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Maidens and the Serpent

A tale of maidens and golden skinned gods

By Donna Morgan Published 12 months ago 11 min read
Maidens and the Serpent
Photo by Dani Costelo on Unsplash

Long ago in another time, 3 maidens lived unadorned

Born of beauty they glowed with light

They were so bored by the lack of life

They ho hummed the days and nights away

Wishing to be somewhere else to play

One night as they groaned in boredoms weep

They began to chant

Let us out, let we sleep

Let us be maidens no more

Let us have fun by the score

They sang and chanted for many a time

Til their words began to be heard by something divine

With interest peaked, golden eyes opened

Glowing with an inhuman light

The god of serpents stretched and yawned

Listening with amusement to the words of scorn

Is it fun you want?

Then fun it will be

Never again will you sleep with ease

Never again will you be the beauty unadorned

Let us see how you enjoy the fun when you have another in your home

In an instant, the serpent God-breathed sending out droplets of unease

Sending through the veils of life a different fun for day and night

He began to hear their squeals of joy

He settled down to close his eyes a gentle amusement grossed his smile

This will be interesting I may visit for a while

The girls giggled and squealed with glee to see the giant stone that sparkled and shone with ease

They felt the smoothness

The coolest touch

They looked into its many-faceted layers

They oohed and aahed at what they could see.

They longed for the beauty to be there's

One day something shifted as the maidens looked on

A discomfort an unease a little bit of jealousy

They began to look at each other differently

The serpent gods’ eyes opened and glowed once more

Smiling gently, he knew it was time to pay the maidens a visit

To be divine

He rose to his full height and stepped down from his land down to the island of the maiden’s home

He took on the form of human life not much different to the maiden’s sight

He heard them speaking with unease

He felt their distance from each other like a disease

As she skipped towards their voices fair

He glowed with a beauty they had never seen.

The maidens stopped and looked on confused

Who are you?

Where did you come from?

You’re not if this land

The serpent maiden smiled and said I am here to be your friend

That is a very beautiful stone may I see it and sit with you to watch it glow

The maidens uneasy with this new maid

Sat for a moment and did not speak

If you, must we will let you see the stone

But you must not touch it

It is ours alone

The serpent maid smiled and agreed

O this will be even more fun than I had foreseen

The maidens would not put the stone down they held it tightly with a frown

They began to argue between themselves, who would hold the stone and go to the well

Who would sit and look into the stone?

Who's turn was it to hold its light

The serpent maid smiled with pure delight

I will hold that beautiful stone

I will wash it and make it shine

The three maids sucked in their breath

Never no

we will do it. We will make it shine

They all ran to the pool and sat on the edge arguing greatly, who would wash the stone

The serpent maid slipped away into the trees to change the shape of her form

She stretched and yawned

Her golden eyes glowed. Now she was a serpent of golden tones

Another form the god liked. This will give them a sight

As the divine serpent slid out towards the water’s edge

The maidens still arguing with themselves

One tried to take the stone to wash another grabbed it at the same time

As they did it slipped away

Down into the water and far-away

The maidens screamed out without delight

No no, we can see it but it is far from our reach

The serpent slid over and spoke to their minds

What can I do to help you?

Can you dive down deep and retrieve our stone?

Can you bring it back up?

Bring it home

I can young maidens but first a kiss

That is my price for your bliss

Yes, yes okay I will kiss you

No! all 3 of you must give me a kiss

If this form is not appealing, I will transform and each of you may kiss me before I return the stone home

Something in his words made them shudder a touch

But the stone was too precious they could not leave it gone

Serpent we will kiss you in this form

We are wasting time and we want our stone

Each one walked over and gave the serpent a kiss

Each maiden felt a shiver within

As the serpent entered the waters, he transformed into a giant cod with a horn

He reached down to the bottom of the crystal-clear pool and found the precious gem

As he raised it high, he stepped out of the pool and turned into a serpent once again

Only now he was a giant size he held the stone higher than high

Serpent we kissed you give us our stone

You said you would return it home

And I shall he spoke to their minds

The stone is mine, it will remain so for all time

No, you cannot please let us have it here

Please can you give us the stone

The serpent thought for a moment and smiled I will think on this as I nap in the sun

The serpent coiled up around the stone and slept wisely in the sun

The maidens were so distraught they began to devise a way to get the stone and make it their own

The serpent god smiled with delight I have time

Let them try

They gently stepped closer to the serpent god and each one tried to reach the stone

But the coils shifted and writhed the stone disappeared before their eyes

They cried out no what have you done

You have taken our precious beautiful stone

The serpent opened one eye

It is mine to with however I want

The maidens wept and screamed in pain

Do not take what is ours again

The serpent rose to his full height

This stone is mine

What do you truly want?

What is your desire

Is it fun, or to feel alive?

Are you bored and need others to help pass the time?

Or is it something more?

Perhaps to be as divine as the most beautiful goddess and shine

Is it to worship something or is it this stone that is but a rock that shines?

What is it you need?

What is your desire?

Tell me what you want?

Tell me more?

You live in paradise a beautiful place

The beauty surrounds you

The glow is so beautiful I see it from my home

Yet you do not see it

You do not care

About the colours and life everywhere

You want this thing of beauty a speck in time

It will never be yours if you cannot see all the beauty around you

With that, the serpent coiled up once more

The rock disappeared nowhere in sight

The maidens ran away screaming with anger and tears

That night as they sat weeping, they heard a sound

They turned to see a beautiful dark and golden skinned being

Tall and glowing in the full moon's light

They gasped with awe and feelings unknown

They gasped and wanted to run over and invite this being to stay

What are you, who are you?

Tell us now

I am different from you

I am the opposite of your kind

I am the serpent god divine

He smiled and spoke in a deep rich tone

It vibrated so elegantly through to their very bones

It was so delicious like the juicy fruit on the vine

Sweet and delectable, hard to resist its kind

I am here to help you change your ways

They looked at each other and stepped back a tiny way

But this being was so divine so delicious in every way

They stepped forward in awe

What do you mean?

Who sent you to us?

I am the serpent, God

I have come to your side

Let us enjoy our time under the moon's full rays

Nights are the time I enjoy this form, under the sun I coil up and stay warm

Come, beautiful maids,

Come to my arms

Come and experience

Pleasure’s unknown

The 3 ran to his arms

The thrill of his touch ran through their bodies at his very soft touch

They began to push each other away

Stop he said

We will all play

Play they did that very night and every night after for a millennium

Then one night the serpent god did not come

The serpent in its real form sat coiled and tall

You have spent long enough engaging in your fun now it is time for you to become one

What do you mean?

What do you say change your form serpent we need your man form to play?

No more my maidens for now is the time e for you to become one and work not play.

Now you begin a different kind of worship this night for I am the serpent and I have the gift of life

You are the carrier of that life

Together we join and create a new race of life

So from that night forward, they began a new dance of worshipping gods and creating from the land

The egg and the seeds become one

They created the angels

Who helped them to create life?

And that's how the races of people came into life

From that first moment of the serpent’s kiss

The maidens' worship began and never missed a day of devotion from shiny rocks to golden skinned gods to the serpent of change they felt it all.

As the years turned and the light began to fade humankind took over from the maids

They sat in their land feeling very different now.

The beauty and light had gone from the land

They spoke to the serpent they called out his name

No answer they heard no sounds came

They search their island and found him as stone

They sat at his base and silently called

Softly very softly they heard him in their thoughts

Look to your growth you do t need me anymore

What you have not seen in all the millennium's past

Is that you are all divine gods and you have finally come home

Home to yourself no longer do you need

To worship anything that does not feel right

Use your glow, your divine light.

When you feel alone look up into my eyes

As they did this a gasp and a sigh

There was the most beautiful stone as the serpents’ eyes

The stone they fought over

The one that changed their life

They laughed and they cried

Oh, we see through your eyes

We must help restore the beauty

The acceptance in this world

But we are also here to serve as we are called

So that is my tale

The tale of a kiss

The tale of the maidens

And the changes from bliss to heartache to acceptance and bliss

Don't look outside you

Look within

Accept your joys and support when it’s given

Enjoy your serpents and your kisses divine

But keep your power do not give it away

You are the divine being you were born to be this way

Let your true sensuality glow brightly with ease

for you are the maiden and kisses delight.

You are the keeper of your powerful sight

Inspired by Gemma Sykes Original Artwork


About the Creator

Donna Morgan

I am a lover of the mystical the magical and the spiritual.

I write to heal myself and to share my journey with anxiety and life that I experience through my feelings.

I love to write it is my healing place.

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