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Medicine Lord of the World

Chapter 6 The Master's Promise

By 肖湾Published about a year ago 6 min read
Medicine Lord of the World
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The decoction for strengthening muscles and strengthening bones is a good choice. Nie Kong had already considered the prescription before presenting it. The effect of the potion was so strong that if anyone could absorb it as he did, it would be too strong for a child. However, WITHOUT THE help of "nine turns of golden needle", it is not bad to absorb five or six achievements, and this amount of medicine is just right for children who are just exposed to practice.

Aware of those doubts around the eyes, practice Tianxin way: "Tianxin son, beard butterfly grass and crystal jade seed collocation can neutralize the toxicity of red magic flowers, the old husband is also a few days ago to hear the five elders said, you do not know the normal. Will you tell the old man, little fellow, how you got this prescription?" With these words, his eyes turned to Nie Kong, and his face showed a rare mild color.

Nie Kong smiled and said, "Of course. I have been sickly since I was a child, and I have taken a large number of herbs and magic drugs for more than ten years, so I am very familiar with their properties. This formula was worked out by myself a few days ago. After two trials, the effect is very good, otherwise, I am still as thin as a skeleton." In fact, the former Nie Kong took many drugs, but he knew nothing about them.


Practicing Tianxin and listening to words, the figure appeared in front of Nie Kong with a flicker, and the palm rested on his shoulder. Nie Kong did not dodge, there is no need to dodge, practice Tianxin is a five-product spiritual medicine, at least have the royal spiritual practice for, he shot, Nie Kong did not have any room to dodge.

A moment later, Nie Kong felt a hot breath from his shoulder into his body, and quickly spread. In the blink of an eye, the heat spread to the limbs and bones. Nie Kongzhi practiced the heart of heaven is to explore the situation inside his body, the heart is not worried, the body of the nine hidden acupoints, this day of the soul of the mainland people can not detect, the little boy now nest in Yaochi acupoints, will not be found by practicing the heart of heaven.

Sure enough, in a moment, the heat flow will be like the tide of retreat to the shoulder, and then in the practice of Tianxin lift palm, disappeared without a trace.

Seeing Nie Kong look calm, practicing Tianxin said approvingly: "Well, your muscles and bones are really strong in the last few days. The reason for this must be that you have a special constitution and have thoroughly absorbed the medicinal power of the 'muscular and bone-strengthening soup'. After a pause, she folded up the prescription. "Little guy, your old husband has accepted this elixir formula. What do you want to exchange it for?"

Nie Kong had estimated that the prescription for such a very simple, unrefined medicine would cost only 10,000 gold coins. Silk glaze root and dragon bud algae are 100 gold a catty, can be exchanged for 50 catty. The two hundred gold pieces were incidental.

Practicing Tianxin twisted the dark red beard under her chin and nodded: "Fragrant silk glaze root and dragon bud algae, the old husband will give you ten jin, later if you think of other prescriptions, whether right or wrong, you can directly come to this medicine hall to find the old husband. Qingming, you go get two hundred gold pieces, Feng Yan, later you take him to the medicine hall to get medicine."

Then, practice the heart of the Nie pockmark cold hum, "As for you, later do wind Yan assistant, when can be alone medicine, the old husband to inform you." After saying this, he nodded to Nie Kongwei and walked to the stairs with his bare feet on his back.


Everyone like a dream, Nie Qingming, Nie Fengyan and Nie Pockmarks bow to answer.

Among them, Nie Qingming was a man of thirty-five or sixteen years old. He looked at Nie Kong with a look of envy or envy and hurried to the small door on the left. Nie Fengyan was a middle-aged woman who had just defended Nie Kong. She looked at Nie Kong with a soft smile.

But Marks Nie was a funeral and meant to cry no tears: after a quarrel with the child, he ceased his medicating power, and assigned him to a woman older and junior to him as his assistant. Nie's pockmarked face was cloudy or sunny. He dared not be dissatisfied with Lian Tianxin, but he looked at Nie Kong with fierce eyes, as if Nie Kong had played with his wife.

The other spiritualists looked much more complicated, but they all envied and envied Nie Kong without exception.

No matter the prescription is right or wrong, you can always come to the medicine hall to find Master Tianxin, this commitment is how important, they know. To know that even they stayed in the medicine hall every day, never got such treatment in the master of Heaven, did not expect this day of great luck to fall on this boy's head.

If this boy is a psychic healer, then he is absolutely blessed. After all, with the promise of Master Tianxin, you can always come to him to consult the knowledge of the prescription. Unfortunately, the boy doesn't know how to refine medicine, what a waste! For a time, they are anxious to change the body and Nie air conditioning...


Half an hour later, the sun set.

Facing the magnificent glow coming from the reflection, Nie Kong carried a small, two and three bulging bags, happily walked home. His right hand from time to time into a sack inside, took out some incense silk glaze root stuffed into his mouth to chew hard, it is the herb as a snack.

Think of their own carrying herbs to leave the magic hall, two eyes stare like a bell Nie Qingfeng and Nie Qinghong, Nie Kong will be a little funny.

"One hundred and twenty pounds of herbs will feed you for a long time, little one." Walking into a remote alley, Nie Kong quietly stuffs three bags into his pet backpack.

"Ah... Ah..." The little fellow was too busy absorbing the medicine to pay any attention to Nie Kong. He kept humming unconsciously.

Back home, eyebrow is preparing dinner. When she saw Nie Kong, her face was slightly red and she was shy. However, the jade hairpin that Nie Kong had inserted had not been taken off and remained on her head. Moreover, there was a pearl flower on the cloud bun that Nie Kong had bought at noon.

Recently, it is rare to encounter a leisure moment, Nie Kong simply sat in front of the stove to help fire, looking at the flower eyebrow eyes evasively busy, but do not have some fun. The sky was getting darker and darker, and time was passing quickly in this slightly ambiguous atmosphere.

After dinner, Nie Kong returned to his bedroom and sat quietly. His clothes were all stripped off. His face looked solemn in the flickering candlelight.

When Nie Kong adjusted his body to the best condition, nine gold needles suddenly appeared on his left palm.

The golden light flickers constantly, Nie Kong hands up and down, gold pins without hesitation in turn into the nine hidden holes, the speed was fast to the extreme.


A few seconds later, Nie Kong hands twist the needle, intense hum from the left in the body of the half of the needle tremor. Inside the body, the nine gold needles seemed to be connected into a perfect whole, and the needles trembled very regularly, and the meridians expanded and contracted violently.

In an instant, the body boils and burns, foot Shaoyin bile meridian and foot Jae Yin liver meridian these two meridians condensation of spiritual power, under the stimulus of nine gold needles at an unprecedented speed all melt digestion, the boundless spiritual power like the flood of the dyke, to the spirit of the three holes rolling away......


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