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Medicine Lord of the World

Chapter 4 Three Medicine Hall

By 肖湾Published about a year ago 6 min read
Medicine Lord of the World
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Silver shadow.

Mo Xingtu to the door, watched his back slowly disappeared from the line of sight, nine elders turned an eye to see Nie Qingsong, ponder way: "Qingpine, Ling treasure Pavilion this time to the fanning out to ask us to search in the city of thielle Yang, even at the cost of sending ten four product magic medicine, that person must be very important to Ling treasure Pavilion."

Nie Qingsong gently stroked black beard and smiled: "Lingbao Pavilion is based on magic medicine. I think that person must be related to the word 'medicine'."

The nine elders nodded slightly and said, "Most of them are teenagers at the drill ground. If you let Bronze lead them to search for people, it will soon become a public event. That's a good idea. I suppose you've got extra staff?"

Nie Qingsong said with a dumb smile, "As expected, nothing can be hidden from Uncle Nine. When I told Bronze, I already implied that he would tell Qingpeng about it. Qingpeng knew what to do. If there is such a man in Thistlesun, he will never be able to hide it from Nie's spies, if he sets out."

"Well, after finding a person can let green Peng first interrogate some and then give Ling Bao Ge."

After a little meal, the nine elders were very interested in the way, "By the way, Qingsong, you have heard about the little guy Nie Kong. Now he is very famous."

Nie Qingsong laughed and said, "Uncle Nine, you know it, how can I not know it? It's funny how that little guy can get up to the next level while playing with people. They say he's made up a pretty good lowwood magic, too. If that's true, he's got a lot of potential."

"So you have no objection at all to the popular proposal?"

"Of course. For such a child with great potential, we can't miss it, let him enter the fantasy world to experience life and death."


At the moment, Nie Kong from Nie home office to receive the 50 gold coin maintenance in October, came to the medicine hall, guard at the door or Nie Qingfeng and Nie Qinghong two people.

Perhaps because of the arrival of the new month, the medicine hall became a lot of lively, one after another people went in, muddy not like a few days ago as empty.

"I met two uncles."

Seeing Nie Kong, Nie Qinghong's eyes flashed a different color.

Nie Qingfeng obviously stood a little bored. When he saw Nie Kong, he immediately laughed and said, "You are a diligent boy. You recently made a big noise, the day before the beating can also be upgraded to poly Ling eight products. Now it's been two more days. Don't tell me you've got it all together."

Nie Kong shrugged and said, "It's not Juling Jiupin yet, but it should be in the evening. It's a little slower this time." Now Nie Kong has touched the invisible barrier, as long as the last remaining foot Shaoyang gallbladder meridian, foot Jue Yin liver meridian, these two meridians, can break through.


Nie smiled stiffly, his mouth wide enough to fit two duck eggs. Even for NieKong speed has numbness, can listen to him with a pair of casual tone to speak, NieQingFeng or face surprise, for a long time to use more ugly than cry smile, "you this boy is a real monster, less than ten days from spirit yipin ascend to gathering spirit do, too hit people."

Nie Qinghong didn't say anything, but the heart was mad with jealousy: it's so damn right, Lao Tzu was working hard for months, even half a year to promote a product to improve, but you this little bastard, from the beginning of two products a day, to one product a day, now just to two days, you this little bastard too slow? Hey, if change do Lao Tze, don't say is two days a product, even if 20 days a product, Lao tze also content!

Nie Kong said with a smile, "Uncle Qingfeng, you have to look at it this way. I have been practicing since I was eight years old, and it has been a whole ten years since I went from the first product to the ninth product. Although this speed cannot be said to be too slow, it definitely belongs to the bottom part of Nie family."

Nie Qingfeng hey hey smile, strange voice way: "You boy so say, uncle my psychological balance a lot. Well, come on in."

After watching Nie Kong enter the magic medicine hall, Nie Qingfeng couldn't help laughing, "another half month, the magic world will open, this boy must occupy a place. I'll go to the Nine Elders tonight and see if I can win over the task. I'm done standing at the gate of the medicine Hall."

"Well, well."

Nie Qinghong first rolled his eyes, weakly humming a few times as an answer, when he heard the back, his eyes suddenly bright, "I go with you."


Unreal world? What fantasy world?

Vaguely hearing Nie Qingfeng's voice, Nie Kong leng leng, just about to search in memory, was interrupted by the sound emanating from the shadow of the door.

Nie Kong was busy to solve the family card down. It was not the bald old man of last time, but a strange woman in her twenties, with a pretty, if slightly cold face. After registration, Nie Kong did not delay, followed the memory of the last time, quickly get the medicine.

Glass silk root three two, dragon bud algae four two, Lingmeng grass one twenty-eight money, white star powder one twenty-two money...... There is enough water in the ice dish of Nie Kunna gourd. After removing the amount of water used to make six bottles of "Hui Chun Lu", the excess glass root and dragon bud algae are just enough to feed Xiang Xiang.

A few minutes later, as soon as Nie Kong came out of the room, he couldn't wait to open the medicine bag, twist a handful of glass root and dragon bud algae into his mouth.

"Oh dear..."

Smell the fragrance of the herb, shriveled the little guy suddenly excited, small leaves vigorously shaking. When Nie Kong extracted the medicine to Yaochi acupoint, the little boy immediately looked like a reincarnated ghost starving for thousands of years. The three small roots trembled violently and quickly absorbed the medicine.

However, the six Qian Xiang silk glaze root and one or two dragon bud algae are completely a drop in the ocean to Xiang Xiang, and can only slightly alleviate its hunger. But this little fellow is the opposite of the spiritual master, it prefers natural herbs, if changed to be a finished elixir, I'm afraid to need more medicine to satisfy its appetite. Otherwise, Nie Kong could not have absorbed the medicine he had accumulated for ten years in a few days.

"Ah... Ah... , oh... Ah......"

The spirit of a little boy in the Yaochi cave rolled in jiao, want to continue to absorb the medicine, Nie Kong can not laugh or cry, secretly sigh that he is not a small pet, but a small ancestor. In spite of this feeling, Nie Kong still had to find a way to get herbs for it.

Finding an empty place, Nie Kong quietly put the medicine bag into his pet backpack and ran toward the medicine refining hall, which was only a few hundred meters away from the medicine Hall.

Now, Nie Kong had no choice but to use the formula of "healthy muscle and strong bone soup".


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