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Medicine Lord of the World

Chapter 10 The Temple of Life and Death

By 肖湾Published about a year ago 7 min read
Medicine Lord of the World
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The night has been deep, located in the city center of the SIhai House lights up, full of customers, was even more lively than the day.

In a lavishly decorated box with tables filled with expensive delicacies, five young men drank and drank. Four OF THEM are 18, nine years old, the man who sat in the first place is young slightly bigger, NIE Faddish.

"Good! What a fun night!"


Well, with a burp, the young black man went on, "To tell you the truth, good morning... See THAT BOY IS not PLEASING TO the EYE, recently every day to hear someone in the ear nagging, is really annoying! Bah, WHAT DOODLE, WALK A BIT DOG EXCREMENT NAMELY LUCK, FROM GATHER LING 1 PRODUCT TO GATHER LING 9 PRODUCTS? What's so great, practice for a whole decade just so much strength, what 'genius of genius', also not afraid of shame? We Nie family, also only three elder brother you four siblings can be regarded as' genius of genius'. Say, third brother, how do you want him to die?"

The other three boys, all very red and very drunk, agreed loudly and spitefully at the words of their companion.

"Well, well, all my good brothers."

Nie FADDISH SITUATION IS A LITTLE BETTER, BUT THE MOUTH OF the same is a thick wine, "the day after tomorrow will enter the life and death magic circle. Storm, wind, wind, wind pavilion, you are the four highest has been channeling five products, the lowest have channeling a product, to go in to the fastest speed to catch him, and then find a secret place to bleed him. We have seven days to bleed him every day and let him die slowly."

Another cup of spirits, the black strong young drunkard more strong, began to speak a little bit less clear, dissatisfaction to mutter: "Three elder brother, only... It's just letting blood out. It's so... What a treat!"

Nie faddish ha ha laugh way: "Storm, you have what good idea?" Listening to the black strong boy so said, he also felt that the means of letting blood is a little too light.

A face covered with acne of the youth, put down the wine, hey hey smile way: "Three elder brother, storm this coarse goods can have what idea? My uncle is in charge of punishment in the family, and I have learned a lot of new things from him. After I go in this time, I will give it all to him and make sure that the boy will be immortal and die."

Nie Faddish exulted: "Great, how can I forget this. Go ahead, Wind Pavilion, do whatever it takes, and torture him for seven days if you can, and then when the time is up, blow his head out of the way, and make this eyesore disappear." Recalling the humiliation he suffered some time ago, Nie faddish cheek slightly twisted up, eyes full of malicious venom.

Nie Fengting patted his chest and assured: "The third brother, just trust us."


Nie faddish nod, and some unwilling sigh way, "PITY, I have more than 20 years old, can't personally begin." There was regret in his voice, but the thought of that delicate, timid little beauty warmed him up again, and he felt it harden beneath him.

Nie Storm coarse voice, laughing way, "three...... Brother, when we get out, I... We'll straighten things out for you... All right, why don't we just... Almost as if you were doing it yourself..."

Nie fADDISH COMPLACENT WAY: "HA HA, SAY RIGHT, ESPECIALLY THAT BOY TO YOU cry FOR mercy OF the scene, MUST remember carefully. Now, a drink to our dying genius of geniuses. After drinking, the third brother will take you to the fragrance courtyard for meat."

"Fragrance House?"

Green light rose from the misty drunken eyes of four young men...


Have to say, Muhong Damask Damask is still extremely keep letter of promise.

Although on the way there, she felt that she was being dictated to by her apprentice, she made an immediate decision to move here from the day after tomorrow to ensure that her sister-in-law would not be harassed during Nie Kong's absence.

In addition to asking her teacher of his way of teaching to take care of his sister-in-law, Nie Kong also wanted to find out from her why Lingbao Ge was so desperate to find him. Unfortunately, no matter how he circumvented, the muhong Damask all did not reveal the slightest wind, would arouse suspicion, Nie Kong had to give up.

The magic world is about to open, Nie became lively up, the streets and lanes can almost hear "whose children were selected" and other topics. Time, then in this miscellaneous discussion quietly passed, and soon, the first October 15 sun fell on the city of Thistle Sun.

At the foot of the back hill.

The ancient and simple temple is built against the mountain and stands tall and erect. This is Nie's "Hall of life and death", in which the illusion of life and death is located. After the discovery of the illusion of life and death, Nie built such a temple to completely cover up the illusion of life and death. In normal times, the two tall and wide doors are almost never opened. Only on October 15 every five, eight, or twelve years can Nie's family get a glimpse of the temple from a distance.

The magic world of life and death of the Nie family has three levels. The first level starts in five years, and the bearable practice is the transformation spirit; the second level starts in eight years, and the bearable practice is the virtual spirit; the third level starts in twelve years, and the bearable practice is the cave spirit.

The sun is three poles, a hundred meters in front of the hall of life and death has dozens of men in their 30s and 40s standing in a row. In front of them are tens of thousands of Nie family members. The OPENING OF THE VISION WORLD IS ALWAYS A GREAT EVENT FOR NIE, AND AT THIS TIME, ALMOST ALL THE CLANSMEN IN THE CITY OF THISTLESUN COME TO WATCH, AND THOSE WHO HAVE BEEN DISPATCHED WILL COME BACK TO TAKE A LOOK WHENEVER POSSIBLE, EVEN THOUGH THEY CAN HARDLY SEE ANYTHING.

More than ten thousand people, boundless, let alone tens of thousands of people gathered together at the same time, the momentum is enormous. Fortunately, the front of the Hall of Life and Death is spacious enough, and the people have experienced this scene many times, so the noise is noise, but no one because of crowding and shoving noise.

"Here we go, the little ones!

Suddenly, on the bluestone road to the right of the Hall of Life and Death, four young men appeared, and then four more, one of whom was a girl. Looking at this group of young men and girls lined up to come out, the tens of thousands of people like a pot of boiling hot water, boom a boiling up.

"Is there a lot more people this year than there were five years ago?"

"Why, how ignorant are you that you don't know that? In the PAST, IT WAS OUR NIE FAMILY WHO ENTERED THE MAGIC REALM OF LIFE AND DEATH. This year, with the consent of the patriarchs and elders, many vassal families have selected their own outstanding people to come. I heard the news days ago."

"Ha ha, see, see, that's my daughter, isn't she beautiful?"

"No, I'm not proud. My son's in there, too. The platoon is ahead of your daughter. Why, your daughter could have been killed if she had gone in."

"Cheep, your son is no stronger. Can he still make it to the deadline and commit suicide? Go and daydream!"

"What's the name of that genius our family has become famous for lately, Nie... Nie... "To Nie Kong, look, he's coming, too, right there."


In the midst of the uproar of the people, hundreds of young men and women came to the gate of the temple and stopped and waited in silence.

Nie Kong stood in the center of the crowd.

Looking at the young people around him, whose faces were swollen and their cheats were rising and falling rapidly because of excitement and tension, Nie Kong curled his lips in silence. When they gathered at the drill ground, they looked like this, and they still look like this.


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