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Medicine Lord of the World

Chapter 13 The Crisis

By 肖湾Published about a year ago 6 min read
Medicine Lord of the World
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The sharp sound of the sky burst into his ears, and a faint light was caught by the corner of Nie Kong's eye. His body turned aside quickly, and a sharp wooden thorn rushed toward his right arm, opening a long slit in his clothes, and the owner of the thorn also came into sight.

"The original is to fix bamboo nephew, the last uncle just poly Ling seven products can be a finger to poke you down, now uncle is poly Ling nine products, you want to find abuse?"

Smiling on the surface, Nie Kong's heart has been elevated to the top of the alert. In this world of life and death, there is no telling when a spiritual master will pop up to carry out a surprise attack. If he hadn't been practicing with a gyroscope lately, his reflexes and coordination had improved greatly, Nie's blow might have made a transparent hole in his right chest.

"Nie Kong, shut up! There are no uncles or nephews here, only enemies!"

Nie Xiuzhu was stabbed in the sore spot, immediately face livid, sternly shouted. The last defeat in the shameful way, NieXiu bamboo as ever the biggest disgrace, now listen to NieKong filed, the in the mind is like a snake bite, the time is cheek distortion, crazy shout loudly: "NieKong, let you take advantage of enough last time, but this time, you will never have such a good luck, give me enjoy......"

"Flower burst!

Before the words were finished, Nie Kong drank heavily and suddenly became angry. He shot at Nie Xiuzhu and pecked at his throat with five fingers of his left hand.

"Shame on you!

Nie Xiuzhu suddenly disappeared from Nie Kong's body, and the angry and contemptuous scold came from behind, "It is really naive to think that such a little trick can sneak attack success, forget my little master I am spirit...... Ow......" A shrill scream replaced the words behind, rushed out of the throat.

At this moment, Nie seemed to hear the sound of his sternum breaking and collapsing. His body flew out of control, slammed into a tree behind him, and then fell to the ground against the thick trunk. The clothes on his left chest were stained red by the oozing blood in the twinkling of an eye.

Nie Kong had already turned around and smiled to take back his right hand suspended in the air, twisted his fingers and said sympaetically: "Xiu Zhu nephew, I'm really sorry, uncle shouted in front of the 'flower burst' is actually cheating you, the real 'flower burst' is here!"

Nestlings like Nie Xiuzhu often fought with others in the family, but they never experienced real life and death combat. Such people, in the event of a sudden attack, will in most cases choose the most familiar form of avoidance. After being attacked by Nie Xiuzhu for such a long time last time, Nie Kong had already understood 70 or 80 percent of his action track. Now he tried, and as expected, he succeeded.

"You, you..."

Nie Xiuzhu struggled to climb up from under the tree, blood gurgling more and more on his left chest. His handsome features were distorted by anger and pain. He never thought that he would be hit hard in such a way when he fought Nie Kong again. His eyes were full of reluctance and anger.

Nie Kong had some pity in his heart, but it soon faded away. In the illusion of life and death, one must kill or be killed. What's more, the death was not really here, just to help him from this hunt game early out, moreover, NieKong to NieXiu bamboo is the kind of eyes have no language, since it is less competent people, lead to failure, it should accept the reality, and then work hard, strive for to win back next time, kept on top of anger, resentment, with a ball?

"My dear nephew, Uncle will give you a ride. If you hurry, maybe you can make it home for lunch." While speaking, Nie Kongsan jumped to Nie Xiuzhu in front of him in two steps and pecked at his bleeding left chest with his right hand like a snake. Before hitting the target, Nie Kong's eyes narrowed slightly, his right arm shrank back, and his figure looked back at a faster speed.


Hot breath from the back of Nie Xiuzhu surging, immediately, he will be completely submerged. Immediately after, a roar of shock ring, Nie Xiuzhu from the neck of the following parts have been blown into countless fragments, the head like the ball flying spin, fall in ten meters outside, two eyes open a round round, the eyes in the remaining unbelievable look, it seems that he will die so tragic.

A burly figure in Nie Xiuzhu body burst exposed, hey hey smile: "Nie Kong brother, I'm really sorry, brother I was a step ahead." The man had a charcoal face and was tall and strong, with his sleeves rolled up and his skirts open, revealing a great deal of black body hair.

Eyes quickly swept Nie Xiuzhu's head, then looked at the strapping boy, Nie Kong frowned and said: "If I remember correctly, you should be called Nie Storm."

Nie Kong had already guessed that Nie Xiuzhu's screaming would attract the attention of others, so he planned to solve it and leave quickly, but it was still a step too late. While still in the Hall of the Dead and the Dead, this man had been looking at him fiercely, obviously without any good intentions.

"Yes, brother, I am Nie Storm. It IS NOT HIGH ENOUGH TO SOLVE YOU, BUT IT IS YOUR misfortune TO meet ME. Come here obediently and let my brother STUn. Perhaps you can suffer less pain."

Nie's big grin reveals two rows of white teeth, which look unusually ferocious against the blood stains on his arms and face.

At this time, the pieces of Nie Xiuzhu's body have been gradually shrinking, and finally completely disappeared into the air, only sputtering blood to prove that he had existed.

In this regard, Nie Kong has no attention. His brain turns quickly rise, this Nie storm is to be channeling 3 taste, although calculate not ace, but compare oneself to come however is strong too much, deal with bad, the journey of the illusion bound of this trip is still over next, even small life is likely to lose.

Suddenly, Nie Kong's eyes flashed an imperceptible gleam of joy, sneer: "No wonder you are so strong, the original top of your head is a pig. Only know to eat, don't know to think, you never think before speaking? How can you say something so idiotic? To call you a pig is to defile a pig."

Nie storm glare big eyes, jing nu hand in, jump like thunder ground shout loudly: "What? Are you calling me names? How dare you scold me? You......"


Nie Kong suddenly play the speed to the extreme, a flash of white shadow, then across a few meters of space, the right hand like rush thunder to Nie storm. Nie Storm did not expect the gathering of nine products of Nie Kong will be the first to start, only slightly shocked, face will be covered with a ferocious smile, bowl big fist like a huge hammer fierce hit Nie Kong's shoulder.

It is the lower grade of fire spirit art "fierce flame blazing heart fist". Channeling three products of Nie storm display, its power to go far beyond the day of seven products of Nie Xiuge. His fist was as red as a soldering iron, like a mass of burning fireworks, and the hot breath filled the void for several meters around.


A fierce shock burst out, NIE storm in the mouth stuffy hum, footsteps forward staggered, the right arm involuntarily to the side turned a turn, "fierce flame blazing heart fist" unexpectedly fell empty. Behind him, but more than a black strong boy, angry with two eyes, hit the back of the Nie storm at the right fist has not recovered, the left fist has long been full of fire spirit force then blast out, its potential fierce......


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