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Luna, Marisol, and Me

A Love Story

By Geoffrey Philp Published about a year ago 1 min read
An Autumn Love Affair

It’d been like any other morning when I found Luna wandering on my block. Since my wife’s death, I’ve been walking alone. Luna was good company on our adventure to find her owner.

I’d walked three blocks when an attractive woman in her mid-60s, like me, ran toward us.

“Luna, I’ve been looking for you. How can I repay you--?”

“Desmond. It wasn’t a bother.”

“ I’m Marisol. How about some lemonade? It’s so hot out.”

I agreed and walked with Luna and Marisol back to her apartment, where Marisol’s been making me lemonade for almost a year.


About the Creator

Geoffrey Philp

I am a Jamaican writer. I write poems (haiku & haibun), stories & essays about climate change, Marcus Garvey, music icons such as Bob Marley, and the craft of writing. For more info, visit my webpage:

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Comments (1)

  • Alison McBainabout a year ago

    Cute story!

Geoffrey Philp Written by Geoffrey Philp

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