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Meow mix's paradise.

"Meow, meow," said the kitty cat.

By Angelina F. ThomasPublished about a year ago 3 min read
Meow mix's paradise.
Photo by Z K on Unsplash

"Meow meow meow mew mew mew bew bew bew" The cat cried in heat while eating his meow mix. What a horny cat is meow mix the cat while eating his meowmix. That bitch is feeling it meow mix wants some kit cat pussy so bad, he is ready for a female cat to let a real one like him hit, ya dig?!? For a couple or few days out of the month he feels it so strong all he wants to do is hit some cat pussy like a real one in the dumpster or in his mama house Laughing my ass off. He feels super pressed. Damn this cat is horny. He gets to sniff a little something sometimes but she never wants to let em hit, or her owner ends up shooing him away with a broom or slaps him with her purse. Poor meow mix so so so very horny. I feel sorry for him, waiting in the house, or outside by the dumpster to not find anything to fuck for months upon months very rarely does meow mix get lucky and get to stick his jetty little dick in anything. Sometimes I see meow mix in heat and I laugh my ass off, sometimes when I bust a gut because of meow mix he gets mad at me and goes to hide in the corner from me.

Eventually I'll sell meow mix and get me two cockatiels or budgies/parakeets. I am so looking forward to becoming a bird owner it is so awesome to have goals and I will accomplish them. It will take times though, and I am so so so very impatient like meow mix when he wants some pussy, I am very very impatient about my money goals more than anything else! I am dying to see 10,000 or more in my stripe wallet therefore I can withdraw some worthwhile cash money deposit it into my Chime wallet to add something to my cash app bitcoin and then slide some thru my chime credit card and my chime savings account. I want to apply some to my regular cash app account and to my cash app bitcoin just to let it sit there and add to it every now and then and every couple months log once or twice with pen and paper my gains, and or losses. I hope I get to put 15,000.00 in my cash app bitcoin account sooner than expected just so I can log my gains or losses every two months. sometimes I may even check for new gains or losses bi-weekly.

Damn, I want all kinds of designer items for me, and my new birds. I cannot wait to get my pets! I am going to spoil my new birds like they're my grandchildren! I swear I'll spoil my birds like a sweet old grandma. I will have my new budgies comfy and content by a couple weeks or sooner. I will make sure to keep millet on deck! Millet is birdie's best friend! I will do my best to keep my birds needed fruit and veggie selection on deck so they get healthier nutrition other than bird seeds so they live a long life, and I will smoke outside until I quit smoking, and smoking outside in the winter season is a bitch, trust and believe me, smoking outside for my birds health in the winter season will be a damn bitch.

I will get a new Rolex for my birds to play with. Isn't that a dumb funny idea though? A Rolex for birds to ruin? Laugh out loud. I guess I won't put a Rolex in my birds cage. Laughing my phat ass off!!!


About the Creator

Angelina F. Thomas

I am a very beautiful mother of mixed daughters with expensive taste. I hope and pray to my Abba father that my wishful thinking and my ability to dream huge truly pays off. So be it. Amen.

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