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Miracle’s Curse

Episode Three

By Victoria CagePublished 4 months ago 4 min read

"You look handsome." The red haired woman, that Adrian had learned was named Sara Felle, watched him in the mirror, her tiny mouth curved pleasantly. He didn't like the red and gold coat she had given him, or the pin of a Phoenix. But he studied his face in the mirror as if he had never seen it before. His thick, messy brown hair gave his face character. He noticed the crook in his nose, as if he had broken it before. His cheekbones were defined, but mostly from malnutrition. His pale skin made his dark green eyes stand out. Not for the first time, he asked, "how long was I asleep?"

"A month." She replied easily, straightening his coat with gold embroidery.

"A month." He repeated, disbelieving. It hadn't sat well with him. He couldn't remember anything before falling from the cliff. He knew that much about the blade stabbing his gut, was true. He had the wound to prove it. Thinking of it made it sore.

"Now let's get you something to eat." Sara smiled satisfactorily at her work on his coat. "Do you remember where the dining room is?"

"I do." He couldn't hide the edge in his voice this time. He only didn't remember what happened before he fell from the cliff, not what he was learning now. With her shrug, he led the way this time to the dining room. Red banners hung from the ceiling, with the same orange Phoenix on it as his pin. An ebony table nearly the length of the room with twelve seats on each side had a silver flame etched into it in the center. He sat where he had been the past few times he ate here, beside the head of the table. She seated herself like a dancer at the head, a seemingly permanent smile on her pale face.

A roast was already laid out, with corn, potatoes, and bread. He waited for a nod from her before he picked out slices of each food. Hunger made his stomach growl loudly, even though he had eaten a few hours before. He dug in as if he hadn't eaten in days, stuffing his mouth with as much food it would hold.

Sara cleared her throat, "Adrian."

He didn't recognize the name at first, until she repeated it sharper. This wasn't the first time she had corrected his eating manner. He swallowed what he was chewing and sat back as she had taught him before, slowing down, although his stomach protested.

She nodded and picked at her own food. "Tell me again."

He almost groaned aloud. Countless times he had told her what he remembered, but she insisted he tell her again, as if it would suddenly come back to him. He reluctantly set his fork and knife down and retold his story. "I'm standing on the edge of a cliff, I know something's wrong. Before I do anything, I'm stabbed and falling, and then I'm drowning." He popped a piece of beef in his mouth before she could ask him again.

"You'll remember more." She had said this every time, but each time with more force. "Mistress Luna says exercise will do good for your memory," He almost perked up until she said, "once you're healed, of course."

He slouched in disappointment. He wanted to leave wherever he was. The endless black and red stone halls were awfully lonely and she followed him nearly everywhere. Carefully, he placed his utensils down and tried to look as authoritative as he could. "Tell me how you found me. You avoid it every time I ask."

For a moment, her sharp blue eyes widened, but she smoothed her facial features quickly. "Very well. You were in the sea when a sailor of mine found you and brought you to the hospital. I found you there and decided to take you here, for better healing."

That was it. He found the hole in her story. "You have many residents here in your city?"

"Some might say too many." She confirmed.

"Many fill up the hospitals, I assume. What made you take me and not any other?" He saw the surprise on her face and continued before he lost his advantage, "I'm of some use to you, right? Or I was. Before I had amnesia, I knew something important. You want to heal me so badly so I can tell you everything." The more he spoke, the more he started to put the pieces together. "You're pampering me because you want my loyalty when I do remember."

Her lips parted in horror before she shut them. Her death glare melted his triumphant smile instantly. "Understand this, boy: you're in my Land. Under my laws. My mercy. And no one knows you're alive. You're mine." Before he could move, she grabbed onto his wrist and in the same instant, her fist erupted in flames.

He cried out and pulled away so hard, his chair tipped over and tossed him backwards. Gripping his throbbing wrist with a branded handprint on it, he cowered under her gaze. She had stood as well and made her way around the table to him, hair alight with matching flames. "You will remember, sooner or later. But in the meantime, you will do as I say. Otherwise, there will be harsher consequences than a simple burn."

He nodded vigorously, his heart beating hard against his rib cage. Eyes wide, he watched her calmly sit as if nothing had happened. No more flames lit up any part of her. "Eat." Was all she said and didn't look at him twice. Cautiously, he picked his chair back up and silently ate.

He must escape. Somehow. But where would he go? an itching thought asked. He shivered. Anywhere but here. If it took him the rest of his life, he would flee from her. And if he ever remembered who he was, he wouldn't speak a word of it.

FantasyLoveMysterySeriesYoung Adult

About the Creator

Victoria Cage

I’ve been a storyteller for as long as I can remember. Every chance I could get I was either writing, drawing, or telling anyone who’d listen my stories. Throughout high school I self published three books on Amazon. Enjoy my short stories!

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