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Medicine Lord of the World

Chapter 16 The fragrance of medicine

By 肖湾Published about a year ago 7 min read
Medicine Lord of the World
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Not good! Nie Kong's right hand quickly changed to grasp, holding his body, but the cliff wall was pressed inward by the weight of Nie Kong's body, and the thing held by his palm also revealed its true face, which was actually a vine the size of a thumb.

At this moment, Nie Kong suddenly found that the part of the cliff in front of him was not made up of rocks, but a dense field of vines. They were covered from top to bottom with the same strange moss as the rest of them, and would not have been noticed the day before had it not been for that pressing.

Nie Kong's heart moved, thinking of the right side not far away that concave into the cliff a few meters of crack, busy a few steps to the past. Carefully squeezed into the cracks, as expected, also have that kind of spongy soft touch. As Nie Kong continued to squeeze in, the soft touch became stronger and stronger.

Suddenly the fissure that had closed before opened to both sides.

A piece of white light was transmitted from the inside, and Nie Kong was slightly shocked in his heart. He could not help running the "Five Stars Shifting formula" and began to mobilize his spiritual power, tighten his body, and slowly move forward. In the event of a dangerous situation, he can exit the crevasse as quickly as possible.

However, Nie Kong imagined the danger never came.

As he walked cautiously through the few meters of crevasse, it suddenly became clear that behind the vines was a natural rock cave.

The cave was elliptical, with a diameter of about thirty meters. The ground was full of pits and depressions. The walls and roof of the cave were irregularly distributed with a large number of round white stones, which kept flashing, and the light shone through the whole cave as if it were daylight.

'Oh dear!

The little fellow cheered happily.

Suddenly, Nie Kong smelled a faint fragrance. His nose gave two breaths subconsciously, and the fragrance seemed to have disappeared.

It was not easy for Nie Kong to find the cave, but he would not give up easily. He moved and sniffed the air around him like a hound. A moment later, Nie Kong successfully caught the silk fragrance, his heart was greatly excited, it seems that there are herbs in it.

A few minutes later, Nie Kong sniffed all the way to the inside of the cave.

There are many strange stones in this place. As soon as Nie Kong stepped into it, he found that the faint fragrance became strong.

"It seems the herbs are not far behind." Nie Kong some greedily took a deep breath, the fragrance is fresh into his heart, let him feel all warm.

'Oh dear!

Yaochi point, the little guy floated in the dark green blood, groaning comfortably. Nie Kong felt stunned, only a little induction to find that part of the aroma inhaled inside the body was directly absorbed by the violet magic fragrance, the other part is with the meridians in the wood spirit of harmony.

Nie Kong knew that the medicine fragrance contained a trace of medicinal power, but it was the first time that Nie Kong discovered the element of wood spirit in the medicine fragrance. And, look at the appearance of Xiangxiang, the medicine in this fragrance is afraid not trace so simple, it seems that this time really picked up the treasure!

Walking quickly around the rocks in front of him, the smell became stronger and stronger, and the smile on Nie Kong's face became stronger and stronger.


Nie Kong bumped his head against the cave wall. He was dizzy with pain and his eyes were filled with stars.

Hissing and showing his teeth, Nie Kong shook his head vigorously several times, then his head became clear. Regardless of whether his forehead was hurt or not, Nie Kong stared at the wall with straight eyes. It was a stone arch of a door, crystal clear and transparent, white as jade, and vaguely reflected Nie Kong's figure.

The smell seems to be coming from the inside of this stone!

Looking at the white jade stone that was one of the walls of the cave, Nie Kong sniffed around in disbelief. Then he put his nose slightly closer to the stone: Yes! The source of the fragrance is this white jade! Nie Kong Yun Jin knocked twice, the white jade behind the void does not seem to exist.

Is this the rock you've been looking for? Nie Kong was so depressed that his whole face turned black. The white jade looked like a small arch, but in fact there was no gap between it and the surrounding cave wall. It was impossible to dig it out.

Nie Kong could not help but mobilize the spirit of the body, a "flower burst" pecked the past.

A flash of green color is gone, surging spiritual power in the fingertip and the stone surface of the crash. The white jade was still smooth and clean on the surface, leaving no blemishes. However, Nie Kong was forced to retreat again and again by the strength of his own rebound.

"Damn it!

Nie Air had to say something nasty.

'Oh dear!

The little boy jumped up in the Yaochi cave, the voice is a kind of naked desire for the incense. Nie Kong's mind suddenly flashed a light, since the incense can be directly absorbed by the incense, also contains the element of wood spirit, it is better to practice here for a period of time to see.

It's best to soak up the scent!

Nie Kong immediately sat down with his back against the jade plate. The warmth spread from his back to his whole body, which made his mood calm down quickly.

After a moment, the five stars moved quietly.

The void in the cave seemed to ripple out, and the aroma suddenly flowed to Nie Kong along with the spiritual power of heaven and earth. It poured into his body from the palms, feet and head. Now the channels of Nie Kong are unblocked, almost in an instant, the first wisp of incense will reach the spirit and God three orifices.

The little fellow root must be attached to the orifice, like a gluttonous child kept absorbing the medicine contained in the fragrance. However, his speed is obviously not as fast as the practice of Nie Kong, most of the incense was transformed into spiritual power. Soon, the hole was drained of the incense.

Sizzling sizzling...

In the slightest sound, the smooth and warm white jade seemed to show a small hole, more medicine from the inside of the crazy gushing. With the passage of time, Nie Kong's body was completely wrapped up in the condensed mist of medicine.

At this time, the substance absorbed by Nie Kong's "Five Stars Shifting Formula" is no longer the spirit of heaven and earth containing a small amount of medicine fragrance, but completely pure medicine fragrance.

The medicine penetrated into Nie Kong's body at a speed accessible to the naked eye, and the efficiency of his practice reached an extremely amazing level. The meridians and spiritual powers in his body were filled, and the three orifices-Spirit and spirit were shaking with rare frequency. Yaochi acupoint, green through the purple seedling has become a complete purple.

It's like drinking. A good drinker, if the drink is a few degrees of beer, drinking ten bottles in a row will not necessarily be drunk. But if you replace beer with liquor, which is more than 60 or even 70 alcohol proof, you may get drunk in a few small glasses.

For a long time, Xiang xiang root from the acupoint, stop absorbing medicine, "ah ah ah" to moan the stem leaf curled into a round ball, then fell into a deep sleep.

Without the little fellow to share, Nie Kong alone absorbed all the medicine from the white jade and stone, the speed of cultivation accelerated again, the boundless spiritual power is like a clever little mouse, tireless in the twelve prudes and eight veins drill drill.

A mysterious feeling rose from the bottom of his heart, Nie Kong felt as if he was fused with the medicinal fragrance that was entering or was about to enter his body. At this moment, the lively and cheerful mood of the elements of wood spirit force in the medicinal herb clearly passed to his heart.

Communicate psychic elements! Is this what it feels like to be psychic? Faint, Nie Kong seems to see the invisible barrier in the spirit of God three orifice, it is like a high threshold, will gather spirit and spirit isolated into two distinct worlds, blocking the way forward Nie Kong......


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