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Medicine Lord of the World

Chapter 15 Tough Girl

By 肖湾Published about a year ago 7 min read
 Medicine Lord of the World
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Another companion was killed, the valley mouth of those young furious, binge drink again and again, finally taking advantage of the moment of Bai Yuqing killing pause, will surround her in the center, all kinds of spiritual power surging out, interweave into a colorful net, from all directions she shrouded in the past.

However, Nie Kong even more vexed and speechless picture appeared.

Bai Yuqing Jiao body was like a thin paper, strangely folded and twisted, will hit the attack again and again to avoid the past, and then the right palm swallow, has been printed in a number of young chest, a layer of snow jILy-clear ice crystal quickly emerged from their body surface.

"Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!"

The five boys fell to the ground with a crash. Nie Kong seemed to hear the sound of their bodies breaking. This time, they did not even have time to scream, neck and all the body was reduced to pieces, leaving the head to roll a few times on the ground, then slowly melt into the void.

What a tough chick!

Nie Kong hounded to take a breath, although oneself is gather spirit 9 products, but with the following those young still have not small gap, if meet with Bai Yuqing, estimate oneself can be killed by her like chop melon cut vegetables lightly and easily. The gap between poly and channeling is too big!

Fortunately, in the world of life and death, strength is important, but so is luck. Nie Qingfeng said that there were several times that the spirit masters in the realm of gathering spirits survived to the last minute. As for those powerful guys, they were either killed by people in the early stage, or killed by furious spirit beasts in the later stage.

"Bai Yu Qing, calculate you cruel, go!"

At last, the remaining two young men gave a loud cry and, ignoring to avenge their companions, turned around and fled to the thick forest outside the valley.

"Go? Where are you going?"

Bai Yuqing sneered, "or go home to eat your own mother's milk!" The white shadow flitted from its spot and in a moment caught up with one of them.

"Bitch, you don't bully people too..."

Before the words were finished, Bai Yuqing's hands rose and fell, leaving the boy neck down. His head soared forward a few meters, then his hair hung on a branch of a tree, swaying from side to side, his eyes wide and his face still frightened.


When the last man saw the scene, his face turned white with fright. He fell to the ground in panic and was caught up by Bai Yuqing, who put his foot on his left back. The heart was stomped, and a mouthful of blood shot out of the boy's open mouth like a sharp arrow.

"Trying to rape me? Even you losers?"

Bai Yuqing sneered and went into the forest without looking back.

"My mother?

Faintly heard the sound of the wind, Nie Kong's eyes almost jumped out, a face of inconceivable, the giant R Bai Yuqing Tong Yan mouth spit out "old Niang" two words?

At this moment, Bai Yuqing that iceberg-like image shattered, and then re-condensed, aloof and proud, but also a little more human flavor.

"Oh dear..."

The little fellow, who had been so quiet, suddenly cried. Nie Kong did not pay any attention to it. He unconsciously grabbed a large number of dragon bud algae from his pet backpack, twisted a ball and threw it into his mouth and chewed it.

After half a month's consumption of the 120 jin of fragrant silk glaze root and dragon bud algae that I bought last time, only 20 jin remained, which should barely be enough to survive the seven days in the magic world of life and death. Of course, if you die early and go out, don't worry about it.

Small leaves shake, Xiang Xiang unpolitely absorb the dragon bud algae medicine clean, then more rapid call up, intonation also become cadence: "Ah... Ah... Oh my!... Ah......"

Feeling the little fellow's anxiety, Nie Kong felt a little surprised, and quickly calmed down and began to feel it. A moment later, Nie Kong's eyes showed a suspicious color. The reason why the little boy cried was not because he was hungry, but because... Doesn't it know?

Don't know your name?

Nie Kong picked up his master's shelf and cursed the little fellow a few words. Xiang Xiang small leaf a roll, aggrieved curled up, Nie Kong between tears and smiles, this little guy is too human. Ignoring it no more, Nie Kong carefully observed the movement around, turned to leave.

'Oh dear!

The little fellow began to bark eagerly again. Nie Kong was very headache, hurried back to the original place, the little guy was still screaming, but the voice showed some excitement.

Nie Kong walked forward a few steps, the little boy cried more loudly.

However, whenever Nie Kong tried to backtrack, he became impatient. After several attempts, Nie Kong could not laugh or cry. The little guy's moo is obvious, but it's a subconscious instinct that makes it hard for him to recognize the message.

Was there something in front of him that instinctively attracted him?

Nie Kong was very depressed by its call, put all the dragon bud algae into his mouth, to see if the herb could soothe it. Unfortunately, the little guy was able to eat, but the call did not stop the trend. If only there was something stronger to push it into a deep sleep and see if it still cries!

"The medicine?"

These two words jumped out of the brain, Nie Kong's heart immediately missed a half beat.

Yes, just how did not think, can attract the little guy only all kinds of medicine! Is there some kind of herb growing around here? When I was outside before, even when I was in the medicine Hall, Xiang Xiang never called. Maybe the herbs here are very precious?

Nie Kong was excited and kept trying to move forward, following the emotional changes in the little one's cries. Before long, Nie Kong came to the valley below.

The head of Gu Kou and pieces of ice crystals all disappeared, faint, and extremely weak voice came, one of the female voice seems to be leaving soon Bai Yuqing. Nie Kong looked back a few eyes, those voices across here at least several miles away, should be no harm.

The little guy's mood became more excited, Nie Kong accelerated his pace into the valley.

As for whether the distant Bai Yuqing was being rounded up and killed again, it is none of Nie Kong's business. If Bai Yuqing can kill everyone else, then he will be more welcome, after all, the fewer people around, means the valley is less likely to be invaded by accident.

About a quarter of an hour later, Nie Kong reached the end of the valley, but saw nothing like herbs. In the vicinity of the search again, or nothing found, Nie Kong felt confused, secret way: difficult not his speculation is wrong? Should not ah, Xiang Xiang's voice obviously some excited.

Nie Kong cleaned up his mood and continued to wander around. After a long time, Nie Kong stood in front of the cliff wall and patted his forehead without any words. It seemed that he was really cheated by the little guy Xiang Xiang. I guess he just wanted to say something like this, and his mood change had no meaning at all.


Xiang Xiang's voice suddenly turned into a sharp scream. Yaochi acupoint, the little guy's roots loose three orifice, in the dark green blood skipping, tender leaves and stems swing amplitude unprecedented, it can be seen that its excitement has reached the extreme.

A ray of hope rose in Nie Kong's heart again, so he overturned the conclusion just now, and his eyes scanned all the plants around him again and again.

Finally, Nie Kong was attracted by the pale green moss on the cliff.

There was something special about this moss. It had a large number of small flower buds. Nie Kong could not help but lift his hand and pressed it.


Nie Kong hesitated and increased his arm strength. A strange feeling of pushing on the pile of cotton surged up, Nie Kong could not stop his hands and stumbled forward...


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