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Medicine Lord of the World

Chapter 8 Let it be

By 肖湾Published about a year ago 7 min read
Medicine Lord of the World
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I do not know how long the groggy sleep, Nie Kong was agitated and mournful whimpering woke up. When Nie Kong tried to open his heavy eyelids, the light shone into his pupils and he found a golden light shining through the window. It was obvious that the sun had begun to set in the west.

Unexpectedly, he slept until the afternoon. Nie Kong smiled bitterly. He was really tired last night, but it was worth it to break through to Juling Jiupin successfully.

Nie Konggang moved, almost the whole person on his body on the eyebrow immediately noticed, almost could not believe his eyes, Zheng Zheng Zheng after a reaction, hurriedly straightened up, surprised to wipe tears, excited face flushed: "Uncle, you wake up."


Nie Kong answered gently, and sat up on the bed with his arms. He glanced at his body and saw that it was covered with congealed blood scabs, which made him look like a bloody person. It was really horrible. Eyes to the tearful eyes, pear with rain eyebrow, Nie Kong is very guilty, sorry to say: "Sister-in-law, let you worry."

Flower eyebrow some embarrassed, Qiao face slightly red, but again and again put the small hand, repeated voice way: "No, no, I know uncle last time can wake up, this time will be okay." Speaking, tears narrowed into a crescent moon, between the eyes filled with a cheerful smile.

Nie Kong dumb, can not help but open a small joke: "Since I know nothing, that sister-in-law you also cry eyes are swollen into a walnut?"

Spend more timid, eyebrow hangs a cicada's head had to say: "I... I just can't help it." Then he burst out laughing.

However, think of the scene before, flower eyebrow is still haunted now. I didn't see Nie Kong out of the room in the morning, but Hua Mei didn't pay much attention. In the morning, Nie Kong had not yet appeared, Hua Mei began to be a little confused, but having learned from the past, she worried that Nie Kong would be as naked as before, so she forbore not to go in to see the situation, only from time to time to gently knock on the door.

At noon, flower eyebrow could not sit still, forced into the bedroom, see Nie Kong all red, sprawled on the bed full of blood, the room is full of strong pungent blood smell.

At that moment, the flower eyebrow heart seems to be torn into two petals, only feel days collapsed down, all around the dark. Stumbled to the bed, found Nie Kong still breathing heart, flower in the eyebrows just a little relaxed, but tears are like a broken line of pearls, uncontrollably smacking down.

While crying and calling for a long time, Nie Kong still did not have any reaction, flower eyebrow that heart hung high up again, afraid that just a few days after the cure of the disease Nie Kong so sleepy down, can not wake up again. It was not until Nie opened her eyes that her heart fell back to reality.

At the moment, flower brows hair messy, face tear mottled, appear more and more delicate poor. Nie Kong chest is full of pity, could not help but stretch out his hand, the flower eyebrow that was the tears stick on the cheek of a strand of hair brushed to the ear, and then gently wipe away her tears.

Hua Mei did not expect Nie Kong to suddenly make such an intimate gesture, and was shocked. She could not make any reaction immediately, but just looked at Nie Kong with her eyes wide open.

It was not until Nie Kong's thumb slipped from the corner of his eye for several times that Hua Mei suddenly woke up, just like a little sheep under the claws of a tiger, ah, jumped up to avoid Nie Kong's fingers, timid and flustered, whining: "Uncle, I... I'll boil some water for your bath..."

Looking at the gentle and graceful figure, Nie Kong shook his head and smiled. Recalling her blushing and timid look just now, as if there was still a smooth and tender touch between his fingers, a certain string wire in his heart seemed to be gently touched a few times by the two small hands of Huamei. Such a girl was much better than the two girlfriends he had made before. If he could marry her, it would be a very good thing.

The body's former owner would never have had such a rebellious idea. Now, although Nie Kong still called Hua Mei "sister-in-law", he did not recognize the relationship between Hua Mei and Nie Qiu in his heart. At that time, Hua Mei was only married for joy, and Nie died before the wedding was even completed.

Moreover, although Nie Kong was influenced by body memory, he did not really put himself into it, and he did not have much identification with his current identity. In his eyes, the flower eyebrow is a woman who has not become a close then began to be widowed, he will give birth to such an idea to the flower eyebrow, again normal.

"Let nature take its course."

Finding that he could pass so many thoughts in the twinkling of an eye, Nie Kong couldn't help laughing. He immediately calmed down and adjusted the five stars and moved the formula to regulate the breath. After sleeping for such a long time, Nie Kong's body still had lingering sequelae, and he had to perform the "nine-turn golden needle technique" once or twice to completely eradicate it...



This is a big move, but the Thistle Sun of those small and medium-sized families in doubt. As for the spies dispatched to Thistlesun by the Imperial family, they reported the story like sharks smelling blood. So, IN THE FOLLOWING DAYS, IN THE CITY OF THISTLE Yang QUIETLY MORE THAN a lot of raw faces, more some and NIE Jia acquaintance of the family, under the pretext of all kinds of NIE home to visit, to try to find out what kind of character that guy is? Make Nie Jia and Ling Bao Ge fight unexpectedly, make a huge bravado.

As the root cause of these disturbances, Nie Kong did not have the consciousness of the initiator.

In the morning, he went to the drill ground and practiced with the help of red wood and a top. In the evening, he returned home from the drill ground. Time quickly passed in this boring two-point and one-line movement.

With two sacks of herbs, the little guy was as happy as a pig, eating and sleeping every day, sleeping and eating, but every night to perform a "medicine tripod magic body", with Nie Kong alchemy. By October 13, Nie Kong had 13 bottles of Vermicularia in his pet backpack.

Six of them were made from herbs obtained by Nie Kong in the first day of his reign. Another seven bottles of herbs, the eighth day to get. Now, Nie Kong can only temporarily collect the Hui Chun Lu.

After noticing that the city was becoming more and more bustling, Nie Kong did not even buy the appropriator or the Lingka. After all, no one knew whether anyone would find him based on these two things. In order not to reveal the existence of the "Violet magic fragrance", Nie Kong had to be as cautious as possible.

Now, what Nie Kong needs to do is to practice with all his strength, and summon the medicine pod out of his body as soon as possible. With the medicine pod transformed by the little boy, he can make a small medicine pod to carry around with him. In this way, he doesn't have to explain how to refine medicine in his stomach, even if he reveals his identity, it doesn't matter.

Until then, the Nie family will be on top.


Is a "flower burst" shot, large sparkling green Mang from the red marlet wood surface of the spirit grain through spread. After practicing in front of the red wood for a whole afternoon, Nie Kong seemed to be a drowned chicken that had just been fished out of the river. See the sunset, Nie Kong no longer stay, wiping the sweat on his forehead ready to go home. However, just outside the forest, Nie Kong was stopped by a familiar voice:

"Nie Kong, the nine elders want to see you!"

Behind him, Nie Qingfeng, a bearded man, grinned with pride...

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