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Mike’s New Powers

A recovery story.

By Jason Ray MortonPublished 10 days ago 1 min read
Mike’s New Powers
Photo by David Knudsen on Unsplash

After the war Mike had to cope with losing his legs and one arm. It was almost too much to bear. That was, until learning to jump.

Mike could jump wherever he wished, and into whoever.

By Riku Lu on Unsplash

He jumped into an alternate reality, and was trained by Yoda.

By Brian McGowan on Unsplash

Mike flew to the outer reaches of space, seeing things no other human had seen.

By toine G on Unsplash

When he grew weary of earth, he left it behind, and worked NASA missions.

By History in HD on Unsplash

“How are you coping?” Mike’s counselor asked.

Mike was planning a trip. He was jumping into an Artemis astronaut.

“Everyday’s an adventure,” Mike laughed.


About the Creator

Jason Ray Morton

I have always enjoyed writing and exploring new ideas, new beliefs, and the dreams that rattle around inside my head. I have enjoyed the current state of science, human progress, fantasy and existence and write about them when I can.

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  • Randy Wayne Jellison-Knock8 days ago

    One small step..., make that one small hop for man, one giant leap for humankind.

  • Mariann Carroll10 days ago

    This was a cool story, you were able to get , Yoda involved in it 👍

  • Awesome mike!

  • Babs Iverson10 days ago


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