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Medicine Lord of the World

Chapter 5 Chief Pharmacist

By 肖湾Published about a year ago 8 min read
Medicine Lord of the World
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"Tongue-strengthening soup? One or two... Butterfly weed one or two... Crystal lotus seed one... Red magic flower... The two... SHH. Is that your formula for a miracle cure? My little brother, you're gonna use this shit to trick me, and you're gonna make a fool of me? Good, MY adult DON'T remember VILLAIN, YOU AH, or which come back to where to go, don't interfere with my medicine here."

On the floor of the medicine mixing Hall, Nie Kong's recipe was crumbled up and thrown back into his arms. The guy opposite him, who was about thirty years old and had pockmarked faces, said scowling, waving his hands impatiently like a fly, and his eyes fell on the medicine tripline on the table in front of him.

The little pet in the Dantian was still waiting for dinner. Nie Kong could not give up so. He tried to bear his displeasure and said, "My dear brother, the medicine made from this formula has the effect of strengthening muscles and bones.

Pockmarked face TWO EYES A STARE, tired of the way: "I say you HAVE finished NOT over, healthy muscle strong bone? And I keep the chicken healthy, you know? Hey, healthy chicken aphrodisiac? Oh ho ho ho ho..." As if he had not thought that the four words he blurted out were so creative, Pockmarks pointed their fingers at Nie Kong as if in a panic, laughing out of breath, and cried out in a strange voice, "Oh, oh, so funny... It's a healthy chicken. You must have got a lot bigger with this recipe. Ho, ho, ho, come on, let Uncle have a look..."

A pair of trigon-eyed thieves strolled down to Nie Kong, Pockmarked's face with a smile that became so obscene that the spiritual healers around him wrinkled their brows.

Never thought there would be such a guy in the medicine hall, Nie Kong sneered: "What's your name Nie again? You want to see my dick so bad, come on, lie down, open your mouth, I piss on your face, also is a boy piss! See you this PAIR of bad luck, must have become two spiritual pharmacist for a long time, Lao Tze's boy urine all down, maybe immediately can break through to three. Lao TZE HAS ALWAYS BEEN GENEROUS, DO NOT FOLLOW YOU CHARGE, IF YOU LIE ON THE APPEARANCE OF CLEVER POINT, Lao TZE STILL CAN SEND YOU FOR FREE AGAIN A BUBBLE BOY URINE, THANK Lao TZE WELL."

Nie Kong was a little surprised when he finished the scolding. He had cultivated his character in his previous life and could not scold him like this no matter how angry he was. Could it be that the previous guy had been repressed for so long that his personality was affected by his memory? It was, however, a very pleasant feeling, as if all the pent-up bitterness of the heart had burst forth with the sound.

"Heh heh! "Ha ha! "Hee hee!

The man's mouth gave out all kinds of strange laughter, and his teasing eyes slid back and forth between pockmarked face and Nie Kong, while the woman's eyes dropped slightly red on her cheeks, but the smile on her lips could not be concealed.

"Don't laugh! No one must laugh!"

Pockmarked's face turned blue and red, and his expression was brilliant. He puffed up his eyes and looked around, and cried out angrily. Unfortunately, he was obviously not popular in the medicine hall. After his roar, the spiritualists laughed even louder, and some of them gave Nie Kong a thumbs up.

Pockmark was even more embarrassed, but could not help them. Finally, he had to vent his anger to Nie Kong: "Little bastard, do you dare to scold me?" The pockmarks looked grim and twisted, and the twisted face suddenly looked like maggots hung with many non-stop movements.

Nie Kong laughed and said, "Who did the little bastard scold?"

Pockmarked face a collapse, blurted out: "Little bastard scold you!"

"Oh ho ho ho ho..."

There was another burst of laughter from the floor of the medicine Hall, and one of the fellows began to imitate the very peculiar laughter of Pockmarks.

"Not little motherfuckers scolding me, but old motherfuckers scolding me... Also WRONG, SEE YOUR AGE ESTIMATE ALSO 30 YEARS OLD, neither old, not small, don't WANT to call middle bastard. That's not a good name, Nie. Why don't you be a little older, or a little younger?" Nie Kong looked distressed.

"Good, GOOD, GOOD TEETH SHARP MOUTH OF THE LITTLE BRAT, Lao TZE LESSON LESSON YOU TODAY, LET YOU KNOW WHAT IS CALLED RESPECT ELDERS." Bickering but Nie Kong, pockmarked angry trembling all over, red in the purple face, triangle eyes flickering fierce light, burst out a cry toward Nie Kong.

Nie Kong had been prepared. As soon as his figure flashed, he hid behind the recent middle-aged woman.

Asako flapped empty, grinning to catch up with, just between the woman, and she is always intentionally or unintentionally block in front of asako, so three play the eagle to catch chicks, hens to protect chicks game. The eagle has always been difficult to succeed, straight anger jumped like thunder, howling: "small rabbit, you hide? Are you hiding again? Have the ability you have been hiding behind her not to come out, Lao Tze is consumed with you today.

"What for? What is the proper way to make noise in the medicine hall?" At this moment, in front of the door walked a handsome old man over fifty years old. He was dressed in sackcloth and barefoot. His hair was red as blood.

"Master Tianxin!"

The moment the old man came in, there was a sudden silence in the hall, and then all the spiritual healers, including Asako and the middle-aged woman, bowed down and cried respectfully.

Nie Kong came out from behind the middle-aged woman and said to himself, "Master Tianxin? Want to be Nie hired over the chief five spiritual pharmacist practice Tianxin." Tian Xin Lian had been in Nie's family for twenty years. Nie Kong had heard a lot of rumors about him, such as that he was all the year round in linen, barefoot, red as blood and so on. It is said that the word "Tian Xin" in his name was also derived from the medicine "Tian Xin son".

However, despite hearing so much about him, Nie Kong saw him for the first time. Nie Jia Lian medicine Hall has a total of two five products spirit pharmacist, one is to practice the heart of the day, another is the five elders Nebulae. The five elders were more mysterious. Nie Kong had never seen or heard of them much.

"Master Tianxin, you are just in time. The boy said he was here to offer prescriptions, but in fact he deliberately brought a fake one to make trouble in the medicine mixing hall. We must teach him a lesson." Pockmarked swish ran to practice Tianxin in front of the complaint, face a pair of righteous indignation, as if by the grievance of the day.

"Oh, fake prescription? Show it to the old man." Practice Tianxin looked at Nie Kong road, but not because of pockmarked one side of the case on the teacher.

"Ask the master to look at it."

Nie Kong unrolled the crumpled prescription and handed it over. In Tianling Mainland, only those who have more than five products of spiritual medicine can be called "master", such people are absolutely devoted to the study of medicine all their lives, for them, Nie Kong is very respectful.

Asako gave Nie Kong a look of satisfaction. They all knew that Lian Tianxin was the most rigid and serious person, and could not tolerate sand in his eyes. As long as he judged that the prescription was false, Nie Kong would be charged with making trouble in the Lian Hall, and when the time came, he would suffer.

Practice Tianxin read aloud in a low voice: "Tianxin son one or two, beard butterfly grass one or two, crystal jade lotus seed one or two, red magic flower two..." When he read the word "son of Heaven", he looked at Nie Kong with some surprise. When he read the last word "Red Magic flower", there was a slight reflection in his eyes.

"Master Tianxin, you can see how ridiculous his prescription is. The Tianxin seeds, butterfly weed and crystal jade seed in front are nothing, but he actually added the red magic flower with trace toxin to the three herbal medicines, and the amount is 22, and it is also said that what is suitable for children's muscle and bone strengthening soup, it is good not to damage the body..." Like flies, pockmarks are buzzing around Tianxin.

Practice Tianxin did not TAKE any notice of NIE Pockmarked, but narrowed his eyes, ten seconds later, his eyes suddenly opened, a smile on his heavy face: "Little guy, your 'healthy muscle strong bone soup' is very good, especially the last two 'red magic flower' added well, it can be said to be the finishing touch. The red magic flower contains a small amount of toxin. It can be combined with Tianxin seed, butterfly weed and crystal jade seed, which not only eliminate the toxin, but also maximize the medicinal power."


At that moment there was a low shout of depression in the medicine hall. Those SPIRITUAL medicine men looked at each other, from the eyes of the other side to see the surprise, although they are very disdainful of the NIE, but after hearing the formula has been in the bottom of my heart that it is false, did not expect that it can be so praised by the master of Heaven.

The more Pockmarked Nie listened, the more his heart sank, until at last he was dumbstruck, his pitted cheeks twitching, his mouth slightly open, and a small part of his tongue sticking out of his mouth, hanging feebly on his lower lip like a pinched duck. It was indescribably funny.


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