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Merfolk of Randos

by Braison Cyrus 2 months ago in Fantasy
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Biology, Culture and Brief History

Merfolk (Midjourney)

The first thing that one will notice when they lay eyes on a Mer is the ornate mask that is afixed to their faces. No one is sure what lies beneath it but the mask itself is rather unusual. The mask is crafted from an assortment of shells in the image of a human face. This practice of wearing these masks goes as far back as anyone can remember. The Merfolk have an admiration for humans, seeing them as their protectors. Time and time again, men have proved themselves to be allies to the Merfolk, whether they live in their waters or the seas abroad, men tend to arrive at the perfect time to be their saviors. This has resulted in the custom of mask wearing in their likeness and returning the favor in being devoted allies to the nations of men they are in need of them.

The lifecycle of a Mer is mysterious, fascinating and, at times, disturbing. They are birthed from small eggs that look like fish roe. The eggs are laid on the shore and buried within a nest of sand. After they hatch, the tide washes the baby Mer back into the sea where they form schools with other hatchlings and make their way back to Merfolk society. As they grow, they begin to develop unique traits and display sexual dimorphism. The males skin and scales turn a silver color with greenish hues appearing when they swim in the sunlight while the females turn a bright red color with frilled fins on their tails and arms. An average Mer can live to be about 200 years old. Once they become of age and are reaching the end of their lives, they return to the shore on which they were hatched and mate on the beaches in a ceremony that lasts for several days. Some Mer arrive with a partner or mate that they have spent their whole lives with while some arrive seeking a mate. After the breeding ceremony is finished, the females quickly lay their eggs and bury them in their sandy nests. Once this is done, both the males and females die and their life cycle is complete. The men of Terrador have a tradition of their own where they come to the beaches and return the many bodies of the Mer to the sea as a proper burial.

Other than their bizarre life cycles, Merfolk society is not much different from that of Men or Elvenkind. They live in underwater cities with hierarchies resembling that of any other society, with most cities being ruled over by a king or queen. Merfolk craftsmanship is renowned throughout Randos. Their ornately made jewelery and weapons are highly sought after by merchants and collectors of fine goods. There is no cohesive nation of Merfolk, giving each individual city state autonomy to act as they see fit. Some geographical differences do occur however and the biology of certain groups of Mer can differ greatly between populations. A large population of Merfolk used to reside off the coast of the island kingdom of Lareth, the homeland of the Elves, in a region known as the Gemstone Bay. However, these Merfolk were seen as destructive and invasive by the local Elves which led to a brief war between them known as the Lakebed Boundry War. After an Elven victory, the remaining Merfolk were displaced and sought refuge in the northern kingdom with the men of Terrador. They were accepted and this is when the true allyship between men and Mer truly began and the custom of Mennic mask making is believed to have started with the generous gesture by the men of the north.

Today, the Merfolk can primarily be found in the arctic waters surrounding Terrador. However, smaller populations can be found near both Kilt and Ekarus. Some of the Merfolk in Kilt have even taken to residing in rivers and lakes a opposed to the ocean, resulting in freshwater Merfolk who swim upstream to breed rather than coming ashore. The Mer of Terrador are vital to the local whaling industry, herding pods of whales into the Bay of Kings so they can be hunted by the sailors of Dragonscar. They are also instrumental in the military affairs of both Terrador and Kilt, aiding their navy through ocean navigation and providing them with specialty weapons. They are a mysterious society, inhabiting the oceanic underworld away from the eyes of most. However, they are fundamental to our world, not only through the roles they perform within it but also by providing inspiring wonder to those of us who can not join them in their mysterious homes beneath the waves.


About the author

Braison Cyrus

Just a Nashville dad who loves to share stories. Follow the wizard known as Springhill Jack on a quest across the fantastical world of Randós in my series of short stories "The Adventures of Springhill Jack".

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  • JD Bickleabout a month ago

    I really appreciate how you've blended salmon morphology with the nesting habits of turtles to create a natural history of merfolk. At first I was a bit confused by the 200 year breeding cycle, but now that I think about how many hatchlings could survive, it makes more sense.

  • I felt wonder and intrigue as I read. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 I look forward to checking out your other stories!

  • test2 months ago

    Thanks for sharing your article!

  • srinivasan2 months ago

    Your article is very nice and I wish you to continue writing like this.Please feel free to read my articles and share your comments. I kindly request you to follow me.

  • Tracy Willis2 months ago

    Amazing storytelling Braison. Thanks for being in Vocal!

  • Carol Townend2 months ago

    As usual, this is a well-written story, and it has all the good standards that I always expect from you. I love the description and the way fantasy comes to life when I read your work, and I always come back for more!!

  • suzanne darlene2 months ago

    Very well written

  • schlicher cruz2 months ago

    Very well written, thanks for sharing

  • Marl Gore2 months ago


  • keshawn kody2 months ago

    A curious story, very good!

  • Arthur de Beck2 months ago

    Very beautiful!

  • Joel Lake2 months ago

    Very beautiful!

  • Ma Luo se2 months ago

  • Shutty Gelino2 months ago

    A curious story, very good!

  • Zeev Lo Va2 months ago

    A curious story, great!

  • test2 months ago

    Very beautiful!

  • Yi Su2 months ago

    Very beautiful. Glad I read it!

  • Bula Sete2 months ago

    Magical Stories

  • Jabb2 months ago

    Very beautiful. Glad I read it!

  • Ringler Kucera2 months ago

    Although still curious about the mermaid clan, but each clan has its own life circle and trajectory, since their existence is also a kind of beautiful, why bother them, I hope that each of them exist peacefully all the time, the world is still very beautiful.

  • Nao Fetter2 months ago

    Glad i read it!

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