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Luza's Magical Trip

A Barn Owl's Adventure

By Monet GrahamPublished 2 years ago 10 min read
Luza's Magical Trip
Photo by Vincent van Zalinge on Unsplash

Posted in North America, in the small rural town of Negley, Ohio there is a residential homestead farm ran by the Anderson's. The Anderson's is a family of 6, a joyful and lovable people that respected the Earth and enjoyed the simpler things in life. On their farm they grow their own spinach, kale, arugula, radish, beans, snap peas, and green onions. However, most of their income comes from their animals. They raise and sell horses, emus, chickens (and their eggs). They've owned this farm for over 80 years, responsibilities have been passed down from generations to generations.

One thing that has also stayed the same were the barn owls that have looked over and monitored the land for centuries. They roam the airways during the night, confirming that trespassers do not disturb this beloved land and that predators are scared away, and of course enjoying a late night snack of a nice juicy rodent.

By Steven Cordes on Unsplash

"Thump!" "Crack". "Waa... Who's there?" said a high pitched voice. "I'm warning you I have a sharp beak and long pointy talons and I'm not afraid to use them!!". "HEYYYY, calm down Luza, it's just me Terri", said the stunned Finch. "Terri what the heck!!? You know that this is my sleeping hours". "Sorry, Luza, but I didn't know who else to go to. You are one of the wisest animals on the farm". "What are you talking about?", inquired Luza.

"You won't believe this!! I was flying over the riverbank and I noticed some weird flashing lights and thought I'd investigate right. Well, as soon as I got low enough I was able to make out that this eerily tall man dressed in all black was just standing by some rocks, with his head down and not moving. I had no idea what he could possibly be doing, so I called out to get his attention and then he jerked his head up and I couldn't believe my eyes". Confused, and needing more information Luza exclaimed, "Oh come on!! You can't stop there, what did you see"!?

"Luza, when the man looked up, I saw that...that he had no eyes!!!", stuttered Terri. A long awkward silence seemed to continue for hours before Luza spoke. "... Terri, you mean you actually saw one?"... "Yes Luza, he was a Lissom!!".

By Tifith Site on Unsplash

"Terri, we have to alert the other animals and make sure the Lissom stays far away from our farm!!". Frozen, Terri asked with fear written all across their face, "Wa... What do you mean we? And how exactly are us puny animals supposed to make sure a Lissom stays away!? Are you insane?!?"

"Terri, this farm is our home. It is well known that Lissom's come and destroy all within their path. Sucking the life out of all living things. This is bigger than us. If we do nothing, everything we love and is dear to us will be destroyed, of course along with us", proclaimed Luza. "That's my point!! squawked Terri. "If we would also be destroyed how are just the two of us supposed to stop him!? "Don't worry" Luza replied, "I have a plan".

By Marco Midmore on Unsplash

After a stretch and a quick circle around the farm, ensuring the familiar peace wasn't disturbed, Luza, came back to her roosting spot in her favorite tree where Terri was waiting impatiently. "Ok, can I NOW hear about this so called plan of yours?, remarked Terri. "Yes, I just had to be sure the Lissom hadn't gotten too close", replied Luza. The reason that I feel we can actually defeat this Lissom and protect our livelihood and friends, is because I have a very special friend that I've never told anyone about until now. I am friends, with a witch", confessed Luza.

Terri had to use all the energy in his little finch body, to not fall out of the tree. "I feel like I don't even know you, what do you mean you have a FRIEND who is a WITCH?? Am I not your friend? Why would you keep such a secret from me?", Terri stated morosely. "I don't believe in secrets and even if I did, I wouldn't keep something that big from my supposedly best friend".

Ashamed, Luza closed her eyes and realized how selfish she had been. "You are so right Terri, I am so sorry. The reason I didn't tell anyone including you was because I made a promised to my witch friend that I wouldn't speak a word of her existence to ensure her safety wasn't jeopardized. But I am ready to tell you everything as now the circumstances would be life threatening for too many if I keep my lips closed."

By Jessie McCall on Unsplash

Luza continued, "My witch friend's name is Amethyst. She lives in a cave about 8,983 miles from the farthest west point of the farm. She gave me a pebble, and said that if I ever needed her for emergency situations ONLY she would come". Dumbfounded Terri responded, ".. did you meet Amethyst? Sorry, but I've been living on this farm for about 12 years now and I have NEVER seen a witch with my own eyes let alone heard of someone that has"!?

"It happened two years ago", explained Luza. "I was told that Amethyst was searching for a specific herb to complete this potion she was working on and was cornered and trapped by some hunters who were following her tracks. They captured her and that is were I come into the story", boasted Luza. "I was flying around doing my night rounds and noticed I heard what sounded like a woman's scream out in the distance, so I went to go see what I could find and noticed that Amethyst was there in a wooded made cage (that was covered in some type of rock material), and the hunters were pushing her through the woods. I thought fast and decided I needed to save her. So I scooped down when I saw an open window, distracted the hunters by the opening of the cage, and Amethyst was able to unhook the lock with her wand and she ran deeper into the forest.

By Majkl Velner on Unsplash

"I went the opposite direction hoping to get the hunters far away from her trail. I succeeded", beamed Luza. I then went back to where I last saw Amethyst run into the woods and eventually found her. She thanked me repeatedly for saving her, and we spend that whole night talking and sharing stories about ourselves. That is also when she gave me this magical pebble", Luza now had this rose quartz colored pebble on her wing showing to Terri. "So what do we do with it!?, asked Terri. "Drop it in a source of flowing water", replied Luza.

Once Terri and Luza arrived at a small stream, they looked at each other and then Luza dropped the pebble into the water. Immediately, the water began to bubble, a greenish fog of smoke started to slowly rise. "Woosh!!", "Gasp!!, exclaimed Terri, "I can't believe this. A real witch"!!

By Sierra Koder on Unsplash

"Hello my dear Luza", proclaimed Amethyst with a sheepishly grin that slowly turned into a frown. "It is so nice to see you again, however I fear that means our reunion is due to unfortunate situation?". "Yes Amethyst", Luza answered. " I am sad to say our reunion is due to an unwanted Lissom that is on it's way to our farm. My friend Terri and I cannot let this evil take over our land. I know if anyone can defeat and send this Lissom away, it would be you".

A big frown appeared across Amethyst's face. "Of course I'll help! No Lissom or ANY creature will harm my friend or home. However, I will not be able to kill a Lissom, but I can remove him from this dimension." "..What do you mean you can't kill him!?", exclaimed Terri. "We don't need any Lissom's here. This land has been safe for over 80 years, we do not need repeat visitors!". "Terri, calm down!", said Luza. "I trust Amethyst knows what she's doing and will do the best she can for us". "What can we do to help"?

"I will need a few items to perform a banishing ritual, and the Lissom will NEVER be able to come back", instructed Amethyst. "I will need garlic cloves, rosemary, peppermint, and cayenne pepper. Bring me as much as you can find. The stronger the more efficient my ritual will be".

By Tijana Drndarski on Unsplash

What seemed like an hour had passed and Luza and Terri, eventually returned to Amethyst with the requested ingredients for the banishing ritual. They noticed Amethyst had already started stirring something into her cauldron. "We got it! We found everything you requested", beamed Terri. Amethyst looked up from her work and smiled, "I'm so glad to hear. I've completed the preliminary steps, just need those ingredients and bye bye Lissom"!

By Artem Maltsev on Unsplash

Once everything was mixed together, Amethyst poured the final product into an glass mason jar. "Ok, enough time wasted, I'll use my tracking abilities to determine the Lissom's exact location and then I will begin the ritual", she said. After a few seconds, it was determined the evil Lissom was 12 miles from Luza's and Terri's farm. Horrified, Terri yelled out in agony. "He's so close! If this doesn't work, there is nothing more we can do". "Jeeze Terri, how about some optimism huh!?", belted Luza. "You're right, Luza, I'm sorry", whimpered Terri.

And with the wave of her hand, Amethyst disappeared into a cloud of smoke. Terri and Luza followed, soaring through the air Luza saw the cloud of smoke zero in on this patch of trees and he went lower to be a backup, Terri on her trail as well. They saw the Lissom appear from under the cover of the trees, and let out a horrible screech. Amethyst, reappeared into her physical form and opened the mason jar and her concoction descended down on top of the Lissom before he could move. She started to repeat the words:

"Lissom, you are not welcomed here, I gave you a gift to disappear. Flee and Never Return!

Lissom, you are not welcomed here, I gave you a gift to disappear. Flee and Never Return!

Lissom, you are not welcomed here, I gave you a gift to disappear. Flee and Never Return!"

Almost instantly, the Lissom, screeched and moaned, and whaled while his body was doing a weird jolting action but yet it seemed he wasn't able to move from a circle that was formed around him in the grass on the ground. Terri cried out, "Hey!! I think it's working!!! Amethyst turned to the two friends, and stated, I don't think I am strong enough. He is resisting. I need you two to recite the same words I did, and help banish him forever". "Of course!', exclaimed Luza, we can see the ritual is working, just needs more enforcement. We can do that right Terri"? , "Darn skippy, joked Terri. Let's get rid of this guy once and for all!".

Then all three, Amethyst, Luza, and Terri recited the banishing words to rid their beloved home from this monstrosity.

"Lissom, you are not welcomed here, I gave you a gift to disappear. Flee and Never Return!

Lissom, you are not welcomed here, I gave you a gift to disappear. Flee and Never Return!

Lissom, you are not welcomed here, I gave you a gift to disappear. Flee and Never Return!"

And with that, the Lissom evaporated with one last long screech that almost made their ears bleed. "It worked! "exclaimed Terri. "Amethyst, you are amazing! Luza, was right, you were the right person to save us. We are forever in debt to you!". "Silly cute Finch", laughed Amethyst, "friends don't have other friends in debt. Friends help each other with no reason other than the bond of their friendship. I would do it again in a heartbeat. You farm animals have always been so nice and kind to me. Unlike the humans I've encountered. Here, this is two pebbles. One for you Luza, and the other for my new dear friend Terri. If you ever need an enchantment, you know how to reach me. Luza, I have to say, you are one of the most bravest barn owls I've met. I am so glad our paths crossed".


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