, to watch the rain slide down.

Larissa scowled. "You know what I mean."

"You're outnumbered Reese."

Larissa rolled her eyes.

Dean beamed. "I think everyone's going to have a legendary summer vacation. How about it?"

Merida nodded and smiled.

The two soon had to part ways as they entered their own separate terminals, the twins felt odd as they watched their parents go. Larissa shooting them a glance as she trailed behind their Dad.

"Be safe." She mouthed.

They waved and forced a smile.

When all was said and done, it was the first time they'd be leaving Hawaii, their nerves began to get to them when they boarded the plane.

The twins murmured in awe at their middle row seats, three, the perfect number. The foldable desk/table embedded in the back of the seat before them and the screen that allowed them to watch movies and listen to music. It was a totally new experience.

Meanwhile, Larissa kept looking back.

"Reese, come on." He was boarding the plane when she noticed she wasn't following.

She shot him a glare and stood there defiantly but as the crowd began to swell and stare at the woman incredulously, she finally budged when a passenger commented.

"Hey lady, you're blocking the line!"


It was just as beautiful as the pictures if not more breath taking.

Nalani knitted her brows as her younger sisters trailed behind her like Chics looking around excitedly.

To think she'd end up on babysitting duty after years of getting away with it... just her luck when she finally secured some time for herself. Oh well.

"Ms. Nalani Keating?" An Uber driver spotted her and called out the moment they stepped out of the airport.

She shot them a placating smile. The plump woman beamed back and popped the trunk open.

"I can't believe it's really you! When I saw your name at first, I thought it may be a coincidence..."

"I get that a lot."

"Who's this?"

"Ah, my sisters."

The driver eyeballed them hard making the twins fidget.

Nalani hurriedly put their things in the trunk.

"Good genes must run in the family! I'm jealous, I mean my brothers were born with really interesting eyes and hair, but the genes chose to skip me."

Nalani's smile stretched.

"Having uncommon genes doesn't make you any less special. You don't need a DNA fairy to make you beautiful, you're already attractive."

The driver blushed and guffawed before finally getting in the guitar.

The two talked about various things and Nalani smiled and listened before saying her piece.

The twins craned their necks.

"They just met right?"

"Right. Right?"

When they arrived at their hotel, the driver knitted her brows a flicker of panic and disappointment on her face.

"Thank you."

"Aw, yeah... well..."

"This is for you." She pressed a tip into her hand and the driver's eyes shimmered with moisture.


"Keep walking, girls." Nalani urged them after they got their things. The driver had yet to leave and just stood there staring with misty eyes.

Her reaction surprised them; she couldn't be any more eager to get away.

"I thought you two were getting along."

"Some folks tend to get a bit too emotional and when they meet you, they get attached."

Merida continued to stare. "But I think she's crying..."

Nalani whipped her head around. "Huh- Wha- was the tip too small?"

Nalani turned to wave, and the driver waved back.

"Though I must say I don't run into people who ever really know who I am in public." Nalani muttered.

The driver had just gotten in her car and was finally pulling away.

"It's as flattering as it is nerve racking."

"You didn't seem nervous at all though."

"I wasn't. It's what come afterwards when I have to leave that scares me."

Marina hummed as she studied Nalani walk up to the front desk.


"Hi, did you have a reservation?"

"That's right under...

She leaned into Merida.

"Hey, so it looks like we'll be on bouncer duty."

A question sign hung over Merida's head.

"Bouncer duty?"

"You know... for Nalani."

"She just said she doesn't get noticed often though."

Marina gave her a pointed stare.

"What if she's been stalked before? She said it's what comes after that scares her, doesn't that say something?"

Merida blinked at her twin. So serious. She nodded.

"Okay! Bouncer duty it is, we can be like-

Marina was already sighing.


"The men in black or-

Marina walked away.

"K2, Looking for anything suspicious!" Merida hurried after her.

The hotel had three beds, the twins marvelled at it's beach-style furniture and architecture. Nalani stepped out on the balcony to inspect the weather, her grey eyes glittering.

"Ooh, looks nice. Do you girls want to stop by the beach? I can't believe it's so empty right now. What perfect timing!"


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