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Memory Roots

The story of two brave elephants

By Natalia Perez WahlbergPublished 2 months ago 1 min read
Illustration from my book "Everything is Connected" — The Protectors. ©Natalia Perez Wahlberg/Ormiga Creative

You may have heard a sound you couldn’t place. A sound so deep, so earthy, that it immediately captured your attention. You may have heard it, and yet, not believed you had.

Legend has it that Imani and her calf Shani march the Earth, slowly, always remembering their way and each step they take, setting roots of wisdom wherever they go. Sowing seeds with the deepest knowledge of their ancestors, when elephants roamed countries without fear, when they were loved and respected for their important roles in the ecosystem.

Imani and Shani walk and walk, hoping to recapture their old customs. Each step brings them closer to the answers they seek, to ensure a way of life that can benefit them and all other beings they share the space with. Each step brings them closer to understanding all the questions of the Universe. Imani and Shani make this trip willingly, not as martyrs, but as specks of hope in an ever-changing world.

So, next time you hear a sound you can’t recognize, remember them, because what you are hearing is probably love flourishing.


This short story is one of many in my book "Everything is Connected", available on Amazon.

Thank you for reading! I truly appreciate you spending a few minutes of your day reading my stories and entries. If you like what you read and want to support my writing habit, feel free to leave a tip. Thank you!


About the Creator

Natalia Perez Wahlberg

Illustrator, entrepreneur and writer since I can remember.

Love a good book and can talk endlessly about books and literature.

Creator, artist, motion graphics.

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