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Masters wants Warner to pull Snyder in.

Zaslav's planning for "Black Adam" is okay

By AhmarovaPublished about a year ago 4 min read
Masters wants Warner to pull Snyder in.
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Warner's director Zaslav wants to find DC's Kevin Feige, many people think Zaslav's move is not reliable, Kevin Feige can not be found. THR's reporter Masters talked about the topic, saying that he thinks Marvel's success is the result of teamwork, that the Marvel Task Force model is worth learning from, and that Kevin Feige is just a member of the team. Masters wants Warner to pull in Snyder, and since Warner is responsible for the creative part of the DC Universe movies, the studio should pull in good directors. The Justice League fiasco has separated Warner from Zack Snyder, and fans are clearly on Snyder's side. In Masters' opinion, Zaslav should learn to take stock of the situation - the audience's attitude is a strong signal that Warner is pulling in good directors so that the studio can improve on the creative level, and obviously Masters Masters also believes that Zaslav-led management will not do the job.

Of course, Masters recognizes the Warner director's planning for a portion of the film - Zaslav's planning for "Black Adam" was OK. Although Dawn Johnson likes to complain about "Black Adam", but in Masters' opinion, this is just "corporate culture", from the "Black Adam" creation, shooting and then post-production, as well as the back of the promotion and a series of planning, Zaslav's operation is quite reliable. At least in this work above the arrangement, Masters think Warner management is okay. When "Batgirl" was cancelled, Zaslav once faced a lot of public pressure, when Walter Hamada was also ready to quit DC Pictures. Even DC fans say that Zaslav's planning is consuming the goodwill accumulated by "Joker" and "Task Force X". Using DC's other films as a standard, the planning of "Black Adam" is somewhat short for this kind of planning, which is okay.

Many people attribute Marvel's success to Kevin Feige alone, in Masters' opinion this argument does not hold water, the MCU belongs to the field of teamwork, each phase of the plan is negotiated by multiple people. Kevin Feige's main job is still a producer, but of course Disney also likes to pull in a variety of executive producers, the new head of the Marvel Task Force, Victoria Alonso, she is "Iron Man" and "Guardians of the Galaxy" one of the producers. Disney also has a knack for bringing in directors of all types, and although Joe Watts has dropped out of the Fantastic Four, he has stated that he is willing to direct other superhero series in the MCU. Directors and executive producers are actually the creators of the films, and Masters feels that this is the group of people that Warner needs to bring in, and that Snyder should be the first person that Warner should bring in.

Some people think that Masters' suggestion is not in line with the actual situation, after all, Schneider's relationship with Warner has been somewhat rigid, and Masters wants the studio to pull together with Christopher Nolan or the Russo brothers, both of which are still feasible. However, this reporter wants Warner to pull in Za Guiding, this kind of suggestion makes people embarrassed beyond belief. However Masters said that Snyder is more loyal to the nature of the film, and he coaches his work, not only to consider the feelings of the fans and the quality of the film and other basic issues, he is still able to accept the various proposals given to him by the studio. In other words, the original reason why the "Justice League" box office flopped, and Schneider's cut version so hot, is because Za Guided previously respected the requirements of Warner, and Zaslav's vision simply can not, he can not make a judgment on the future of the work.

From this card see, Schneider is because too much respect for the company's ideas, resulting in the initial version of "Positive Link" lack of professionalism and momentum. This detail can also show that the management, led by Zaslav, may not know anything about the operating model of the universe movies. So, Masters hopes that Warner pulled in Schneider, at least Zaslav has experience in all aspects of the film field, and such directors who can look at the big picture are few and far between. I (dip to watch movies) also need to emphasize the fact that Marvel's film and television series in the Disney Channel ratings so high, "Wanda Vision" and "Rocky" alone to create ratings, is the sum of the HBO platform at this stage of the release of the work. However, purely in terms of quality, Marvel is not actually ahead of DC, and there is a large gap between the two sides in terms of planning.

In short, Zaslav and his management team need to "take the blame", this is the view of Masters. The good thing is that the process of "Black Adam" is quite normal, although the series from the content, and other DC heroes have little to do. But from the rhythm of the work as well as the feeling, Masters feels that "Black Adam" ties well with "The New Bat" and "Sea King" these works, DC's plan at this stage is at the center, this kind of planning can let Zaslav continue to use. So Masters stressed that Zaslav's planning for "Black Adam" was okay.


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