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Lucky rescue......

by John Lohnes 4 months ago in Sci Fi
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Save the president of the fleet

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Nobody can hear a scream in the vacuum of space, or so they say.

“Emergency. Emergency. Emergency.” A female voice warns over the ship’s communication. Steam is filling the cabin, red emergency flashing lights, and the creaking of the ship's frame, metal stresses under the sudden stopping from the thrusters reversing course bringing the ship to an unconventional unplanned halt, this ship’s metal moaning from the unexpected conditions.

Shaking, the transport ship opens its cryogenic tubes to release the crew members once the ship has come to a safe stop; they wake groggily to sirens, the stasis chambers are hissing and flashing lights, standard wake-up personnel procedures. Some fall to the floor weak in the knees, and some are slow to waken but everyone looks around in confusion trying to assess the situation as quickly as possible. Sirens are loud and ear-shattering. Crew wears their stasis clothes to make the long space flight, shorts, and tees, tubes and wires connected to monitor body functions.

“Emergency. Emergency. Emergency.”

“Shut her up!!!” Captain Harris barks out. He’s a good-sized man with years of space travel under his wings, good sized man with a thick brown beard, and hair. “Get dressed everyone. Let’s get on the bridge to figure this entire thing out. Damn it shut her up.”

“Got it, Captain, I’m on it.” A thinner blonde man in his twenties acknowledges the command from his boss and then jumps up into action. Sonny is a hyper crew member.

“This is the worst stop I’ve ever been on. Space dock needs to upgrade it's landing decks. This one needs to fix the ‘momentum cancellers’.” Rubbing her head from it crashing onto the floor as she rolled out of the stasis chamber, Frost yells out in frustration, blonde with frosted hair.

“What the hell? I’m on the floor and it’s cold, real cold.” Complains Armstrong, the hulking mechanic barks. He slowly pushes himself to his feet, ship still shaking so he doesn’t have a good stance as of yet. “Aren’t we supposed to be on limited food? Come one. Why do I still have this beer belly? I need abs if I’m gonna pick up those flirty ladies in space station.” This ship’s playboy states. “Well, at least a small waist. No problem, chicks dig the no hair and smile. Guess I’m gonna have to settle for fives and sixes this trip.

“Calm down, Casanova. I’m sure your ‘lady of the night’ friends will welcome you back no problem.” Sonny says sarcastically. “I’ve never seen you with anything higher than a four. Their rating and number of teeth are the same. Haha.”

“Armstrong, are you gonna be ok? I see you are limping pretty good now, walking like a pimp.” Sonny notices.

“I’m going to be fine. Wasn’t a long fall….haha, gonna be a bruise. I just know Frost needs to comb that bedhead of hair she has now, looks like a tiger fish for hair.” Armstrong deflects.

“It’s not my fault your hair turned loose instead of gray as you got older, Mr. Macho man.” Frost snaps back.

“Turn off the damn emergency announcements. I have a migraine from all of that noise.” Capt Harris informs everyone. “Shut up and collect yourselves. We have to figure all of this out. We can’t be at the space station; we would have been woken up just outside of the solar system to guide this tub into port.”

“Armstrong, I forgot how short you were. Guess I’m just used to you always wearing those lifts in your boots. Compensate much?” Frost belts out.

“Don’t need to be tall when the amount of alcohol I buy them evens the playing field. I keep purchasing them drinks until I look better. Live, learn, adapt.” Armstrong says tapping his head to indicate smarts.

Loud alarm is placed on mute, the flashing red emergency lights still flash. After everyone collects their wits about them, all of the stations are checked for information on the ship to make sure nothing has happened to the integrity of the hull, life support, navigation, and other important systems.

Captain Harris places a short fat cigar in his mouth, chewing on it nervously like usual. “What do we have? Report everyone.”

“We… propulsion …..integrity … … ….a ……go crew compartment.” Everyone talks at once.

“One at a time, clowns, in this order, report. Hull. Comms. Life support. Engines.” Captain Harris orders. “What I just heard just now made no sense…..Too many voices and sporadic jargon, jumbled words wow.”

“Hull integrity is 100%. No leaks in the crew compartments.”

“We have communication.”

“Life support is good.”

“Propulsion is a go.”

“You’re obnoxious, Armstrong. You need to change your ways with the ladies. ” Frost says aloud. “Look at me, I’m natural. Be like me.”

“Hold up, fake eyelashes, contact lenses, hair color come out of a bottle, your breasts and butt are implants, spray on tan, your lips are swollen as if you are allergic to common sense, liposuction and every image that you upload to the cobweb net has a filter modifier. So who is the fake one here?” Armstrong fights back.

“Ah. Love is in the air.” Sonny says sarcastically.

“I’m gonna kick your ass. Hold up.” Frost says while taking a step toward her challenger.

“Stop your entire BS right now. Let’s focus. Check communication for any new messages that would have stopped my ship. I will replace both of you if this doesn’t stop right freakin’ now.”

“Yea, there is a long-range, message. I’m gonna pull it up, it’s listed as ‘priority one’. Audio file, we are too far out to receive video. I’m trying to filter it and clean it up.” Frost enlightens everyone while she does as told at the communication station searching media files and streams.

“Crackle, crackle………..sizzle………. Puppets………..Pigs……..Police state……….”

“Alice, can you amplify and clean up the message?” Captain Harris says loudly to the A.I. that oversees all of the independent systems on this ship. She is the brain and nervous system of this ship.

“Yes, Captain, I believe so………Give me about 30 seconds.”

“I could have done it also. Does Ms. Perfect have to do everything? Damn her.”

“You’re jealous of a computer, calm yourself. You know I need you.”Harris offers praise to Frost.

“Here we go, Captain Harris. Here is the message. The best I can do for now.”

“Attention. Attention. Captain Harris…… This is Admiral Hamm. We have sent an encrypted ‘priority one’ message to your ship, ‘The Lucky’ because you are the only starship outside of the fleet in the area to help a ship that has drifted out of the shipping lanes toward a star that’s about to go supernova. Trust me, they didn’t mean to stop.”

“Search and rescue now…….ughhh, this sucks.” Armstrong says.

“Shhhhhh.” A group effort.

“Hear me, corrupt establishment puppets. We, the enlightened soldiers, the spearhead for the People’s Liberation Force, are here to set in motion this reckoning. We support the Neo-Enlightened founding fathers. Report and reveal this to the capitalist elite pigs; fear us because the change has come. Your racist imperial police state is coming to an end. We, the people, are united to usher in the new era for the improvement of the citizens of the Galaxy. Tell them you had no choice but to bow down to the innovative plans of the PLA for the betterment of civilization.” The voice crackles and sputters over the intercom.

“She sounds pissed.” Armstrong comments.

“What militia activist ever sounds friendly? Yeah, we get it. She is mad. You’re stupid.”

“It’s a radical militia. We are no match for any kind of ship with artillery.” Alice says.

“Chicken……. However, she is right.”

“This starship called the ‘Sun Piercer’………AKA ‘Starship One’ it has the president on board. Go get him and as many cabinet members that are on that ship. That’s an order. I have been informed that the starship’s power supply was compromised because of solar flares, EMP type phenomenon. The bridge was compromised along with the engines so she is dead in space. Space debris could also have compromised the hull or windows since the shielding would be down. The clock is ticking, Captain. Go get them, that’s a direct order. This is Admiral Hamm, over and out.”

“We don’t have to do this. We aren’t in the Galaxy fleet. He can’t order us into a combat situation.” Captain Harris comments.

“He kinda just did.”

“Well, I’m not going to do it. My ship is a free lance entrepreneurial, opportunist starship.”

“It’s the president we have to do our duty.”

“You have mistaken me for a captain that cares about others. Really, come on.” Harris explains.

“Here is the rest of that encrypted message.” Alice informs Captain Harris just as she plays the audio file.

“P.S. It’s Admiral Hamm here for a bit more. If you don’t do this you will be considered an enemy of the fleet and will be hunted down. You have to do this for our galaxy.”

“We know where to go to hide from the fleet for years now. It doesn’t change a great deal.”

Alice…. “Here is the last bit of that message. ‘P.S.S. We will prosecute you to the fullest extent of the law. Your family will be subject to your punishment if you don’t execute this order. Your grandma and your daughter will end up in a penal colony to do hard labor. How long will they last?’” Admiral Hamm’s voice tails off.

“Son of a………” Frost erupts.

“Well…… crap……. it’s our duty as citizens of this galaxy to do what needs to be done. The fate of the president is on our shoulders. Pull up your panties, ladies. We are going on a rescue mission now.” Captain Harris says in a regal tone.

Alice finds more of the message to play for the crew. “P.S.S.S. This is Admiral Hamm again. Get your asses moving!!! Hugs and kisses.” He says this in a firm then relaxed tone.

“Well that’s not professional.” Armstrong says uneasily.

“Alice, plot a course to intercept ‘Starship One’ let me know when it’s a go for supersonic speed.”

“Hey, Frost, can you pull up any other random messages before we shoot into the middle of all this?” Sonny asks.

“Yeah, sure, some messages are just stored in the logs. All I have to do is search. What are you looking for? Your space dating app not loading your red flags and train wrecks quick enough?” Frost questions Sonny.

“I was wondering if we can find out what the last Galaxy ball lottery numbers are. I want out. I’m tired of all of this crap. I can resign my commission. You know retire, if we make it out of this one alive.” Sonny knows full well that he doesn’t have a commission as an entrepreneurial independent crew member.

“Now that the course has been plotted by ‘Alice,’ Frost, lets engage the ‘momentum cancellers’ and make for ‘Starship One.’ All station report. Are we ready?”

“Aye, ready.”All stations report.

“Get to it, let’s go. All engines engage to 75%. Stop us at a far enough distance to make sure we can move on them undetected.”

“Sonny, full ‘ultra speed’, we need to enter the slip stream. We need to get there as fast as possible. Please raise the speed to eight U-parsecs.” Captain Harris commands.

“Yeah, we know that’s 85%of the max. We can’t hold that speed the whole way.“ Sonny replies.

“You and Alice will let me know when we are pushing the ship too much. Then we go from there. Frost see if you can pull up more communication with Fleet Command.”

“You’re pushing it too hard. Oh, that’s what she said.”

“Grow up.”

“You will be sorry for doing that.”

“No need to bring up prom night.”

“This could end up a disaster.”

“Now we are talking about my first marriage?”

“Yes, sir, will do.” Sonny smirks at the others passing jokes knowing full well Captain Harris is ignoring the simpletons.

“Sonny, I’m curious. What will you do with all of those credits you could earn from the Galaxy lottery? I have a feeling it might change you. Crazy money changes everyone, the jackpot has carried over a number of times. It’s one of the biggest jackpots yet.” Armstrong says. “I wouldn’t mind collecting that amount of scratch.”

‘Before I answer, let me ask all of you. What would everyone else do with that jackpot?”Sonny asks.

“Let me think……gambling, women, and some adult entertainment.” Armstrong replies.

“New body parts at the body exchange, maybe new eyes. I would take care of my family and retire.” Frost speaks up.

“Captain Harris, what would you do?” Frost asks.

“I would fix this ship, she’s called ‘Lucky’ for a reason, and she’s gotten me out of a few scrapes. I would get her an overhaul, new engines, navigation system, and upgrade the life compartments.”

“Sorry, but it won’t change my mind about helping others. Give until it hurts. I would feed the poor and downtrodden, more soup kitchens, and build shelters for the homeless. I would make sure I had enough to retire on. I can’t go broke. There is no retirement plan here with you Captain Harris. No offense. If many have needs and one can help others or just another person then If I’m in the position to help I will.”

“So says the ’virgin’. Haha. That’s how people go broke, too much helping others, trusting others, and then getting taken by others. Be wise, if it ever happens. Even if it’s a small amount of money, you could win a big payout at the station casino.”

“I’m not a virgin. I just don’t want to take the chances any of you have. A few of you have taken penicillin for stuff, chance of getting someone pregnant, or getting told a few lies and a mysterious bf/husband or gf/wife gets angry and chases me down. That won’t happen to me like it has to one or two of you.” Sonny rebukes.

“I know what you mean me. Spit it out. Want to fight it out before we go get to the president?” Armstrong says.

“Let’s do name association.”

“Yeah, come on. Go for it.”


“She didn’t tell me about her husband. Not my fault.”


“She had a boyfriend. Not my fault.”


“I wore rose colored glasses for that one. Plenty of red flags around her, I just chose not to see them. That’s my bad.”

“I know you’ve been to the clinic a few times. What about a few of those ladies of the night giving you……. What’s it called? PSTDs? Popular……..”

“It’s not PSTDs, dork. Are you hinting at popular sexually transmitted diseases?”

“Was I close? Is that it?”

“It’s PTSDs, that is what happens to some soldiers after war. It’s serious business. Penicillin won’t cure that. Look I’m getting pissed off now. Those are fighting words.” Armstrong blurts out.

“We have arrived at the furthest distance of ‘Starship One’s’ long range scanners.”

“Frost, bring us out of Ultra speed, .5 U-parsecs, glide us in.” Captain Harris says.

“Aye, aye, Captain.” Frost looks around to see both Sonny and Armstrong eyeing each other with mad eyes. “Engaging the booster engines now.”

The star ship ‘Lucky ‘makes it’s stop a good distance from ‘Starship One ‘and then stealthily makes it to the ship. Using long range sensors to assess the damage, “Lucky ‘is floating to it’s target. Prepare for defenses but there are none. The bridge has been blown out, the engines are dead, the artillery canons are useless, and the readings display that the living compartments are running on emergency power. Sensors show a few life signs, the hidden life sensors showing that the president and a few others are alive.

“Starship Sun piercer, please respond. This is a rescue mission. Do you need help? We are here to help.” Send that message to ‘Starship One.” Captain Harris commands Alice to do so. The A.I. does so and keeps repeating the communiqué.

“Aye, Captain.” Frost sends the message. Everyone is on pins and needles as they wait for a response. Minutes later, there is still no response.

“It could be that all of the PLA members were trying to deal with the ship going dead.” No other life signs are located in the ship except the few in the storage compartment.” Frost says.

“That’s good this should be quick then, we could get lucky.” Sonny let’s out. “Speaking of lucky I have a good feeling about my lottery numbers this time.”

“You say that every time, punk.” Armstrong responds.

“Alice, take us in next to them to board their ship. Everyone get into your pressure suits and take some self-defense. I want everyone strapped just in case we encounter resistance.” Harris belts out. “Remember safety first.”

“I’ve yelled that out before.” Armstrong lets out.

“Oh my God, this is never gonna end. I’m on a ship full of children, I’ve always known that but you just keep proving it time after time.” Frost analyzes her co-workers.

“We don’t want to lose anyone on this. It’s really freaking serious. The president of the fleet is in need of this rescue mission. We are so lucky to not have them shooting at us with those canons. I have a feeling my lucky rabbit’s foot is helping us out this time.”

“That rabbit had four of those ‘Lucky’ rabbit’s feet. It didn’t end so lucky for that rabbit. Just saying.”

“Awe, shut up, let’s find the light at the end of any tunnel, ok. We have had a bad patch for awhile. I need some reassurance on this one. Admiral Hamm will hunt us down. That ‘Hugs and Kisses ‘ is something he would always say as he would destroy opponents playing poker with him. He would get in your head, read you, and then wipe the floor with you to take all of your credit. That was a subtle threat to say the least.” Captain Harris calmly explains.

“Well that sends a chill up my spine. All of us will end up on a watch list if this goes south.” Frost frowns as she talks.

“If time is of the essence, the plan should move along as quickly as possible.” Alice says.

“She’s got a point. Go grab your suits and a side arm. One never knows. We don’t want to get jumped or surprised here. Then go to the air lock. We need to get a move on it. Chop chop.”

Everyone runs off to change, grab a piece out of the weapons closet. Then they all move quickly to the air lock.

The whole crew, besides Captain Harris is in the air lock, checking over their pressure suits, standard issue white head to toe with shaded vision plates. That’s common for older used fleet gear, space surplus. A piece of Sonny’s suit falls to the air lock floor.

“Everyone use channel two to talk to each of us, the normal one we use.”

The whole crew double checks the transmission channel or makes the appropriate changes to their system.

“Oops, my personal tracker fell off. I don’t have time to fix this. Can someone just push it into my side pocket, the one next to the safety harness? Our magnetic boots will keep me safe.” Sonny says.

“Here, that will do it.” Frost pushes the piece of safety equipment where Sonny requests. It won’t fall out because of the Velcro closing flap. I will fix it when we get back.

“Now that I think of it my helmet microphone is in the equipment room. I fixed it but forgot to place it back in my helmet. I can still hear everything through my helmet speakers, no biggie. I will just press my personal tracker on and off, so one pulse for ‘yes’ and two for ‘no.’ Ok, I’m ready. Let’s do this. I won’t be a problem. I swear, boss.” Sonny explains.

“Ok, ok……. Everyone, are you ready? Time is wasting……. Let’s do this. Alice, open the outer air lock door.” Captain Harris commands.

“Affirmative, Captain.” Everyone feels the machines opening the outer door.

“Grab the outer door opener piece, the door wrench. How is there not a real word for this thing? I could patent it any make a fortune. I know they don’t sell them in the marketplace. You know pirate stuff.” Armstrong explains.

“So, yeah, there was a need so we made one. It’s that pirate stuff right there? We had one, a need, we didn’t just make it right now because we needed it.” Sonny replies.

“We are lazy and kinda not good at following orders, that’s why we aren’t on a fleet ship now. Maybe not lazy, we just prefer to do our own thing.” Captain Harris interjects.

“Why do you always shoot down my ideas?” Armstrong replies.

“Someone could be lazy enough to make one at home. Remember you made that back shaver? You got the dimensions off the marketplace website and went to creating your own, a cheaper version.”

“The room is full of naysayers. I have a strong entrepreneurial mind. Its chilling how this crew holds me back.” Armstrong boasts.

“Armstrong shut up, open the door.” Captain Harris commands. “Let’s get in, make sure the coast is clear, make it to the president, rescue him and the others and blast out of here.”

“Test your personal tracker again Sonny. I don’t want any surprises.” Captain Harris tells him. “Alice, did the personal tracker flash like it’s supposed to?”

“Affirmative Captain, it’s working perfectly.” Alice calm voice comes across the communication link. Captain Harris gives Sonny the thumbs up sign.

Armstrong twists the door lock open with a bit of effort. Frost pushes past him; her suit’s lights shines bright revealing all. The rest of the crew piles into the ship at first the landing area then spreading out by a few meters, all of them pointing their side arms at different hallways or hiding possibilities.

“Clear……Clear……….Clear……….Clear.” The important safety word that gets repeated, it lets everyone know it’s safe for the moment. Captain Harris gives the hand signal to all of them for the next part. Breaking off into pairs Captain Harris takes Sonny because of the communication problem in his helmet. The other two move off in a different direction. All of them go searching the entirety of the ship for security reasons, every room, behind larger objects, just a thorough search. Nobody needs any surprises right now. This priority mission needs to go as planned.

‘Hugs and kisses’, those words ringing in Captain Harris’ head. “Have we covered the whole ship? We have searched lower and back areas.”

“Frost and me have covered the upper and aft sections.” Armstrong replies.” The bridge was blown out, ice everywhere along with floating equipment and a couple of bodies.”

“Good, let’s head to the living compartment. It’s a mess down here as well, few ex- PLA ice pops also floating about.”

Everyone navigates toward the compartment with the life signals on the lower deck, Captain Harris points at the dead keypad. “You know what to do, Sonny. Get to it. Everyone else keep a look out. We could have missed anything. Stay sharp.”

“You are so forceful. I get that this is serious but you might need an anger management class or many when we get back.” Sonny takes out electrical equipment, removes the wall section close to the keypad, and clips power chords from a small keyboard to electric lines he strips for needed connection. The keypad lights up, Sonny hits a few keys to override the locking codes. After a number of seconds the door indicator lights turn green and the portal opens. “There you go. Easy, peasy.”

The president sits in the back with his guards and a couple of cabinet members making a human shield to protect this man. Blasters pointed at each other as this scene makes everyone take defensive positions. There has been no communication with the survivors so they have no idea who made it to them now, friend or foe, tense moments for now. Frost points to her head set, motioning to the communication links, she shows four fingers. She shakes them at her helmet’s antennae trying to indicate channel four.

“I hope they realize we are going to channel 4.” Frost indicates.

All persons involved here look at their comm. units and change to the new channel setting.

“Why change the channel to four. We always use two.” Captain Harris inquires to Frost.

“I didn’t want them to misunderstand my hand motion. Pointing at my helmet and pointing two fingers at it kind of looks like a gesture to shoot someone in the head. I didn’t want to be that someone to be me.” Frost explains. “Good enough reason? It sure as hell makes sense to me.”

“I will give you that. You are smarter than those other two on my crew. Haha.” Captain lets out a deep hearty laugh.

“Whatever.” Armstrong says and Sonny fires off a rude gesture.

Captain Harris turns his attention back to the others in the room. “We are here to rescue you, sent by Admiral Hamm, we were the closest ship to you for a quick extraction. “Let’s get out of here unless you want to enjoy your beachside villa a few more days? I’m Captain Harris of the starship ‘Lucky.’ Let’s beat feet before any PLA ships make it back to rush you away.”

“It’s great to see you. Yeah, let’s go. I don’t see the fleet insignia on your suits.” The president comments suspiciously.

“We are a private crew of entrepreneurs. We were ordered by Admiral Hamm. Hey, you know what? Can we just finish this on the ship where you will be safe? I figure your life support systems are getting taxed by now. Follow us. Come on the five of you.”

This group of new found friends bunch together for safety. So close that they trip on one another and clumsily bump into walls, doors, and debris, they make their way through the ship headed back to the outer hull door, close to each other the whole way there. Everyone is on full alert, side arms and lights searching for opposition.

“Can’t lie that walk reminded me of prison, too close to my back side the whole walk, bumping into me. Are you excited to see me there, Tex, or is that a pistol in your pocket?”

“We will see who has the last laugh, buddy.” Body guard responds.

“Let’s just get out of here.” Capt Harris comments.

As a group, everyone hits the landing, letting the president and guard out, next the cabinet members, followed by the rescue party. All are off the dead ship and into the airlock of starship ‘Lucky’ now everyone bumps into one another as they wait for the small room to get pressurized with air and the rest of the ship. An indicator light flashes from red to green, the door opens up to release all personnel into the main part of the ship. The crew rips off their helmets and head into the ship, not as quickly the others remove their helmets as well.

“Fay, daughter, thank God we are safe now.” The president hugs one of the other hostages.

“Yeah, we things are going to get better.” Fay replies dryly.

The rest of the party makes their way following the crew, it’s not a huge ship so that is easy to find, and walk up the stairs to end up in the busy ship’s bridge it’s the highest level.

“Captain, all systems is still green. There has been a new communication from Admiral Hamm from the Fleet.” Alice offers.

The crew heads up to the bridge grab their places; check the systems as usual per their jobs. Everyone dressed in their suits but all of the helmets are off. Adrenaline is still pumping in some of them.

“We have to send this communiqué now” Frost chimes in. “Ok, Captain, take it away.”

“Record this message so we can send confirmation of the rescue mission to Admiral Hamm at the Fleet HQ. We have saved the president we can get a reward. This was my lucky day, our lucky day.” Captain Harris proudly boasts……. Reveling in his moment of triumph, his arms reaching to the sky, a smile stretches across Captain Harris’ face.

Fay moves forward. “Here give me the microphone…..”

“Why would they want to hear from you first? I’m the president of the free world.” The president says to his daughter.

The president’s two guard jumps into action, pushing the president back. Closest guard places a foot on his chest to keep him on the deck. They each shoot the two cabinet members in the chest, enough to have them land on the floor incapacitated. The suits aren’t bulletproof.

“Attention. Attention. Ahem. I hope ya don't mind, let me clear my throat.” Fay says while peering at her father.

“What are you doing? This is insane…….” Captain Harris shouts.

“I have an announcement: Hear me, corrupt establishment puppets. We, the enlightened soldiers, the spearhead for the People’s Liberation Force, are here to set in motion this reckoning. ……” Fay goes on to repeat the PLA threat that was sent to Admiral Hamm before.

“You can’t be part of this……… You’re my daughter.” The president says in shock at what is happening.

“I’m the PLA leader; I have created this moment from square one, the inception. Ahem…………..We the people are no longer going to live as oppressed citizens…………….” Fay goes on to repeat the message she has memorized to send to the fleet, same as before, a threat to the fleet, a promise of anarchy.

“Nooooooooooooooooo.” The president screams.

Sci Fi

About the author

John Lohnes

Writing is a release, an explosion of freedom to create. I like the stories that keep you on the edge of your seat while comedy slides in at the correct times. Enjoy drama, action, human interaction, contrast, comedy ,and overall ride.

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    I enjoy it!

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