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Love Despite Reality

by Veronica Pollard 6 months ago in Series
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Chapter 7


At the hospital West waits pacing back and forth for almost two hours with very little news. Joe and Rita, along with Meghan all sit nervously waiting on news of how Larissa and the baby are. Larissa was in and out of consciousness on the ride into the hospital. Meghan has sent Brian a text and also called to leave him a voicemail, knowing that he will be looking for them after the game. After what feels like forever the doctor comes out into the waiting room.

"Mr. West..." he says to West who is already standing

"Please don't beat around the bush doc, just tell me how they are!" West says quickly

"Miss Mathews suffered severe blood loss. The fetal heart monitor was unable to detect any fetal heart activity. With an ultrasound performed shortly after she arrived, we discovered Miss Mathews had suffered a placental abruption, in this case it was a complete abruption. The abruption cut off the baby's oxygen and with all the blood loss and no heart beat we had to perform an emergency c-section." the doctor pauses as West sits down and puts his head into his hands

Joe stands next to him and places his hand on West's shoulder

Continuing the doctor says

"I'm sorry, the baby was stillborn, at a little over one pound"

With tears in his eyes West looks up at the doctor as he pauses again and says

"And Larissa?"

"It's honestly too soon to tell. We've given her several blood transfusions and we are attempting to regulate her blood pressure. Her hemoglobin level was a four when she arrived, with levels as low as hers was." He pauses again as West stands back up

"That could have a dire impact on the body. Affecting anything from her heart, liver, kidneys and especially her brain. She is in ICU, we are monitoring her closely. It's honestly just too soon to tell. The next 24 hours are crucial, if she has any other family, you should call them."

"Can I see her?" West asks

"She is in recovery right now, still unconscious but I can let you in with her. Please note that she is unaware of all that has happened, and it is imperative that we stabilize her when she comes to before we can tell her the news about the baby." he replies

"Give me a few minutes and I'll bring you back shortly" he tells West, then he walks back through the double doors

Unable to find words, they all sit with worry etched all over their faces. A million things running through West's head, anger, and regret at the top of the list. Angry with Larissa for not caring more about all the warning signs that something was wrong. Regretting all the times he knew she wasn't feeling well and did nothing.

Five minutes later the nurse returns and says

"Mr. West!"

West already pacing near the door follows her to the room where he sees Larissa lying on the bed with IVs, oxygen, and all kinds of machines around her. He walks in and kisses her forehead gently. Then pulling a chair up next to the bed he holds her hand. Closing his eyes, he leans his head on the bed and tears begin to flow as he replays the past few months. The nurses come in and out checking the machines. West just continues to sit there glancing up and Larissa every few minutes.

"Larissa, I love you! Please wake up!" he whispers over and over again

After a few hours West feels her slightly move her hand, looking up he sees her lips move and her eyes begin to open. Standing up the tears begin again, and he says


"West" she murmurs as she looks around

"Where am I?" she asks

"You're at the hospital" he replies softly

Looking down she puts her hand on her belly and says

"I can't feel my stomach or my legs!"

"I know, you're ok" he replies

"How's the baby?" she asks

West looks at her and before he can say anything her machines starts to beep, and she begins to cry. The nurse comes racing into the room. Larissa tries to sit up and the nurse starts trying to calm her down as West is led out by another nurse, he watches from the window. Several more nurses and the doctor finally come running to assist. Tears begin to stream down his face again as he watches as the staff try frantically to stabilize the love of his life. Though losing his baby boy was heartbreaking, he knew that loosing Larissa was something his heart just couldn't handle.

A few minutes later the doctor comes out and tells West

"We gave her a low dose mild sedative and she'll come to in about an hour or so. We didn't want her to code, again. So, we gave her a sedative to calm her, so her vitals could regulate. I have looked at all her test results and thankfully everything seems to be normal. We don't see any organ damage, she will have some pain from the c-section, but we expect her to make a full recovery."

"She said she couldn't feel her stomach or legs." West says

"That is from the spinal block, it should wear off in the next few hours" the doctor replies

"Ok, thank you" West says as he walks back into the room, to Larissa's side

A while later he sees Brian walking up the hall. Getting up, he meets him just outside the door. Brian gives him a hug and glancing over his shoulder he says

"West, I'm so sorry!"

West manages to hold back his tears. Brian looks at Larissa again through the window and asks

"How is she?"

"Okay, she woke up and said she couldn't feel anything and started asking about the baby then she coded, they had to sedate her again" he states softly

"I'm so sorry, I came as soon as I got the messages" he says

"No, your fine. Did you guys win?" West asks

"Naw!" he states

"What happened West?" Brian asks

West walks back into the waiting room with Brian as he fills him in on what happened at the game and since they've been at the hospital. In the lobby he sees his mom leaning on Joe's shoulder asleep and Meghan stands as they walk out.

"How is she?" Meghan asks

"Okay, I'm waiting for her to wake up. You guys can go get some rest. I know it's late." he adds

"No, I'm fine" Meghan states

"I just got here, we'll stick around and make sure everything's ok." Brian states

"We're fine. Go back in, she'll want to see you when she wakes up, keep us posted" Joe states

Before walking into the room, he stands at the door and watches Larissa, lying there helpless. Sitting down next to the bed he glances at his watch and sees that it's almost 2am.

Suddenly West wakes up to the movement of her hand, standing to his feet he gives her a sweet kiss on the forehead and whispers

"Morning babe!" as he reaches over to press the nurses' button

"How are you feeling" he asks

Larissa doesn't reply. The nurse comes into the room, glancing at the machines she says

"Larissa, how are you feeling?"

"Pain" she says in a soft groggy voice

"I'm giving you some pain medicine now" she says sticking the needle into the IV

"This will kick in, in a few seconds."

Larissa looks at West as tears begin to run down her face.

"I'm sorry!" she mumbles through the tears as she looks at him and closes her eyes

He leans over and gives her a gentle kiss on the forehead and says

"I love you!" grabbing a tissue he wipes the tears from her face and says

"Everything is going to be ok" struggling to hold back his tears he holds her hand tight and takes a deep breath

"Babe, please, don't cry" he whispers as he kisses her forehead again

"I'm so sorry!" she says again

"Is everything ok?" West asks the nurse when one of the machines start beeping

"Yes Sir, her vitals are good. The doctor will be down shortly."

"Larissa, everything is going to be ok! I love you!"

"Ok" she says nodding her head

Leaning over he gives her a brief kiss on the lips and says

"You really scared me. I love you so much!" he says kissing her hand

Just as he sits back down another nurse and doctor walk back into the room. After checking her vitals, they ask Larissa a series of questions and go over all that has happened. To everyone's surprise she remains rather calm, except for the tears that continue to roll down her face.

"Babe you, ok?" West asks when they all finally leave the room

Larissa just lays there quiet and motionless then finally she turns to him and whispers

"No! Please stop asking me that!"

"Everyone is in the lobby, they wanted to make sure you were ok before leaving. Is it ok if I bring them back, to see you?"

"Sure" she replies

Leaving the room, he stops at the nurses' station for a minute. Then brings everyone back from the lobby. After a brief visit, they head to the hotel and West makes himself comfortable

"You should go get some rest too" Larissa says

"I'm fine" he replies quickly

"I know you probably haven't left my side and you really should get some rest. Please go, I'll be fine"

"I'm not going anywhere!" he says quickly


"Larissa, I'm not leaving, drop it!" he snaps

Two hours later Larissa has fallen asleep, the nurse comes into the room and asks West to step into the hallway. There she informs him that they are still waiting to see if either of them wanted to see the baby. West ask her to take a few pictures, knowing they wouldn't be able to handle seeing him.

Later that afternoon he asks the doctor if they would be able to transfer Larissa to Orlando. After arranging a private medical flight and finishing all the paperwork West heads to the hotel to pack their things and check out so he can fly with Larissa. Later that evening Joe, Rita, Meghan, and Brian all stop back by to check on Larissa before they fly home. Meghan and Brian plan to fly down to Orlando after Brian gets everything squared away back home. Rita lets them know that they will be by when they get settled in at the hospital.

Dr. Smith walks into the hospital room just after 9am Tuesday morning.

"Morning Larissa, how are you feeling?" she asks sweetly

"I'm ok"

"West!" Dr. Smith says

"Morning Doc" West replies

"I'm very sorry. I've looked over your chart and I don't see any reason you won't be able to go home tomorrow evening or Thursday morning at the latest. We will go over caring for your incision at home. Please just keep in mind you have to take it easy."

"That's easier said than done!" Larissa whispers

"Well, it will be a must, Larissa. Your body has been through a lot it needs time to heal." Dr Smith states

When Dr. Smith leaves the room, West sits on the edge of the bed and asks

"Can I get you anything"

"No, thank you" she replies

West gets up and closes the door then walking back over to the bed he says

"The last thing I want to do is upset you. Ok!" he says softly

"Ok" she replies a little unsure where he's going with this

"You haven't said much. Are you sure you're, ok?" he asks

"I'm fine" she states


"Don't you need to get some rest for work. I know it's been a few days and I'm ok if you need to go."

"No, I'm not going anywhere" he replies as his phone rings

"This is West!" he says a little agitated

"Hey Dad, Yes, we're here."

"Room 612"

"She's ok"

"Ok, we'll see you all later" he states hanging up the phone and walking over to the window and staring out over the city.

"West, I know there is a conversation that we need to have. But I'm just not ready." she says softly

West glances back at her and replies

"I'm not going anywhere. Whenever you're ready." looking back out the window

"Thank you!" she replies

Thursday morning, they arrive back at the resort. Arguing the entire way there about whether or not Larissa should walk inside or let West push her in a wheelchair. West finally just gives up.

"Can you bring me a few pillows, please?" she asks when they've entered the penthouse

"Sure!" West replies

As he hands her the pillows, she asks

"Is it ok, if I sit on these?"

"Whatever you need to do with them is fine" he states sarcastically

Sitting down she says

"This is going to be challenging!"

West smirks then says

"I know it is, for the both of us!" as he sits next to her on the couch he asks

"How are you feeling?"

"I'm getting there" she replies

"Brian and Meghan, a flying in tomorrow. Are you ok with them staying with us or would you rather I put them in a suite?" he asks

"They are more than welcome to stay here." she states

"I know your family just wants to be here for us and I'm ok with that. It helps me cope with the fact that I don't have any family to be here with me." she says as unshed tears begin to swell up in her eyes. West carefully slides closer to her and holds her in his arms

"Babe, you do have a family and we are all here for you!" he states as she continues to sob

After a minute she sits up and looks at him then says

"I really am sorry West!"

"I know this is all my fault! I'm really, really sorry!" she adds

West gently lifts her chin to him and says

"We are going to get through this. We can't change the past, we can only learn from it and move forward. Please stop beating yourself up." as they sit in silence her tears become uncontrollable

Kissing her forehead gently he whispers

"I love you so much! That will never change!"

"I know, and I love you too!" she acknowledges

"You've been everything I could have ever imagined you would be. But I still struggle with being here in your perfect world. Now I feel like I'm just messing everything up" Larissa whispers after some time

"Larissa please don't!" West says quickly

"Please, just hear me out. From the moment I woke up in the hospital, I knew that there would never be any way we could move on If I had lost the baby. But here you are every step of the way, you've been by my side refusing to leave. I blame myself and I see now that you never would. But that doesn't change the guilt that I feel." tears start to roll down her face again but she continues

"I blame myself for not being honest with you, knowing that the heartache and pain that everyone is feeling could have possibly been prevented."

Unable to control her emotions she begins twirling her engagement ring. West places his hand on top of hers and says

"Stop! I know where you're going with this! Larissa there is nothing either of us can do to change what's happened. I told you from the beginning, I didn't ask you to marry me because you were pregnant.

"West" she states

"Wait, I heard you out. Please, for once just hear me out. Really hear me!" he states

"I love you unconditionally. You have to stop feeling like you need to carry the weight of the world on your shoulders. You've been here with me physically but for some reason emotionally you refuse to fully let me in. I'm here for you no matter what, through any and everything. I want to be right here by your side, you just have to allow me. I know that if we can get through this we can get through anything."

"But, I don't see how we can move past this!" she whispers

"This is a tragedy but, us not being together isn't going to change that."

"I feel guilty! Those feelings are a constant reminder that our son will never come home. For the past few months, we've had our minds set on becoming parents and finally being the family we've always dreamed of, and now because of me, that won't happen."

West takes her hand and lifts it to his lips then kisses it gently and states

"We can get through this, together, one day at a time!"

They sit for a moment not saying anything then West tilts her chin to him once again and says

"Promise me one thing!"

"What?" she mumbles after a minute

"You'll never stop loving me!" he states with a slight smile

"Not in a million years!" she states managing to smile as her tears subside.

A week after the miscarriage, after arguing all night, West finally allows Larissa to join him at the office, so they can take care of the paperwork pertaining to the property they now own. Since then, West has begun meeting with contractors about the expansion project, over the next several weeks he pours his self back into the resort. Not ever really discussing the loss of the baby or the weeks leading up to it, they both just go back to focusing on the resort.

Finally, Larissa's first official day in the office had come. As a surprise West had taken several of her things from her home office and incorporated them into her office space at the resort.

When they get on the elevator West asks

"Are you sure you're ready for this?"

"Don't start West, it's been almost two months. I'm beyond ready!"

"You look amazing by the way!" he adds as he wraps his hand around her waist

As the doors open, she steps out and says

"Not at the office!"

When she reaches her office, she glances inside and looking back at West she says


"Welcome to your new office Miss Vice President!" he says walking up behind her

"Wow, this looks amazing! Thank you so much. I didn't expect this at all. And stop it with the big titles."

As they walk in West says

"I wanted to make sure you felt right at home. These are most of the things from the boxes you were unsure what to do with. I left a few of the pictures upstairs so you can hang them in the penthouse"

Looking around she sees all of her pictures, decorations, and her degrees from her home office. He'd even added a family photo with her and her parents.

"I really do appreciate this West. This means a lot."

"You being here means the world to me!" he says as he embraces her. Kissing her forehead, she slowly pulls away and whispers

"We have to keep it professional when we're in the office"

"Yes ma'am!" he responds

"We have a ton of work to do so let's get to it" he acknowledges as he walks through an adjoining door he's had added between their offices.

Sitting down at her desk Larissa sees that West has had her a company email set up and even has the phone labeled with his extension at the top of course.

A little after six o'clock West comes into Larissa's office and asks

"How's it going?"

"Good. Are you done for the evening?" she replies

"Yes!" he states as he sits down across from her at the desk

"Are you almost done?" he inquires

"Yes sir. I just have to email Rosalyn back. There was an offer on my house, but it was well below asking." she responds

"So, I take it that will be a no" he states

"Not really, I countered their offer!" she responds

"When you're done, may I take you to dinner? I have something we need to discuss."

"Sure, I would love that."

The waiter leads them to their table. Once he's taken their drink order West asks

"So, how was your first day?"

"It was good! Busy but good." she responds

"I met with Tammy today and really liked all of her ideas for the ads and flyers that we'll be using for the golf course and club house. She's a great visionary. I'm glad that Rebecca found another job. It would have been awkward if you'd demoted her."

"She knew that the job was getting to be too much for her" West states

Once they've placed their order West says

"So, putting work off of your mind. I have something I want to discuss with you."

"Not work related. I'm shocked!" Larissa says sarcastically

"No, not about work."

"I love that you've agreed to work with me at the resort and that you've gotten settled into the penthouse. But I really want to discuss making things official!"

"Official!" she states

"Yes! We haven't set a date for the wedding. I think I've waited long enough to officially make you Mrs. West!" he responds

Reaching over he takes her hand and rubs his thumb across her engagement ring, instantly sending her hormones into overdrive.

West had been more than patient with abstaining from sexual activity for the last several weeks, while Larissa on the other hand had been a volcano waiting to erupt. Trying to hold her composure, she sits back, crosses her legs, and asks

"So, do you have a date in mind?"

"I was thinking September, the day we met at the resort, but I would rather we didn't wait that long. Do you have a date in mind?" he asks

"Well, September would be great, but July 1st would be even better!"

West smiles and says

"That would be the best birthday present I've ever gotten, but that's only three months away. Do you think that's enough time to plan your perfect day?" he asks watching as she gently bites her bottom lip

"I think we can make it work!"

"It's settled then July 1st, you will finally officially become my Mrs. Larissa West! You are going to be the most gorgeous bride!" he states looking at her with that handsome, mouthwatering smirk that causes her libido to spike.

"You really have become quite the tease." she smiles

Shaking her head, she looks around, just as the server returns to refill their drinks she says

"May we have the check please"

"Ma'am your food should be out shortly!" he replies

"Will you please have them make it to go. We have to be leaving." she responds all to serious

West just sits watching her but doesn't say anything.

"Yes ma'am!" the waiter says as he walks away

"What's wrong Larissa?" West asks with an all too sneaky smirk

"Nothing, I'm just not hungry!" she says as she stands up

"Excuse me. I'll be right back!"

West smiles and watches as she walks towards the ladies' room. Less than a minute after she leaves the server returns with their dinner and check in hand. West pays for dinner and meets Larissa just as she comes back out.

As they walk to the car West asks

"Are you sure everything's ok?"

"Yes, everything is fine!" she states taking his hand and handing him something

Glancing at his hand he slides what looks like her panties into his pocket and smirks at her

Their ten-minute ride back to Utopia feels like an hour. Arriving back at the resort they head inside West pushes the elevator button and putting his hand into his pocket he says

"You've been quiet the whole way home"

As the doors open, they walk in, and Larissa finally kisses him. Their kiss immediately sends shock waves of desire through her entire body. Completely ignoring the fact that they're in the elevator, the doors open on their floor then close back. West stops, smiles and says

"Not hungry ha?"

Taking his hand, she replies

"It's been way too long!"

In the penthouse West takes the food to the kitchen and watches as Larissa heads straight to the bedroom. Once he walks into the room she turns around and walks over to him and when he pulls her panties out of his pocket and holds them up she says

"This has been the longest eight weeks of my life!"

"I'm sure you've..."

Larissa cuts him off mid-sentence with a kiss. Then she pulls his shirt over his head.

"Riss, we have..." West begins as Larissa kisses him once again cutting him off mid-sentence

"No talking!" she whispers as she steps back and begins to undress

"I've grown very fond of waking up next to you!" West says as Larissa rolls over

"And I've grown rather fond of you, all of you!" she says sweetly as she kisses him

"As have I!" he acknowledges

"So, we have to get to work. I'll only be in the office a few hours today. I have some planning to do." she says climbing out of bed

Watching as she heads into the bathroom West glances at the clock and sees that it's almost eight. Going into his office he calls his dad and tells him about the wedding date they've chosen. After that quick phone call, he takes a shower and gets dressed.

In the kitchen West gives Larissa a kiss and says

"I guess I better get that before we go to the office"

Smiling she gives him another kiss and says

"Good morning Mr. West!"

They grab a quick breakfast and head down to work

Before noon Larissa walks into West's office and says

"We have three meetings next week with wedding planners, if you're available."

Smiling he states

"Just let me know when. I'll be available!"

"Can I treat you to lunch?" she asks sweetly

"You choose where, I'll pay." he replies

Rolling her eyes, she turns to walk toward the car

"You remember we have Brian and Meghan's engagement party in a few days." Larissa states

"I remember, I've already booked our flights."

Later that evening Larissa and West decide to take his parents out to dinner and share their wedding ideas. Once they get home Larissa calls Meghan to update her on the good news. As they lie in bed West looks over at Larissa and states

"Are you ok with only having a weekend for our honeymoon. We will have a lot on our plates with the expansion and grand opening early next year to be gone much longer than that."

"I'm looking forward to a lifetime of honeymooning!" she replies as she takes his phone from his hands. Then mounting him she whispers

"How about a little practice!"

With a slight smirk West says

"Trust me you've perfected the art of satisfying all of my desires!"

A few weeks later

"I'm not going into the office today" West states as they stand in the shower

"In that case we didn't need to shower yet!" she suggest wrapping her arms around his neck

"Although that sounds mighty tempting, I wanted us to take today off to get out and have some fun. We've been all work for the last few weeks." West says waiting for a response

"That sounds like a plan" she says stepping out of the shower. Once they're dressed West says

"After breakfast I just need to send two emails. I don't want to go into the office, I'm sure we'll get pulled into something, if we do.

They choose to head to the grand prix first. Then after a few races they spend the majority of the afternoon at the mall shopping. Larissa buys some new lingerie and a swimsuit for their honeymoon weekend.

A few weeks since her last follow-up appointment, after having to be postponed due to Brian and Meghan's party, Larissa arrives at her final follow up appointment, since the miscarriage. As they wait for Dr. Smith to come in West and Larissa both sit scrolling through their phones. Before long Dr. Smith comes into the exam room.

"So, it's been about ten weeks since the c- section and everything seems to have healed completely. How do you feel?" she asks

As the visit concludes Larissa asks

"How long will it take for my IUD to come in?"

West looks up at first Dr. Smith then to Larissa and before she can reply he says

"IU what!?" glaring at Larissa he asks

"Dr. Smith will you please give my fiancée and I a moment alone?"

"Sure, no problem" she says as she exits the exam room

"Seriously West!" Larissa asks as West stands up sliding his phone into his pocket, he walks over to the exam table and says

"Don't you think we should have discussed you getting an IUD?"

Larissa sits at a complete loss for words, having forgot that she never did get around to talking to him about it.

"When did you decide you were getting an IUD? And Why didn't you say anything about it?"

West stands searching her face, looking for a response.

"West, after what I just went through, I don't want to leave anything to chance." she states softly

West lets out a slight giggle

"Leave anything to chance! We're getting married in like two months, Larissa an IUD is not something you use for a few months and change your mind. It's long term, like years!"

"I know West, look........"

"You don't want to have kids Larissa?" he asks as he backs up

"West, we've been through a lot!" she states

"Exactly Larissa, we've been through a lot! Do you want to have kids?" he asks again in a whisper this time as he steps back

"West...." she begins

"Yes or no Larissa?" he states glaring at her

Tears begin to swell in her eyes as they stare at each other. After a minute West says

"Do you?"

As tears stream down her face, she shakes her head and whispers

"No, I don't! Not right now."

As she does, she slides down from the exam table and walks over to him. West puts his head into his hands and just as she places her hand on his arm, he says

"Don't! Don't touch me!" Glaring at her anger and hurt etched on his face

"West! Please!" she states

As she reaches for him, he turns towards the door and walks out.

In the car they ride in silence, back at Utopia West parks the car and looks over at Larissa. Both of them remaining quiet, after a minute Larissa says

"West, I was going to...."

Cutting her off West says

"I don't want to hear it, Larissa!" glaring at her, he gets out of the car

Watching as he walks into the lobby, she sits racking her brain, trying to figure out the words to say to make this ok, to get him to understand. After about thirty minutes, still at a lost she heads inside. Heading straight to West's office she walks in to find him on the phone. Closing then locking the door behind her she sits across from him and waits while he finishes his phone call.

After hanging up the phone he looks at her but doesn't say anything.

"We need to talk West!" Larissa states breaking the silence

West sits not replying

"James!" she states

"I have work to do. I'm not in the mood to talk to you right now" he states blankly

"James we really need to talk!" she states

"I have work to do! Get out of my office!" he states barely looking at her

Larissa sits stunned

"Your kicking me out!?" she says in disbelief

"Now Larissa!" he shouts, as he walks over to the door, unlocking and opening the door he just scowls at her

Larissa stands and exits the office. West closes the door behind her.

Two hours later West walks into the penthouse to find a note on the kitchen counter folded in half. As he picks it up Larissa's engagement ring falls out

Because you have work to do!


Looking up he sees Larissa walking down the hall with her suitcase. As she looks over toward him, she stops, they stare at each other, neither saying a word.

"Riss, please don't do this!" West states finally

She pulls her suitcase to the door and goes back into the bedroom.

West follows her, stopping in the doorway he watches as she grabs her purse and another suitcase, then turns back toward the bedroom door.

"Larissa!" he says softly

"Can we talk?" he adds

Not saying anything she places her purse on the bed and sits down at the foot of the bed.

"Now you want to talk?" she asks

"Where are you going?" he asks

"That's none of your concern!" she states

West stands looking at her. Holding up the note and ring and asks

"Is this what you want?"

"I wasn't expecting you to come up so soon!" she states

"Is this what you want?" he asks again

Larissa sits on the bed and her eyes begin to water. West sits down next to her not touching her.

"You threw me out of your office!" she mumbles

"Can you even begin to understand how angry and hurt I am?" he states

Larissa just sits there and continues to sob. West reaches over and wraps her in his arms as she continues.

After what seems like hours Larissa sits up and goes into the bathroom.

West sits motionless as she comes back and sits next to him on the bed.

"I don't want you here, if this isn't where you want to be, Larissa! I love you with all my heart and for the last eight months I've tried everything in my power to make sure you know just how much you mean to me!"

"I know!"

Larissa takes his hand

"I know you just want to be here for me, but even with support some feelings just won't go away."

They sit in silence for a moment

"I love you and I want to be here. I want to be with you, but..." she states in a soft whisper

"I just have one question that I really need an answer to!" West states

"What?" she asks looking up at him

"How did we go from getting married and planning a family to you not wanting to have kids!" he asks

"West, I've been through a lot!"

"You've been through a lot!" he snaps then standing up he walks out of the room

"West!" Larissa calls out

Larissa follows behind him and finds him in the living room

"Can you for one second care about someone other than yourself?" West shouts

"For five months I worried non-stop about you and our son! Then helplessly watched as paramedics then doctors and nurses tried frantically to save your lives! For hours not knowing if either of you were alive!"

"But I haven't been through anything?" he states as he stares at her

"That's not what I'm saying!" she replies

"Well, what are you saying?"

Larissa sits on the sofa and watches West as he rubs the back of his head in frustration

"West! What are we arguing about?" Larissa asks

West glares at her then walking into the bedroom, he comes back out and throws something at her then walks into his office and slams the door.

Looking down Larissa unballs the note she wrote and sees her engagement ring. At a complete loss she drops the note and ring in front of West's office door. Grabbing her purse and suitcases she leaves.

After several hours West comes out of his office and steps on the note and ring. Heading into the bathroom he takes a hot shower and the reality that she's really gone comes crashing down on him.


About the author

Veronica Pollard

Loving house wife and mother with a passion for writing. With hopes of one day becoming a published author and script writer. This is the place to find a drama filled love story you'll love! Enjoy!

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