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Man Out Of Time

A micro-fiction with a twist.

By Natasha PennPublished about a year ago 1 min read
Photo by Craig Zdanowicz on Unsplash

The beast crumpled to the ground, a cloud of yellow dirt rising and coating its thick, mangled fur. Marcus watched as blood flowed from its body and pooled around its lifeless form.

The midday sun was beating down on him with an intense heat. His heart was pounding and his breaths came in exhausted gasps. His ears were still ringing from its piercing wails, the jeers of the audience grew until it drowned out everything else.

They came to see my death, he realized, his eyes never leaving his kill. Not his.

The gate rose again, and his trial continued.


About the Creator

Natasha Penn

Latinx, genderfluid, parent Author, blogger, & freelance writer. Working on my book series: Saturn Rising, Book One: Aquarius. Will post my poetry, short stories, and fiction series here.


Avatar: @oveikeii

Banner art: @midluuna

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