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Max The Lion

by Louise Blake

By Louise Blake Published 3 months ago 3 min read
Max The Lion
Photo by Arleen wiese on Unsplash

Once upon a time, in a dense forest lived a peculiar creature named Max. Max was not like any other animal in the forest because he could talk! Yes, that's right. He had a gift that none of the other animals possessed.

Max had always been aware of his unique ability to communicate with the other creatures of the forest. However, he never quite knew how to use this power to his advantage until one day when a group of humans arrived in the forest to cut down trees.

The animals of the forest were frightened by these humans as they had never seen anything like them before. Max decided to take charge and approached the humans, using his gift of speech to reason with them.

At first, the humans were amazed and astonished by Max's ability to talk, but they quickly became skeptical. Max knew he had to act fast to save the forest and his friends, so he began to negotiate with the humans. He explained to them the importance of the forest and how it was home to many animals.

To his surprise, the humans listened to him and agreed to leave the forest untouched. Max became a hero in the eyes of the other animals of the forest, and they all came to him to express their gratitude.

From that day on, Max continued to use his gift of speech to help his fellow animals and protect the forest. He became known as the guardian of the forest, and his legend spread far and wide.

And so, Max's unique ability became a source of strength and hope for all the creatures of the forest. They knew that as long as Max was there to protect them, they had nothing to fear.


Emily's life has never been easy, not until recently when her whole world changed she became free. She lost so much but gained so much in the end. Emily has had so many struggles in life, but somehow everything ends up going as it should. She is happily married to her husband living a happy life, everything is changing constantly in her life yet one thing never has faded her love for writing. Nothing has been easy then again the hard lessons never are. I have a great book cover designer JV Arts.

She lost everything when it came to her family but she couldn't be a part of that life. So she forged her own path, though never easy she never gives.

Emily was employed at a hotel where she was a laundry girl and never got to work the front desk as promised. She writes full-time as well and is working towards owning her own publishing company called Aurelien Publishing.

As time went on, all the times she was told she couldn't hold down a job, all of them saying that she proved them wrong. She proved them wrong, but for herself and no one else.

Right now she is working on two projects this year, and she plans on publishing them soon.

Emily is an animal lover and enjoys a good book. She is addicted to coffee and Chai Lattes.

She wants her Readers to know that she has a good life, and her life doesn't revolve around writing 100% of the time.

Emily has a few pen names Louise Blake, Louise Aurelien, and E.S Aurelien. She really enjoys writing Erotica romance, paranormal romance, and more. She has unique storylines that is unlike anything you have ever read.

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Louise Blake

Louise or LouLou loves writing so much it has became a career she loves. But while struggling with the starving artist part she is trying to find a job that can give her a passive income.

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