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Love of A Scientist

Loves blows your mind and heart too

By MUTHUSELVAM OPublished 3 months ago 7 min read

From the prime minister to the army minister, every military official was seated in that large, silent hall. The centre was occupied by a sizable glass tank that was filled with water. Next to it, a sizable table with equipment, including a computer, was set up.Scientist Varun was seated on one of the two chairs that had been set up near the table. A young woman with an African American and mixed-race complexion who was supposed to be his secretary sat next to him.

Slowly, Varun awakens, and is now discovered by himself.

With this gear, our army's fleet will become much stronger.Moreover, there will be a huge decrease in the number of fatalities. There will also be places to stage battles from where we were. I will now go over its workings before demonstrating it to you all in front of our Prime Minister.

On the chair, he sat.His assistants waved his hand and waited for his glance.

They immediately lifted the weight (crane) and lowered the little ship into the water tank after spotting it. Also floating around the ship were four or five smaller ships. Varun stood up once more and began showing the techniques.The person who used his computer to disable the first ship's upper deck slowly allowed it to sink. Now everyone knows that from the submerged ship, They were keeping a tight check on the ship itself.

Out of nowhere, four or five tubes appeared, and one of them was little.

The surrounding ships were destroyed by the shells as they surged up with a shrieking sound.

Everyone who was present applauded.

They communicated their joy.

Scientist Varun now began describing the advantages of his finding. After hearing his half-hour presentation, the Prime Minister He approached him, shook his hand, and offered his congratulations. Following that, everyone arrived. They congratulated and shook hands.

The reporters conducted a heated interview with him the following day. A few reporters sought to interview the secretary standing next to him. He grinned and replied, "Sorry." She is no longer my secretary; in fact, everyone will be shocked to learn that she will become my wife next month. Everyone began shaking hands and expressing congratulations after that.

Varun is getting close to 60 years old. His future wife is going to be a clerk who is under 25 years old. They are

The young woman started out by telling the media how they met, she got a job as his secretary, and they later fell in love.

Varun visited Australia a year earlier for a scientific meeting when he met the girl. She does not look Indian.

The African-American got employed by a scientist in another nation even though she is from an African nation. They attended the seminar as well. When everyone arrived at the hotel's evening reception, they got to know one another.The following day was the day of his talk, but by then he

When the scientist from the other nation and his secretary unexpectedly entered his room due to a fever, they observed his state and told the secretary, "You will see him tonight."

After saying "take care," he left for his room.

He was partially awake in the morning thanks to the lady's touch from the previous evening, and his discourse was superb.

He inquired about her attendance to the woman who was serving as his steward for the evening. You should let my boss know that Naas refused to publish, the woman advised. He persisted in holding onto her and went to the scientist to request that he abandon her for him.

He gave it some thought before responding, "Fine." Varun was ecstatic after that, and his joy knew no bounds. By contacting the nation of India, he made every attempt to get the girl to him. At this point, he has even considered getting married to her.The day of their wedding, the newspapers ran pages and pages of articles about the woman who had ousted Varun and who had spent a long time investigating up until this point.

Where did you go on vacation? That was a journalist's query.

With a little shame, we are departing early tomorrow morning to see him. We'll travel across the world starting in Australia and ending in London and the United States. She timidly leans on his shoulder.People in Australia head to the hotel at night after spending the day exploring the city.

They returned. They advised them to take a bath first to relieve their fatigue.

The young woman entered the restroom. Avoid eating out at night.

He made the decision to pick up the phone and place an order for dinner.

The time was ten minutes. When he answered the door after hearing a knock, he announced that dinner had arrived late. That's it; five people in masks entered. Someone placed a gun on his head before he even tried to speak. He yelled in English, "I'll shoot him if he makes any noise!"

The girl changed her clothing and returned outside after taking a bath at that point.

He placed the rifle against her hairy forehead.

Varun said from there, "Don't shoot her, don't shoot her."

Then you two should follow us without making any noise.

ok ok

Don't shoot her, please. Without saying a word, they embraced each other when they emerged so that people wouldn't be suspicious.

They hugged both of them after taking off their masks, and Varun then put the rifle on their backs and dragged them along.The two were sitting in panic as the car was travelling at a high speed. The cart came to a screaming halt and the girl sitting next to Varun was instructed to get down after one of the two persons seated nearby cried "stop." Why are you telling that female to get off, Varun pleaded?

Also, the girl began to stutter and yell after being unable to escape him. the front-row passenger abruptly,He crouched down, pulled her by her hair, and began pounding her. Varun said, "Don't strike her, don't hit her," from within.

She collapsed in the middle of the road after being unable to handle the impact.

He climbed inside and sat down. Varun was yelling "Ouch" you've left her as the car began to fly away, leaving her all alone.

In the middle of the street, she was abandoned.

Just five minutes

A automobile suddenly arrived silently next to her. When a guy in a dark suit descended from above and heard the quiet cry of "Stella," she—who had been lying on the litter—rose up straight as a bow and saluted him with a rifle.Your work has been completed flawlessly. We will bring that scientist to our country because that is what makes our nation so proud. After another brief salute, she dashed up to the car that was following it.

(I originally planned to stop the story here. So that the readers aren't concerned about what happened to the scientist, I'll proceed.)

Scientist Varun was driving a car that was travelling at a high pace when it was abruptly halted by Australian police who advised him to take a different route because the road was being built. They told Varun not to make any noise as they placed the rifle on his back, leaving him somewhat surprised.

He wasn't in the right frame of mind to be worried about what had happened to him, his wife, or his girlfriend.

Once more, after travelling only a short distance, the car was abruptly stopped by Australian police.

Everyone was asked to raise their hands and sit down after being surrounded. Also taken down was varun, who had a troubled expression.

The next day, Varun was delivered to Indian authorities,

He was transported safely to India. He still grieves for that woman.

(The girl first raised suspicions in the eyes of Indian intelligence)

He left after telling the scientist that he did not believe in love spells. Moreover, the girl was a female soldier.In order to kidnap him and take him to Australia, the seminar was organised there. Australia was urged by the army to look after him safely. Considering the nation that attempted to kidnap him was also India's ally, they planned to handle it as cleanly as they could and were successful.

However, the separation of the scientist's love wife could not be pacified by any country experts.

It kept reaching. True love is forever,

Attainment is misery.

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