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Maeve Meets the Multiverse

by Erin Lucas 5 months ago in Fantasy
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"...existence preceeds essence..."

Sirens are wailing and lights are blinking. Dolly drops her Akashic book and runs to the MMB. She quickly scans the screens and then announces over the loudspeaker, “We’ve got a major awakening happening in Sector 7. Merlin - Get your sweet cheeks in here, you’ve got a live wire!” Merlin comes running in. Her human – Maeve – is ready to officially meet. Dolly continues to yell with delight over the loudspeaker: “Oh my gawd. It’s happening, it’s friggin’ finally happening!”

The other Higher Selfs come rushing into the Command Center, ready to celebrate and support. Ascenti has lavender for calming in the face of such an intense experience. Dolly, who was already on duty, tosses Merlin a cup of antimatter (their version of coffee). Ruby gives Merlin a hype-you-up-for-the-big-game vibrational pat. Betty sends anahata chakra clearing energies and gives Merlin a proper cleanse. Esther provides Merlin with a fabulous outfit to wear so that the human doesn’t ‘get the shit scared out of her.’ Raven glides up to Merlin and taps her ajna chakra to bestow clarity on the message transmitted to her human. And the Highest Self, a.k.a. Me, ‘The High Priestess,’ opens the orblike portal for entry. Merlin steps into the wormhole and disappears.

Holy fucking shit. What was that? Maeve opens her eyes. She’s on her couch, just as she should be. The guided meditation has ended and there’s a paused final image of an ocean and the video title “Meeting Your Higher Self” on her phone screen.

Maeve’s ‘gotten really into meditation’ over the last year and has been almost obsessively practicing and learning all sorts of esoteric knowledge. It’s become a major focus for her – this notion of awakening. At first, she feared it may be her way of escaping the reality of her existence. The fact that: the center did not hold and she was forced to start her life anew. But, the more she dove in and did the ego work and learned and practiced and unlearned and practiced again, the more she realized she wasn’t escaping at all – she was healing. So, Maeve dug even deeper.

She has always considered herself a perpetual student of life. Most recently, Maeve found her new knowledge helping her in all areas of her existence. And, while the series of events over the last few months of her life have caused her to have an existential crisis, she now knows it was an existential awakening. The kind of activation de Beauvoir, Sartre, and Camus would envy (if they willed envy as part of their development).

Maeve was having one of the most intense awakenings the Higher Selfs had seen in any of the reincarnations experienced by this particular soul cluster. It was quite the sight to be seen. They didn’t even do their usual pool: the one where they bet on which Higher Self would ‘win’ this current life cycle. Merlin and Maeve have always had a close connection, but a serious break in between the teenage years and Maeve’s early twenties caused some panic in Merlin. There was a fear she would lose Maeve to this life cycle – that Maeve wouldn’t stay on her path and ascend. However, these moments were just an evolution of their trust. When the ‘shit hit the fan’ and The Tower moments occurred, Maeve always used her free will to choose the timeline where she would become her Higher Self in the 3D. Now, back to this experience Maeve just had…

She comes out of the guided meditation, chugs a ton of water, shoves four baby bell peppers in her mouth, and then sits back down. She takes deep breaths as she tries to recall the visions she had in her meditation. Her cat hops into her lap and releases a soothing purr as Maeve repeats the thought she ‘came to’ with: Holy fucking shit. What was that?

Without missing a beat she hears a voice in her head that sounds like her, but isn’t hers say: “You know exactly what that was. It was me, it was us.” Maeve gets this intuitive download of information. She ‘gets’ it now. This particular voice she’s heard before, and with more frequency recently, is the voice of her Higher Self.

“You think you get it, but I promise you - you beautiful human - you don’t even know the half of it. Don’t worry. You will if you want to. If you want to, then you have the opportunity to know everything.” Maeve responds to the voice in her mind, I want to. And then lets out the same smile she has on her face in the photo of her before the first day of kindergarten. It’s an impish smirk with the wisdom and mischief of someone much older. She knows her Higher Self is smiling just like that too. What should I call you? It feels weird to call you my Higher Self. “You can call me Merlin.” Okay, Merlin. What’s next?

“Time for you to gain more wisdom. Keep connecting and keep your consciousness open to signs, synchronicities. This is how you’ll know what you need to learn so you can master this life cycle. We’re really proud of you kid. Keep up the good work.”

Just like that the energy and the voice were gone. Maeve has a series of Am I fucking crazy? thoughts pop up to which she immediately hears in response: “Nope, you’re not. No more of that kiddo. We love you. You’ve got this. You were literally made for this. Don’t worry so much.” This is how most of their conversations went for several weeks. Establishing how they can connect and communicate and helping Maeve understand just exactly how powerful she is, and will be.

Maeve, the ever curious student of life and now consciousness, has lots of questions and this was a lot for Merlin to ‘deal with.’ After all, a human reincarnates until it reaches its pinnacle, its enlightenment. Then, it can move into the ethereal for good, if it so chooses. Maeve was the best candidate for this move they’d ever witnessed, so it’s only expected she’d be a bit of an overachiever. Maeve’s excitement and desire for progression wore Merlin slick and provided many sources of entertainment for me and my Highest Self buddies, a story for another day.

Maeve continued to sharpen her skills and navigate her still chaotic life, but she became the eye of the hurricane. She mastered the stillness within the chaos. One day she came home, from what should’ve been an exceptionally frazzling – but didn’t really get to her – day, and decided to do a guided meditation. She didn’t know it yet, but she was engaging in a sacred, timeless ceremony. One that Higher Selfs have been doing with their humans since the beginning of consciousness. It is known by the Highest Selves as The Initiation of the Enlightened. It is something all souls live to attain, and Maeve made it. We were all so proud.

Here’s how she experienced the ceremony: She goes into her regular meditation-relaxation and then hits play. In her meditative vision she eventually comes to this ancient altar. It resides in what appears to be a cave. Torches like the ones from Indiana Jones movies provide dim lighting for Maeve’s vision. The altar is made of stone and is covered in moss. There are three items on it: a large chalice made of bronze, a gold platter on a pedestal, and a pristinely polished silver tray. The altar is supposed to contain gifts that come one at a time (so sayeth the guided meditation voice) and she is only supposed to receive a total of three gifts (again, so sayeth). But, Maeve gets four. The first gift is where the extra comes in. She initially sees a massive butterfly flitting just above the rim of the chalice. Then a rope shaped like a pretzel appears in the air close to her, floating by her – not too close, not too far; she gets Goldilocks vibes. It is all just right.

She is asked to receive the gifts and she does. She instinctively eats the butterfly and watches as it fills her heart space. She puts the pretzel rope into her third-eye space and it unravels and then wraps around her head like a crown. As this happens, the butterfly in her heart splits into two and covers her eyes. She is then given the Sacred Hexagon on the gold platter and she integrates it with a gentle push into her left brain hemisphere – the hemisphere of the divine feminine. Then, on the silver tray, she receives the Merkaba Pyramids and merges them through her right ear – the divine masculine ear. They go into her heart space as the two butterflies over her eyes become one again and fly up into the center of the Merkaba. Then the butterfly splits into three. One goes to her left eye, one to her right, and one to the back of her skull, to her pineal gland—and then they all rest their wings. She comes out of this meditation feeling completely delighted and utterly confused. Merlin steps in to explain and help decode. Maeve has just received the keys to the Command Center for her cluster in this galaxy, this multiverse.

Back at the Command Center, the Higher Selfs gather to discuss how the initial explanation went. Merlin gives them a recap, knowing they already know the details, but enjoy hearing them as much as Merlin enjoys telling them. Then they get around to the discussion of Maeve’s first visit to the Command Center and how they should present all of this to her. “Oh my gawd. Can we please deck it out and do a whole tour guide theme in here? PLEASE?!?!?” Esther begs this of Merlin as she holds up a sequined version of a khaki tour guide costume. The rest of us laugh as Merlin, who can be a bit uptight about her role as a Higher Self, glares at Esther with disdain. However, when all of the joking is said and done, Merlin comes out ready to guide Maeve through her first visit to the Command Center wearing the most Wes Anderson inspired, khaki, sequined tour guide outfit this world has ever seen.

Merlin meets Maeve in her dream state, dressed accordingly, and takes her back through the wormhole to the Command Center. The other Higher Selfs hide their energy for the moment as Maeve and Merlin walk in together for the first time. Shut-Up. Your outfit is everything! I want it. I want to wear it. Can I please have one now? Esther can’t help but let out a little giggle vibration as Merlin changes Maeve's outfit. It is another of Esther’s creations—an olive green sparkling version of Merlin’s tour guide ensemble, complete with a giant peacock feather waving like a flag from the brim of her scout hat. “Better?” Much. Thank you. Maeve’s smile beams from her heart space with a blinding energy.

“This Is the Command Center” Oooo—What’s that? “I’ll explain that later.” Okay, so Command Center, got it, keep going. “This is where your Highest Self creates it’s timelines and for each timeline there is a Higher Self who–” Oooo! What’s that? “I’ll explain that later.” Okay, so multiple versions of reality happening at the same time with multiple versions of my Highest Self helping me to navigate that existence, and…

“Ooof, kid.” How many versions are there? Why so many?

Merlin takes a deep breath, “You get seven cycles for each reincarnation. The goal for all seven incarnations is to reach the timeline of your Higher Self, so that you can then reach your Highest Self. You call her The High Priestess.” This seems complicated and hierarchical. “It’s not. It’s actually quite efficient and a way for us all to work together and hedge our bets so that we can attain enlightenment.”

Okay, OOOO. Ooo. What’s that? Maeve points to the wall of vintage televisions. They are the old kind of TVs with medal knobs that would always end up falling off in her hand as she tried to crank it to the channel with Saturday morning cartoons. The televisions are all displaying a different first person perspective, except one labeled “SECTOR 7.” That one has the rainbow-barred television sign-off screen Maeve remembers from her youth.

“I’ll actually explain that now. That is the Mother Monitor Board, we typically call it the MMB. We basically use it to keep tabs on you.” That’s fucking creepy. “No it’s not! We are YOU! Everything you think and know and do, we already know about. It’s our job. It’s how we help you. Trust me, we love you in the grandest most unconditional way. You literally do not have the capacity in your human form to completely understand how big this love is. But that’s okay, because we know you get it in your own way.”

Thank you. I love you. “I love you too. We love you too.”

So when do I get to meet the other Selfs? “Soon. Probably your next trip around.” What do you mean by that? “Well, you have the keys to the door now. You may come and go as you please.” What can I do here? “Anything we want. That’s what.” Hey Command Center— Before Maeve can finish her sentence Fiona Apple’s song “Anything We Want” plays on the loudspeaker. She loves that and we love providing these kinds of moments for her; it’s a win-win situation anytime she’s feeling joy and surprise and love from and with the multiverse.

Maeve walks to the MMB and starts to ask specific questions. Her list is rapidly fired at Merlin and Maeve’s excited, scattered energy makes Merlin feel overwhelmed. Merlin likes systems and order and efficiency with energy expenditure. Merlin takes a pause and then, “Let’s begin with a general overview of the MMB. These are real-time projections of your various human incarnation experiences for this life cycle. Each sector represents a version of you in a different timeline, universe. Each sector is governed by a certain type of energy and Higher Self that has mastered that energy in a previous universal incarnation. I mastered my skills in Avalon, but that’s not important right now. Let’s begin with a rundown and basics for each incarnation.”

Merlin points to the top left screen on the MMB grid and declares: “Sector 1: Ascenti is the name of your Higher Self for this timeline. Your human name in that incarnation is Joan and you help to run a commune in Colorado.” Maeve can see through the eyes of someone lying on the ground, gazing up at the leaves on a tree as the sun sets. Then Merlin points to the next screen. “Sector 2: Dolly is your Higher Self’s name in that timeline. Lakshmi is your human name and you teach energy work and tantric healing in India. You are magnetic and powerful with your craft there.” Maeve gets close to the monitor and watches as henna covered hands hover over the chest of an old man.

“Sector 3: The name of your Higher Self for this timeline is Ruby. Annie is what you go by and you have received many awakenings. You live initially in America, but you are becoming a global activist and don’t have one home at the moment, per se.” Maeve gazes at the third monitor and sees the most beautiful field of marigolds, in all the vibrant yellows and reds and oranges of the flower spectrum. “Sector 4: That timeline is Betty's territory. Your name in that incarnation is Minnie and you are a mother living in France. You have recently received a major awakening from Betty and you have started on your path to become a very successful and inspirational social media figure. We really hope you keep up with it!” Maeve sees someone relaxing and scrolling through YouTube suggested videos on their phone.

“Sector 5: Esther is the name of your Higher Self in that timeline. Bridgitte is your name and you live in NYC. You are also wildly famous - meaning you have a brownstone there, but you travel the world.” Wildly famous, eh? What— Maeve goes to lean in closer to the monitor, but Merlin interrupts. “Don’t even start that right now, remember this is an overview, there will be time to learn more later. Actually, there will be an expectation to.” What do you mean by expectation? “I told you, later. Back to the basics: in Sector 6, Raven is the name of your Higher Self. Your human name in that incarnation is Mujer de Plata and you are a medicine woman, shaman, oracle, whatever you humans want to call it. You reside in an area of Mexico that still practices sacred, ancient traditions.” Maeve can’t help but pause at this monitor, even though she knows she’ll learn later. The monitor displays someone staring into the eyes of an old woman and it gives her this overwhelming sense of love, compassion. Merlin redirects her with the point of a finger.

“Last, but not least is Sector 7, and that’s you and me in our timeline.” Maeve looks at the seventh monitor, the one with the television sign-off screen image she remembers from her youth. But, we’re in the Command Center, so my screen is offline? “You got it kiddo.” So where to next? “Well, while we appreciate your desire to learn more, you’re going back to your body. You’ve got to go home. You have things to do to keep your existence going. You can come back whenever, but for now you need to wake up and get ready for work.” Maeve obligingly jumps into the wormhole and her eyes open moments before her alarm goes off to wake her. Holy fucking shit. That was an intense dream. “No it wasn’t, we’ll see you after work. Have a great day, kiddo. And don’t forget to call us if you get lost.”


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