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Medicine Lord of the World

Chapter 3 Tasks

By 肖湾Published about a year ago 9 min read
Medicine Lord of the World
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When Nie Kong returned home, Huamei was busy again, and the sound of carving knives across the wood blocks rang out in the courtyard. In addition to the semi-finished products in his hands, there are four wooden sculptures of human figures in front of his body, all of which are in early form, and Huamei seems to be deliberately saving the final steps for one.

Standing at the gate of the courtyard, Nie Kong watched silently for a while. Then he went in and said with a smile, "My sister-in-law, I bought something for you."


Buy me something? Flower eyebrow for a moment did not be able to react to come over, after stop to raise one's head leng leng ground to look at Nie Kong. Until he came to his front, Huamei suddenly woke up and wanted to get up and take the two cloth bags in Nie Kong's hand. Puzzled, he asked, "Uncle, what did you buy?"

"Don't get up yet."

"Nie Kong said as he put his hand into a cloth bag, and then pulled out a beautifully made, green jade hairpin and waved it in front of the flower's eyes." Do you like it?"

"Jade Chai?"

Hua Mei did not expect that Nie Kong bought her jade hairpin, a moment Qiao face dizzy red, keep shaking the small hand, refused to say, "Uncle, I have hairpin son."

Nie said with a dumb smile, "Your pin has been broken once. It should be thrown away and replaced with a new one. Here, let me plug it in for you."

Seeing Nie Kong's body leaning towards him, the eyebrows were more ashamed and disorderly: "No, no... Oh, Uncle, I'll do it myself, I..." Before she had finished speaking, Nie Kong had involuntarily removed the wooden hairpin from her hair and replaced it with a jade hairpin with a glistening and sparkling color.

Nie Kong took a few steps back and looked at the eyebrows of the flowers. He soon nodded his head with satisfaction and said, "It is very nice. I was worried that the jade hairpin was not suitable for you.

In his opposite, the flower eyebrow has been like a frightened fawn, hurriedly jumped up, dimple red fragrant, ashamed hands do not know where to put.

To the shy eyebrow, Nie Kong has long been used to, smile will be two cloth bags are stuffed in her arms. One bag was full of clothes, the other of bits and pieces such as wood combs.

With the memory in her brain and the understanding of these days, Nie Kong found that in the past three years, Huamei almost never bought anything for herself, the clothes were all prepared when she married in, the hairpin was broken and connected to continue to use, and the fine teeth of the comb were missing most of the time.

Since Nie Kong had gone out for a trip, he simply took advantage of the wandering in the center of the city to arrange the flower eyebrow, until he had spent all the gold coins in his pocket. This is still the jade of Tianling continent is not as expensive as on earth, otherwise those gold coins even the hairpin can not afford.

"Sister-in-law," Nie said softly, "now I no longer need to buy medicine to treat my illness. In the future, you can't treat yourself as badly as before."


Flower eyebrow stole a glance at see inside that bag there even in have, cheek purples, hot fire, a cicada's head is more vertical more low, the mandible almost touched his chest quite become warped the jade peak, the in the mind only a voice kept on the ring: "uncle, how can I buy this?"

"Sister-in-law, I first went to practice, lunch don't wait for me, I just ate outside."


The voice of the eyebrows is like a gnat, subconsciously respond to a, even when Nie Kong left did not notice.

I do not know how long it has taken, the flowers eyebrow mess mood to calm down, in turn opened the two bags to look, and raised his hand to touch the jade Chai on the head, the heart inexplicable some sweet, and some sour, imperceptibly in the eyes floated up two groups of hazy fog...

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

Drill ground southeast.

"Best wishes!

In front of the spinning top, Nie Kong mobilized every part of his body. His feet crossed back and forth, and his arms quickly reached out from time to time to point on the iron column in the center of the top, and then immediately reeled back. The rhythmic sound of the collision was scattered in the wind.

Since THE day before YESTERDAY saw the demonstration of red Damask Damask, these two days he has been training TO the top. Generally speaking, Nie Kong's progress was good, and only a dozen times would he be caught by an iron bar. Of course, this and Muhong Damask silk that kind of "the body is like a spring" realm or gap is very far.

You can't eat yourself fat. Nie Kong was quite satisfied with himself, at least in terms of speed and physical reaction, had almost a higher level than the day before yesterday.

"Best wishes! Best wishes! Best wishes......"


Half of Nie Kong's right palm was caught. Nie Kong beat his left palm to the top of the iron pillar, pulled out his right hand and shook it several times.

Nie Kong only stopped when he had practiced himself until he was covered in sweat.

"Ah... Ah..."

In Yaochi acupoint, Xiang Xiang called out feebly. Nie Kong slightly a frown, half a day passed, the little guy again a lot of malaise.

Yesterday, there was no medicine for Xiang Xiang to absorb, Nie Kong also expected that when the little guy was very hungry, he would be interested in the dark green blood in Yaochi acupoint. If it can absorb the dark green blood as when it recognizes the Lord, it can also help Nie Kong remove a hidden worry.

Unfortunately, the little guy didn't absorb any blood.

For this, Nie Kong was always puzzled. It was the dark green blood that the little boy absorbed that made him successful. Nie Kong could conclude that, in addition to the hidden strange power in the dark green blood, there must be something else that has a strong attraction to the violet magic fragrance. Otherwise, it would not have sneaked back to Yaochi Cave after Nie Kong had forcibly moved it to a Qiao cave the night before.

However, even through the spiritual connection between Nie Kong and Xiang Xiang, it is difficult to discern what that thing is.

"After more than half a day, Ling Bao Ge probably gave up the search and it was time to buy the herbs. If we wait any longer, something will really go wrong with the little guy."

Mind, Nie Kong strides out of the gyro area.

"Gather round here, idle little ones, for the task!" Suddenly, a loud roar spread throughout the drill field.

The speaker was a big, fat man of a mountain of flesh. He gave a little pause and cried out, "This time the task is very simple. It is to find a man in Thistlesun."

Task? Look for a person to?

Drill GROUND IN THOSE WHO OR REST TALK AND LAUGH OR loITER loitERING YOUNG MEN AND GIRLS, one by one eyes shine, THESE guys are carrying out boring training every day, early want to find something to adjust. On hearing this simple and not dangerous task, immediately excited.

For someone!

Hearing these two words, Nie Kong, who was preparing to leave, moved quickly to the strong man in the center of the drill field. By the time he arrived, hundreds of people had gathered around the strong man, most of them under the age of twenty, and even some children of eight or nine years old.

The strong man smiled and held up a portrait, saying: "You are looking for this guy, more than 20 years old, medium height, sallow and thin, speaking voice hoarse, local accent of Jiyang..."

This search mission, it's me? ! Fuck the balls! Is there any more Ling Bao Ge?! Hear FAT Han's description, NIE dark scold 1, but some in the heart, did not expect this to find to find, finally unexpectedly Nie home also implicated.

At this moment, a chaotic voice swarmed out: "Uncle Bronze, what is this man doing? Is he also a psychic? How about fixing it?"

"Yes, yes, is there any reward for finding him?"


"Be quiet! Be quiet!"

Nie Bronze drink, face fat quill, "find no reward, do not find will not punish you. Remember, when you spot him, don't do anything. Send the message right back. By the way, I am reliably informed that this man has a ringcard with sixteen thousand gold coins in it, so keep an eye out for shops in Thistle Sun where you can exchange gold coins or pay with a ringcard."

"All memorized?"

"Remember that!

"All right, let's go!

Nie Qing waved his right palm like a copper leaf fan, and hundreds of people rushed to the drill field Shouting. Seeing this chaotic scene, Nie Bronze shook his head and smiled, and quickly followed. As soon as they left, the drill ground became empty, surrounded only by a few training maniacs unmoved.

Nie Kong stood in the same place, numb with grief, and cursed the "Lingbao Ge" several times from the 18 generations of ancestors: pay attention to the shops where you can exchange gold coins and pay with Lingbao card. If I go to buy medicine, it is not like I will go to the door myself. Ling Bao Ge, you he, mother of true enough sinister! Fortunately Lao Tze is Nie family, otherwise this time I am afraid to stumble.

The Ring-card was now immobile, so we had to find time to buy an appropriator and a new Ring-card to transfer the gold coins for further use. But these two things add up to more than a hundred gold pieces, and it is difficult to get hold of them for the time being... It's a hassle. How can you give the little guy medicine if you can't buy it? Nie Kong tightened his brow and paced his steps back and forth. After a long time, Nie Kong's eyes suddenly lit up. Today is the first day of October. How can you forget such an important day?

PS: The third watch. About Hua Mei, a little explanation, this is a very important role, her future will not be a drag vase, er, in the first volume, has been buried several foamy, estimated that some careful friends have noticed ^^...


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