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Medicine Lord of the World

Chapter 2 Ten Percent degree of integration

By 肖湾Published about a year ago 7 min read
Medicine Lord of the World
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In a quiet alley not far from Lingbao Pavilion, the man in black stopped his footsteps and a white dress appeared out of thin air. As he looked around, he took off his black coat and put on his white one as quickly as he could. Two more long, thin gold needles appeared in his hands and stuck them in his cheeks as quickly as he could.

He rubbed his fingers gently, and in an instant his wizened, skeletonless face became rich with the speed of the eye.

The man was Nie Kong.


Taking out the gold needle and putting it into the pet backpack together with the black coat, Nie Kong looked at himself up and down. Seeing that there was nothing wrong, he breathed a sigh of relief.

Originally, Nie Kong planned to sell the "Hui Chun Lu" a few days later. Can accumulate in the body of medicine in the night before yesterday was absorbed by Xiangxiang, yesterday only hungry for a day, the little guy began to droop leaves, stems bent, weak roots, the color is a lot of dark.

This morning, Nie Kong saw the little creature half dead. He was worried that it would starve to death, so he had to advance his plan to sell the magic medicine.

Before leaving for Lingbao Pavilion, Nie bought a long wig, added some medicine to paint his exposed skin sallow, and bought a white shirt to keep in his pet backpack. When Nie Kong arrived near Lingbao Pavilion, he used a gold needle to stimulate the small meridians on his face, causing the muscles of both cheeks to contract.

Of course, this contraction only lasts for half an hour at most. Too long, it is easy to cause real muscle atrophy, difficult to restore the original state.

Only by reinventing himself did Nie Kong enter Lingbao Pavilion. The process of selling drugs is very simple, very smooth. After leaving Lingbao Pavilion, Nie Kong set about restoring his appearance. First he took off his wig and wiped off the juice from his skin. Then he changed his clothes and unstrained his muscles with a gold needle.

Nie Kong smiled bitterly at the thought of making himself look like a thief by selling a bottle of spring dew for the next time.

However, even if it is worth the trouble, the existence of "purple Luo illusion Lingxiang" can be said to be his biggest secret, in any case, it is impossible to leak out, and so on when the medicine tripod will be called to the outside of the body, there is no need to be so secretive, veiled.

The only thing that makes Nie Kong quite unexpected is, he unexpectedly encountered the Muhong Damask that the genius knows before in Lingbao Ge, see her appearance, seem to be very familiar with the person of Lingbao Ge.

"Lingbao Pavilion is the property of the Muhong Daming family in Los Angeles. Muhong Daming is also surnamed Mu, and her mother is Nie family... For hundreds of years, BETWEEN THE NIE OF Ji Yang and the MU family of Los Angeles, mutual marriage has become commonplace, it seems that the little girl Muhong Damask should be the MU family of Los Angeles."

Nie Kong thought, rubbing a little sore cheek, swaggered out of the small lane. The road outside was now very deserted, except for a couple of pedestrians.


Suddenly, there was a sound in the sky, and a blue shadow rushed past like lightning. Nie Kong was startled and stared. The blue shadow had disappeared from the corner in front of him.

In a hurry to be reincarnated!

Nie Kong grumbled in his heart, walked forward for two steps, only to find that the color of the figure into the eyes, Shua stopped in front of him.

He was a middle-aged man in a blue coat, thin, with a short, thick black beard and a worried look in his eyes.

"Did you see a guy in black go by, little brother?"

The middle-aged man waved his hands and gestured eagerly. "The man's cheeks were sallow and thin, he was in his twenties, tall... About your height."

Isn't that what I'm talking about?

When Nie Kong saw the small jade vase exposed from the right palm of the middle-aged man, he knew that the man was chasing out of Lingbao Pavilion. He was surprised, but on the surface, he was calm and thought, "Let me think, black clothes...... In his twenties... Pale and thin... Oh, now that I remember, there is such a man, and he seems to have gone that way." Nie Kong pointed to the tunnel where he changed clothes.

"Thank you, thank you."

The middle-aged man bowed his hands with great joy and plunged into the alley.

After he cheated him away, Nie Kong was secretly glad that he recovered his original appearance as soon as he got out of Lingbao Pavilion. Otherwise, he would have been caught by this guy. This guy speed is amazing, repair is at least melt spirit, if he is blocked, then really heaven no way, no door into the ground.

This middle-aged man can run around with jade bottle, and has good repair, should be "Lingbao Ge" more important figure......

Nie Kong was suspicious that he only sold a bottle of "Hui Chun Lu". Although the "Hui Chun Lu" of 90% of the degree of fusion was rare, it was by no means without. Logically speaking, with the rich heritage of Lingbao Ge, it should not be so big fight for it. Now Nie Kong does not know that his bottle of "Hui Chun Lu" has reached the most perfect degree of drug integration, otherwise, he would not have such doubts.

Can not understand the reason inside, Nie Kong secretly vigilant up, no matter what purpose Lingbao Ge has, can not expose the identity. He refit to change appearance just to prevent being caught by Nie family people when selling medicine, and just that scene, let Nie Kong's prevention object and more of a Lingbao pavilion.

Then Nie Kong wondered if anyone was watching him.

Back in the bustling city center of Jistyang, Nie didn't rush to buy herbs with his newly acquired Lingka, just to be on the safe side. Instead, he strolled through the street filled with vendors. At noon, Nie Kong was carrying two bags of things back to Nie home......


Lingbao Pavilion, first floor.

Muhong DamASK AND SMALL SPIRIT SIT side BY SIDE BEHIND THE COUNTER, BOTH ARMS SUPPORT CHIN, ABsent-MINDED BIG EYES STARE SMALL EYES. Thousands of hope, the door finally appeared Mo Xingtu figure.

"Uncle Mo."

"Master," he said.

Two female eyes a bright, spring like jumped up, can see Mo Xingtu sighing appearance, two people know he went out this time, without any harvest.

Sure enough, approached the counter, Mo Xingtu with a wry smile shook his head: "That guy is really slip too fast, he seems to be early preparedness."

He followed Nie Kong's direction for a long time, but could not see the man. Then, thinking of Nie Kong and that man's size is almost the same, Mo Xingtu quietly attached to Nie Kong, but Nie Kong did not show the slightest flaw all the way, he finally had to give up his doubts and return to Lingbao Pavilion.

Muhong Damask smilingly way: "Uncle Mo, you also don't worry. This CITY IS NIE'S world, I think it is better to ask them to help search the whole city, because we admire the relationship between NIE and NIE, they have no reason to refuse. As long as the man is in Thistlesun, he will be found."


Mo Xingtu a slap, look and a glimmer of hope, "if Huichun dew is really his own hands, that this person must ask him to join us Lingbao pavilion, if not, no matter how much gold coins have to figure out the source of 'Huichun dew'."

"I'll go to Nie's house."

Make up your mind, Mo Xingtu will no longer delay, command way, "red damask, you with me a quick go, small spirit, you will report this matter to Kyoto Los city main store. Also, this ten percent of the integration of the matter must not be disclosed to the public, if the NIE family know, even if they find the person will not give up."

'I see!


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