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Medicine Lord of the World

Chapter 11 The Nine Elders

By 肖湾Published about a year ago 7 min read
Medicine Lord of the World
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"Look, here come the chiefs and elders..."

"The seven elders, the nine elders... And the Eight Elders..."

"In previous times, only the PATRIarch and the NINE elders appeared in the first layer of the fantasy world, but this time there are two more elders. It seems that they attach great importance to this time!"


Soon after, the buzz in the crowd increased sharply.

Nie Kong could not help looking around. Then he saw more than ten figures on the bluestone road he had just come over. Leading the way was an old man of about fifty with a national face, dressed in purple, and a long beard that flowed beneath his chin and smelled like the bones of a fabled wind.

This person Nie Kong had seen from a distance several times, is now Nie family long Nie Qingsong.

Nie Kong looked over Nie Qingsong and glanced behind him. Nie Qingsong was followed by three old men, among whom the one on the far left had a baby face and was Nie Xingdong, the nine elder. The old man on the right was stocky and rolled like a ball of meat on the ground. The man in the middle had white hair and a ruddy face, but a long horse's face. They are the seven elder Nie Xinghai and the next eight elder Nie Longshan.

In all, Nie Kong lived in Nie's family for 18 years, but the only elders he saw were Nie Xinghai, Nie Longshan and Nie Xingdong.

Nie nine elders, nine elders Nie Xingdong is responsible for assisting the patriarch to deal with family affairs, the most frequent appearance; The seven elders, Nie Xinghai, was also very active in managing the family-run shops. The eight elder Nie Longshan regularly instructs the people to practice. Of COURSE, THOSE WHO ARE QUALIFIED to obtain his guidance are basically the spirit division above the realm of Rong spirit, as for the cultivation of those young people, there is enough to change the spirit division.

The other six elders, the six elder Nie Xingqiu is a woman, the five elder Nie Xingyun manages the medicine hall, the four elder and the three elder are always out of the house, and the two elder are devoted to studying the spirit tattoos. They are all figures who see the head of the dragon but not the tail, Nie Kong has never seen, of course, his predecessor never paid attention to these.

In Nie's family, the most mysterious is the elder. "Chang Chang Chang Chang star, green wind Xiuling", in this eight-character seniority table, the elder is the side of the word generation of the people, real name seems to be called Nie God, decades have not been exposed to the surface, has been hidden in a corner of the city of Thistle closed, the outside legend that he has reached the realm of the spirit. Whether this rumor is true or not is beyond the reach of a small shrimp like Nie Kong.

Let Nie Kong admire is, Nie God Gong unexpectedly can become the elder of Nie family by the identity of the next system for 70, 80 years! He had secretly estimated, Nie God now at least one hundred and fifty years old. This age is very inconceivable in Nie Kong's previous life, but it is very common in Tianling mainland. There are many old men over 100 years old, just like the two elders and the three elders of the Changzi generation, who are all outside the 100 years old.

"The chief of the family and the three elders."

At the time of Nie Kong's imagination, Nie Qingsong and others have walked in front of the public. Hundreds of young men and girls bowed at the same time, standing upright, Nie Kong seemed a little out of place. Fortunately, he reacted quickly enough and quickly bent his waist slightly.

Nie Qingsong waved his hand and made a silent gesture. Suddenly, there was a silence outside the Hall of Life and Death. All the noise disappeared at the moment he waved his hand. The eyes of the teenagers, even the clansmen of the vassal families, looked at Nie Qingsong eagerly.

Nie Kong was secretly shocked. Nie Qingsong looked like those Confucian scholars in the past life. He had neither a strong body nor a lofty dignity.

Nie Kong can even assert that, as long as Nie Qingsong's word, the vast majority of the people here would not hesitate to die for the family.


At this time, nine elder Nie Xingdong steps forward, both hands suddenly bang on the tall temple door. Two groups of strong yellow brown spirit burst spread out, all of a sudden, the void as if violently ripples ripples, the temple of life and death in all directions of the heaven and earth spirit elements began to billow surging. Tens of thousands of eyes watched the tightly closed doors, slowly opening a small gap.

The crack in the door widened as the fierce friction shook their eardrums. Hundreds of young people at the gate of the temple, and hundreds of thousands of people outside the hundreds of meters could not help but stand on tiptoe, craning their necks to look inside the temple of life and death, but what can be printed into the eye is a large flash of white light.

Nie Xingdong beard and hair are Zhang, a doll face stretched red, mouth suddenly drink, the power of both hands is more and more rich, at the same time, there is a strong breath from his body. For a moment, Nie Kong had the feeling that he was going to suffocate the past, and the speed of the door moving to both sides was accelerating.

The gap in the door only expanded about a meter, Nie Xingdong's sleeves turned over and his hands pulled back. The repressed breath finally dissipated, Nie Kong long exhaled, he faintly saw Nie Xingdong stop, he was slightly panting a few times, but soon has been adjusted.

I had no idea that Nie Xingdong, who was a master of SPIRIT BENDING, would struggle to open the door so little, and judging from his appearance, he seemed to exert all his strength. Nie Kong looked up at the two doors, which were 15 meters high, 10 meters wide and 1.5 meters thick. He was amazed.

Nie Qingsong, three elders and more than ten other members of the Nie family entered the hall of Life and Death in turn, leaving only the last two at the gate to organize the youth into the hall. Those two people Nie Kong is very familiar with, it is the original guard Nie Qingfeng and Nie Qinghong. They HAD been PUNISHED to watch the door because of their mistakes, and it took several times for them to find the nine elders to get the task of entering the "magic world of life and death". Finally, they escaped from the sea of suffering.

The boys entered the hall one by one. When they crossed the threshold, Nie Kong looked at the looming dragon scales on the door, and suddenly realized that the material of the door was the hardest and heaviest dragon stone in the land of Heaven and Spirit. It was also because Nie family could find such two large pieces.

Inside the temple, dozens of round stone columns high Zhi, column surface carved with a variety of delicate spirit grain. In the center of the palace, there is an area of dozens of square conical things, like stone, like jade is not jade, but crystal clear and transparent, the surface also depicts the dense lines, hundreds of millions of white mang from the lines through the scattered, the length and width of the nearly 100 meters of the palace reflected transparent, such as the day outside the hall.

All fantasy worlds have a carrier, and that stone is the carrier of the fantasy worlds of life and death. Stepping into the mysterious forbidden ground of Nie home for the first time, Nie Kong is like Grandma Liu into the grand view garden, eyes drip left and right, in this tall hall, he has a very small feeling.

Around the world of illusion, a large number of futons made of white jade were placed in a circular pattern. Each futon was topped with a small colorful stone, bright in color, smooth and round in surface, only the size of a fist. They were the key items for the spiritual master to enter the world of illusion -- the Futon!

Nie Qingfeng walked to the edge of the magic circle and shouted, "Register, take a seat --" the loud echo made everyone's ears ring. However, seven elders Nie Xinghai and eight elders Nie Longshan did not know when to appear at the gate of the temple, running their spiritual power at the same time. After a few creaks, the two doors closed and closed...


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