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Love Despite Reality

by Veronica Pollard 4 days ago in Series

Chapter 8

Chapter 8

Two months later after losing the love of his life for a second time West sits at his desk as his phone rings.

"This is West!" he states

"Hey bro, what's up?" Brian says

"Nothing Brian. How are you and Meghan?" West asks

"We're good bro, look I need to tell you something" Brian says softly

"What's up Brian, I have a meeting at 10!" he replies

"Look before I tell you, you have to promise not to get mad!"

"Brian I'm hanging up!" West states

"No! West! Wait!" Brian shouts

"Brian what is it?" he says a little annoyed

"Ok, look it's about Larissa!" Brian says

"I don't care!" West says sharply

"West she's been in a car accident, here in Detroit!" Brian replies

West stills

"They just took her into surgery. We're not sure how bad it is yet." Brian states

"West!" he calls out

West hangs up the phone

Three hours later West lands in Detroit. After a forty-minute ride to the hospital he arrives in the emergency room and sees Brian and Meghan standing in the corner.

Walking over to Brian, West shoves him hard catching him off guard

"Bro!" Brian shouts

"West! Stop!" Meghan shouts

"How could you!" West shouts as security comes walking over

"Break it up fellas! Or we're going to have to ask you all to leave!" the security officer says

"No, we're good!" Brian states

"What are you doing here?" Meghan asks

"What is Larissa doing here?" he asks scowling at her

Meghan tells Brian

"Babe, please take him outside!"

As Brian walks toward the door, West asks

"How could you not tell me Larissa was here!?" West snaps

"West, I wanted to!" Brian states as Meghan walks up to them

"What the hell stopped you, Brian?"

"Bro, look, I'm sorry!" he states

"Two months! It's been two months Brian!" West states

"Meghan!" one of the nurses comes out as she walks over towards them

"Yes!" she replies turning around

"Miss Mathews is out of surgery" the nurse says

"I want to see her!" West states

"I'm sorry Sir, who are you?" she asks

"I'm Larissa's fiancé!" West states

"Ex-fiancé!" Meghan states glaring at West

"West!" Brian states as Meghan and the nurse head inside

West glares at Brian and whispers

"How could you?"

"West, she begged me not to tell you!"

"I've been worried sick for two months! And all this time you've known where she was?" West states in disbelief

After several minutes of awkward silence Meghan walks back out to Brian

"How is she?" Brian asks

"She has a broken leg and sprained wrist, and I think she fractured her hip. She got banged up pretty good. She has a few scrapes and bruises. But she'll live." Meghan states

"I wanna see her!" West states

"No, you can't! I didn't even tell her you were here!" Meghan states

"Why the hell not?" he shouts

"Hey!" Brian states stepping in front of Meghan

"Look, you need to calm down!" he continues

"Calm down! Go to hell Brian!" West states as he glares at him

Meghan takes Brian's hand, and they walk up to the nurses' station and then back through the double doors.

After some time, Brian comes back out into the lobby and walks over to West and says

"I told Larissa you were here, she agreed to let you come back but I need you to promise you won't lose your head" Brian states

"I'm cool!" he replies

West stands up and as he walks back towards the room, he begins to relive the last time he was in a hospital. As he walks up to the room door, he looks in and seeing Larissa laying in the hospital bed with her leg in a cast, her arm in a sling and the scratches and bruises, unshed tears pool in his eyes.

West walks over to her bedside and takes her hand. Meghan stands and pushes the chair over to West and joins Brian by the door. As they turn to walk out, West takes a seat and holding Larissa's hand his tears begin to roll down his cheeks

"Riss!" he states barely a whisper

"West, I'm fine." she replies

Glancing up he looks at her

"What are you doing here?" she asks

"Brian called and said you had been in a car accident!" he replies after a minute

"So, you jumped on the first plane!?" she replies surprised

"Of course!" he states

"Why, is that a surprise?" West asks

Larissa just looks at him.

"Larissa, what are you doing in Detroit?"

"I needed some space!" she states finally

West stands up and placing a soft kiss on her forehead he says

"I've missed you!"

Larissa closes her eyes and tears begin to run down her cheeks

"I missed you too!" she whispers

"Please don't cry" he replies softly

"I'm so sorry West!" she replies as her tears become uncontrollable

West reaches over and grabs a tissue and wipes her tears

"I've been so horrible to you. And you flew all this way just to see about me!" she states

"Larissa, I love you!" West says

West sits holding her hand until they both drift asleep.

After an hour or so they are awakened by a nurse at Larissa's bedside taking vitals.

"Miss Mathews, Dr. Cowen will be in shortly. How are you feeling?"

"Just aching all over" she replies

"My apologies for your discomfort. We've had to hold off on giving you any pain meds." the nurse states just as the doctor walks in.

Followed by a technician with a huge machine, Dr. Cowen asks

"Miss Mathews, how are you?"

"Ok, I guess"

"On your way into the hospital, did the EMTs ask you if you were pregnant?"

"Yes, I told them no!" Larissa replies

"During your surgery we discovered that you are in fact pregnant." he states

Larissa shakes her head

"No, I'm not" she states in disbelief

West sits looking attentively from Dr. Cowen to Larissa

"From your blood work and your scans, it seems your about ten weeks" he states

West stands up and watching him closely Larissa says

"That's not possible, I've been on birth control!"

Unable to process all that he's hearing West begins to pace around the room

"Lyn is here to do an ultrasound" he says as the technician begins to pull the curtain

Larissa watches in horror as the baby appears on the screen and a loud thumping sound fills the room.

"So, the baby is measuring about 7cm" Dr. Cowen states

West just stands against the wall watching, scowling at Larissa as the doctor and technician leave the room.

Larissa lays her head back and closing her eyes, she places her arm across her face.

"Larissa" West states after a while

Larissa doesn't respond

As silence settles in the room Meghan and Brian walk back in

"Did you know!" West exclaims walking up shoving Brian against the door. Brian pushes him off and backing up across the room he looks over at Larissa as she moves her arm from her face

"What's wrong Larissa!" Meghan says rushing over to her side after seeing that she's been crying

"Do you want us to call security on this bastard!" she asks as she glowers at West

Looking over towards West, Larissa says

"West, I'm sorry!"

"Don't apologize to him!" Meghan states

West just stands there, rage overtaking him. As he stares blankly at her lying in the hospital bed.

Unable to figure out what's going on Brian asks

"Larissa is everything ok?"

After a long silence, tears begin to swell in her eyes, and she looks at Meghan and mutters

"I'm pregnant!"

Meghan reaches and gives Larissa a hug. Just then West shakes his head and walks over towards the door. Stepping aside Brian watches him closely and says

"West, I'm sorry!"

West leaves the room and pulls out his phone as he walks towards the lobby.

It's close to midnight when West arrives back at the resort. As he sits in the car, he takes out his phone and pulls up the picture of their baby boy, who they lost only five short months ago. A few minutes later his phone rings, it's Brian. After ignoring the call, a text pops up from Brian

West, where are you?

I'm sorry!

You gotta know, I had no idea Larissa was pregnant!

I never would have kept that from you.

I really am sorry!

A few seconds after reading the texts, his phone rings again

"Yeah Dad!" he answers

"Oh, West!" Joe says as he holds the phone

"Dad, I can't talk" he states after some time

"West let us know when you make it back" Joe says

"I'm already here, well I'm in the parking lot" he states

"Do you...."

"I'm good Dad!" he states cutting Joe off

"We're here if you need anything" Joe says softly

"Thanks!" West replies ending the call

Two weeks later West is in the penthouse sitting at his desk as the sunsets. Hearing a noise coming in the front door, he walks out and sees Larissa just as she's closing the door behind her. West stands motionless as she walks toward him on crutches. When she reaches the doorway, he steps back and sits on the edge of the desk. Watching each other intensely they remain silent.

Larissa leans against the doorway and adjusts herself on her crutches as they just continue to stare at each other. Finally, after a long dead silence Larissa murmurs

"Please say something!"

Choosing his words very carefully West begins to open his mouth and standing to his feet he asks

"What are you doing here?"

"West, I........." she begins as tears fill her eyes

"You know, I can't do this without you!" she states

West glares at her and grabbing his phone and keys, he squeezes past her.

"West!" she calls out

"You said that you would love me unconditionally and you'd be here for me through any and everything!" she states

Just as he reaches the door, he puts his head down.

"You said you'd be right by my side!" she adds

Turning and glaring at her he says

"I did say all those things! And a lot more!" he exclaims as he turns back towards her

"I did love you unconditionally! I stayed by your side even when you tried your hardest to push me away! No amount of love or compassion seems to be good enough for you. How could you say you loved me and wanted to share a life with me and not tell me you didn't want to have kids anymore! We were getting married."

"I never meant to hurt you West!" she whispers through her tears

"You left me Larissa! Again!" he shouts

Before she can reply, his phone rings and he slams it against the wall across the room

"For weeks I called and texted you! Weeks Larissa! Not one time did you respond! Not even once! After two months of complete silence Brian calls and tells me you've been in a car accident!"

"Not to mention you dragged my brother into all of this!" he adds shaking his head

"Even after all of that I dropped everything and flew a thousand miles. Then to get there and find out that your pregnant again!"

"West please!"

"What is it that you could possibly want from me that I haven't already given you?" he shouts

"West!" she states

Before he can respond there is a knock at the door. West walks over and opening the door he yells


After seeing his parents, he says

"I'm sorry!" opening the door they walk in and see Larissa still leaning against the wall

"Larissa!" Rita says as she rushes over shocked to see her there

"Honey, how are you?" she asks as she helps her to the couch

West squeezes his keys in frustration and before anyone notices, he leaves out the front door startling everyone as he slams it behind him. Larissa sits on the couch and begins to cry as Rita embraces her.

After some time passes Rita sends Joe to get them something to eat. When he leaves, Larissa says

"He is so angry with me."

"It's going to be ok honey! He just needs some time. Let me try calling him" she replies

"He broke his phone!" Larissa says, pointing at West's phone shattered into pieces on the floor across the room. Rita glances over and seeing it, she states

"Oh my!"

"How are you feeling?" she asks

"I'm ok, just really sore since I'm not really taking anything for pain." she replies as she wipes tears from her cheeks

"Why aren't you taking anything for your pain?" she asks

"West didn't tell you?"

"Tell me what? No, Brian called and told us you had been in a car accident and that you had been in Detroit for the last few months!" she states

"No, well, yes I was! But while I was at the hospital, I found out that I'm pregnant!" she replies softly

"What! No, we had no idea" Rita states looking at Larissa

"I thought you and West weren't together" she states

"Well, we haven't been for the last few months... We had a huge fight because I was planning to get an IUD after the miscarriage. Let's just say he didn't like the idea."

"That night I left, and West hadn't heard from me since. The day I had the car accident, Brian called West and that's how he found out I'd been in Michigan!"

"We thought you were back in Jacksonville!" Rita states as Joe walks back in the door

"No, I sold my house a few days after I left. I couldn't stay there after the break in anyway!"

"Break in!" Rita says

"What break in!" Joe asks

Larissa sits astonished

Before she can respond, West walks in the door. Everyone turns and stares at him.

"Mom, Dad, Larissa and I need to talk!" he says after a moment

"West why didn't you tell us Larissa's pregnant! And that someone broke into her house?" Rita says

Glaring over at Larissa then to his mother West rolls his eyes and shakes his head. Then without hesitation he walks over and picks Larissa up and carries her into the bedroom not saying a word. Closing the door behind them he sits her on the bed.

Stepping back, he says

"Go ahead, I'm listening!"

Looking at West she states

"I'm not sure what you want me to say!"

They just sit there looking at each other

"I can't take back anything I said or did or didn't do or didn't say!" she begins finally

"I'm sorry! Really, really, really sorry!" she adds

"How can I ever trust you won't just up and decide to leave again!" he asks

"West, you know that I love you, all I can do is ask you for a chance to show you that I'm sorry!"

"That'll take some time" West states

"Of course, sure!" she says as West looks at her

"I just came to town to see Dr. Smith. But I didn't like the way you left things at the hospital" she adds

"I'm leaving Wednesday morning" Larissa states

"You're going back to Detroit?"

"I planned to, yes" she replies

"Where are you staying?" he asks not wanting things to turn into an argument

"At a hotel" she replies

"It can't be easy for you getting around on that leg. Stay here, you can sleep in the guest room." West says as he walks over to the edge of the bed

Reaching pulling him by his waistband Larissa pulls him into a hug. West wraps his arms around her and kisses the top of her head

"Now I have to deal with my parents! What did you tell them?" he states

Looking at West she says

"I didn't know you hadn't told them about the break in. I'm sorry"

Walking back out into the living room they see Joe and Rita sitting at the table.

"Are you kids hungry?" Joe asks

"Not really" Larissa whispers

Looking back at her West says

"Yes, we are!"

Sitting down Larissa begins

"After spending several months flying, I'd taken the weekend to relax and unwind. Heading to dinner, I ran into West in the front lobby." she says glancing at him

"The night before I flew out, someone was looking for me at the front desk. But by then I'd checked out, thankfully the next day West flew back with me, because the same guy was on the flight" she adds

"Who was the guy?" Rita asks

"His name is Josh. We dated a few years ago, for like a month." she replies

"Long story short, a week or so after that she got home, and someone had broken in." West states

"And the weekend we went to pack up my things, the same guy broke in again, while we were there." she pauses

"And West shot him" Larissa whispers

"With a gun?" Rita exclaims

West Glares at Larissa as she continues

"Apparently, he'd been holding my neighbor across the street hostage for a day or so"

"A couple of weeks after the detective called to update me on the case, I got a letter from Josh." she states

"A letter!" Joe states

"Well..." Larissa pauses

"In order for you to understand that I'll have to first tell you the story behind my parents' deaths" she states

Larissa continues on with the story, catching Joe and Rita up on the chaotic last nine months of their lives. When she finally finishes, they all just sit for a moment in silence. Rita shakes her head and states

"I don't mean to sound unsympathetic but, with all that going on I can see why you two have been so stressed out. That is too much for anyone to handle, on top of the pregnancy."

As they sit at the table Rita's phone rings, when she looks at the screen then at West, his expression changes slightly.

Joe and Rita glance at each other then back at West and Larissa. Before either of them says anything, Joe's phone starts ringing.

"West you can't stay mad at Brian forever!"

"Riss don't!" he snaps

"We're gonna give you two some privacy. Your mother and I just wanted to stop by and check on you" Joe states standing up from the table

"Let us know if you need anything! You both should come by for dinner tomorrow night if you're not busy" Rita adds

West walks them to the door and after closing it, he just stands there leaning against the wall. Looking at Larissa he says

"My life has become a complete cluster-fuck!"

"I never intended for my parents to find out about all that stuff. Especially that I'd shot someone."

"I'm sorry!" Larissa replies

"I can leave" she adds

"And go where? Back to Michigan?" he asks walking back over to the table

"Riss, how did you end up in Detroit?"

Reaching for his hand she whispers

"Sit down, please."

"Just answer the question!"

"James please!" she murmurs then, finally he takes a seat

"The day we fought I didn't have anywhere else to go. I just felt like I needed some space, and you needed some time to cool down. I couldn't go back to Jacksonville, and I'd moved all my things anyway. I'd been sitting at the airport for three or four hours, then Meghan called me." she pauses

"Long story short, she invited me to come to Detroit and clear my head."

"A few days turned into a few weeks and then before I knew it, it'd been a month. By then I just didn't know what to say."

"Do you know how many times I've talked to my brother over the past few weeks. He even..."

"Please don't be mad at Brian. He wanted to tell you, he begged me to call you a hundred times."

West just sits there then puts his head into his hands, after a moment, he looks up and says

"Riss, I'm at a loss here"

"Me too!" she whispers

"I just needed some space. We were..." she begins then pauses

"Everything was just moving so fast. I mean, we went from not seeing each other for over nine years to having a baby, me moving in with you, getting engaged and then me coming to work with you"

"You're right and I get it" West states

"But, why couldn't we have this conversation two months ago?" he asks

"I was scared" she replies softly

"And you were so angry with me, I just..."

"I'm almost twelve weeks, so" she adds then pauses again

"The last thing I wanted to do was get pregnant again, but here we are"

"Yeah, here we are!" West states coldly

"I hear you Riss, but what does that mean?" he asks

"Look, I don't know!" she snaps holding back tears

"If you want to keep this baby..." Larissa begins

"If I want to!" West whispers

"How is that even a question?" he says a little louder

"Ok, so were having a baby. I'll look for a place while I'm here. If it's ok, I'll get my things moved within the next week or so." she states after a minute

"Ok" West replies

Larissa manages to get to her feet and taking her crutches, she heads to the door

"If I hadn't flown to Detroit, would you have even told me about this baby?" West asks

Looking back towards him she whispers

"West. I..."

"Never mind, don't answer that!" he states quickly cutting her off

"I never intended to hurt you or turn your life into..." she pauses

"Such a cluster-fuck!" she adds fighting to hold back her tears

Following her to the door, West takes her arm just as she reaches for the knob and says

"I'm sorry. I shouldn't have said that. I didn't mean..."

"It's ok" she replies softly

"You and I both know it's the truth" she whispers looking up at him

"I meant what I said about you staying here" he replies pulling her to his chest

"No, I have a room."

"Thanks, but I don't think..." she begins

"It's ok, I understand" he replies opening the door

"Night West!" she whispers then leaves

The following afternoon Larissa goes out looking at condos. After the fourth one she heads back to the hotel to try and catch up with West. Since he'd broken his phone last night, she hadn't attempted to call him. Just as she walks into the lobby her phone rings and it's Meghan

"Hey Meghan" she states answering the phone

"Hey, I hadn't heard from you since last night, so I thought I'd call and see how things were going"

"Well, they're going" Larissa replies

"Did you get a chance to talk to West?" she asks

"Yeah, sort of"

"Sort of, did you not tell him?" Maghan asks

"No, not yet! Things were a little tense. And his parents were there, so I didn't want to make it, you know"

"He hadn't even told them I was pregnant again, which would have been great. But I told them." Larissa adds

"The sooner the better. It won't be easy to hear but you gotta tell him. If there's any chance of you guys getting back together, he needs to know."

"Okay, okay! I know, you're not helping!" she giggles as sadness clouds her mind and tears begin to fill her eyes

"I gotta go!" she mutters trying to control her emotions

"Alright, talk to you later!" Meghan says then hangs up

Once she's gathered herself Larissa goes up to the desk and asks to see James. Once the concierge calls back, he tells her that Mr. West would be right with her. A few minutes later West walks out with an older man, who looks to be in his mid to late forties. After shaking his hand and giving him his card, West greets her.

"Hey, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to bother you." Larissa apologizes

"No, you're good. I was just finishing up an interview." he states

"Should you be on your leg? I would've come to you." he adds

"Not really, but I'm okay. I just got back. I went to look at some condos downtown today." she replies

"Oh, okay" he states then after standing there for a moment Larissa asks

"Are you busy?"

"Not really. What's wrong?" he replies

"That means you are" she whispers

"I'm not busy. What's up" he asks

"Can we talk?" she asks

"Sure, you wanna come to my office?" he asks

"No, not here." she states

"We can grab something to eat." West replies

"Okay, my treat!" she replies quickly

West gives her the of course not look but doesn't say anything

After a few minutes, they arrive at a quaint Mexican restaurant. While they sit browsing through the menu and eating chips and salsa, West can tell by Larissa's body language that she's uncomfortable.

"Is everything okay?" he asks

"Um, yeah" she pauses not looking up at him

"You wanted to talk, what's up?" he states

"Did you decide what you wanted yet?" she asks deflecting

West just sits looking at her, after studying her for a moment he says

"You've been acting weird since you got to my place last night. You've been talking, but not really saying anything."

"Like you have something you want to say, but instead you're saying anything else" he adds

"I flew in yesterday to see Dr. Smith." Larissa states finally then pauses

"Just spit it out Riss!"

"So far, everything looks ok. I mean normal, but there's a chance that this pregnancy won't make it to term." she states nervously twirling a chip in the salsa bowl

Before she can continue the server comes to take their order. After quickly giving her their orders, West asks

"What's a chance?"

"About twenty-five percent" she states

"It's not that I didn't want to have kids, I just didn't think we should try again so soon."

"We'd both had a stressful few months with Josh, your mom not being fond of me being back, then me moving here. And then finding out I was pregnant, us getting engaged, and not to mention your expansion project. I mean, we never really talked about the miscarriage." Larissa pauses

"You were so fixated on what I was doing that you didn't give me a chance to explain the reasoning behind it." she adds

West sits listening to everything but remains quiet

"I'm sorry" West begins

"You don't have to apologize. I understand where you were coming from." Larissa whispers

"I should have heard you out, instead of being irrational." he responds

"You needed me, and I acted like a complete ass! And for that I'm sorry." he adds

"Even with the best odds, there's still a chance I may never be able to carry a baby to term. I have come to terms with that. But I wanted to be honest with you before we even considered a relationship. I just didn't know how to tell you." she states

Moments later the server brings out there food and Larissa says

"May I please have a box?"

"What's wrong?" West asks

"Nothing, I'm just not hungry. I may eat a bite or two but that's all" she replies

"I'll be right back" she states after taking a bite of a taco then getting up from the table

When she arrives back at the table their food is boxed up and in bags.

"You could've eaten, I'm not in a hurry" Larissa states

"I know, but we should head back." he states

When they get in the car he asks

"Did you like any of the places you saw today?"

"Yeah, two of them! I made an offer on my favorite one, but I offered below asking. I'll see if they bite." she replies

"That was fast!" West replies

"Well, I kinda don't have a choice. Once again I'm having to rush things because I'm pregnant." she mutters

"You don't have to rush into buying a place. You know, you can stay with me. Or in a suite at the resort"

"Thank you, but no. I think it would be best if I got my own place. I need to get settled as soon as possible because I'm a high risk and we should take things slow."

"Slow" West whispers

Looking over at him Larissa says

"Before we become parents, we should get to know each other again"

"We have a great physical relationship, but we're..." she pauses

"I get it!" West replies cutting her off

"How are things at work?" she asks nervous since he hadn't mentioned anything at all about the resort

"Good" he states keeping it vague

"That's good"

Back at the resort West walks Larissa to her suite and asks

"Are you up for dinner at my parents tonight? If not it's ok." he states, then his phone starts ringing

Pulling it from his pocket he silences it, and Larissa says

"You got a new phone?"

"Yeah, this morning." he states with a raised eyebrow

"I'm sorry about that too!" he states

"It's ok." she replies

"Sure, I'll go to dinner, if that's ok with you." she adds after a brief pause

"I'll pick you up at six-thirty" he states

"West, please talk to Brian!" she mutters before he turns away

"I will!" he replies after a beat

When his phone rings again he says

"I gotta run. I'll see you later" then giving her a quick kiss on the cheek he heads back to the office

On the drive over to Joe and Rita's Larissa asks

"Have you talked to Brian yet?"

"No!" he replies quickly

"West, I really am sorry for..." she begins

"I said I will talk to him, just drop it please!" he replies

"Okay. I just. Never mind!" she states when she notices him take a deep breath

The remainder of the ride is quiet and when they pull into the driveway, West parks the car and they just sit there for a moment

"I didn't stay with your brother when I was in Detroit, I was at a hotel the whole time. After a few days Meghan made it seem like I'd left, since he kept begging me to call you. Brian didn't know I was still in town until a few days before I had the accident, when he saw me at Meghan's office." Larissa whispers

West just glances at her, then opens his door. Walking around he helps her out of the car and to the door. Before West reaches the doorknob, the door swings open.

"Hey there. How are you kids doing this evening?" Joe asks with a warm smile

"Hey dad, we're good" West states

"Hey Mr. West!" Larissa states

"Dinner should be done in just a few minutes, make yourselves at home." he states closing the door behind them

When they walk into the living area, Meghan and Brian are sitting on the couch watching them come in. Looking from them to his father West stops. Meghan comes over and gives Larissa a hug then, helps her to the couch. Brian gets up from the couch and walks towards West

"West!" he calls out when West continues towards the kitchen

"Hey Ma" he states greeting his mom ignoring Brian

"Hey, I was just about to set the table" she replies

"No worries, I got it!" he responds

Brian watches as West washes his hands and starts taking things into the dining room. When he does, he follows him

"West, I've been calling you. Will you just give me a chance to explain?" he states standing on the opposite end of the table

West stops what he's doing and says

"No, you don't need to explain. We're cool!"

"Just let it go!" he adds continuing to set the table

"Bro!" he states

"Alright looks like dinner is served!" Joe states walking into the room interrupting them followed by Meghan and Larissa

Over dinner everyone makes several attempts to keep West engaged in conversation, but he just seems to be distracted the entire time. Rita gets up when everyone is almost done and grabs her homemade peach cobbler and bowls from the kitchen. West's phone rings and when he pulls it out Rita states

"West, would you like some cobbler?"

"Sure! Excuse me, I'll only be a second" he replies getting up answering the call

When West finally comes back into the dining room everyone is done with dessert, sitting around, laughing and having a good time.

"Everything okay?" Joe asks

"Yeah" he replies sitting back down to the table

"Come in the office I'll show you what I have so far" Joe tells Meghan as he's getting up from the table

Rita gets up and starts clearing the dishes from the table and Larissa quickly follows suit. When Brian and West are alone Brian says

"I know you're still upset about me not..."

"Look I said we were cool. You said your peace in the millions of texts and voicemails you left. I get it!" West states

"Bro, you can't even look at me!" he replies

Rolling his eyes West looks right through him, then away and down. Shaking his head, he says

"I gotta go." then stands up

"I wanted to tell you face to face that I'm sorry. Really sorry!" Brian murmurs getting up from the table reaching out his hand

Walking in his direction West stops right in front of him, looks at his hand, then keeps walking past him

"Riss, you ready?" he asks walking into the kitchen

"If you wanna hang out longer, we can drop you off Larissa!" Meghan states walking up

"I think you've done enough!" West states glowering at her unable to hide his contempt

"It's been a long day! I should go put my leg up. But thanks for the offer." Larissa replies getting up from the stool, seeing the way West and Meghan are staring at each other

"Thank you so much for dinner Mrs. West, everything was amazing!" she adds giving Rita a quick hug

"Goodnight Ma!" West states leaving the kitchen

Back at Utopia West asks

"You wanna come up so we can talk?"

"I really should go put my leg up!" she replies

"I'm sure there's somewhere you can put your leg up" he states

"West, I..." she begins

"Okay, breakfast?" he states

"Sure, call me" she replies

The next morning after West gets dressed, he calls Larissa

"Good morning, West" she states answering the phone

"Good morning! How are you?"

"I'm ok, what's the plan?" she asks

"Well, you let me know what time you wanna come over for breakfast and I'll have it ready" he replies

"You're cooking? I thought we were going out"

"Yes, I'm cooking. So, what time would you like to come over?" he asks

"Thirty minutes?" she states

"Thirty minutes it is. See you soon" he states hanging up the phone

When Larissa arrives, West opens the door with a warm smile. Following him back to the kitchen she says

"Something smells incredible!"

"It's my take on a breakfast scramble, I hope you like it" West replies

After a few minutes breakfast is served. As they sit enjoying their food, Larissa's phone rings. When she glances at it and ignores the call, West asks

"If you need to take that it's ok"

"No, it's just Meghan, I'll call her later" she states

"You two seem to be very close" he states taking a sip of his orange juice

"Yeah, we're ok. But from what I can tell, you don't seem to like her very much"

West laughs but doesn't reply

"What does that mean?" she asks

"I don't know her. But she certainly can't stand me!"

"West!" Larissa states

"How's the food?" West asks changing the subject

"Come on, please don't do that." Larissa replies sweetly

"Do what?"

"Change the subject." she replies

When he sits not saying anything, she states

"It's good."

"Why do you think Meghan can't stand you?"

"No reason, just forget it." he replies

"You wanted to talk, so talk!" she states

"We've been doing a lot of talking about this pregnancy, but you haven't mentioned anything about the resort or us." he says

"Well, two months ago I sort of upended your life. That wasn't my intentions but, it's the reality. I'm still not sure how we can come back from that" she replies

"I think the first question is whether or not you want to. Yesterday you said something about being co-parents."

"And before that, I said that we should take things slow." she replies

"What does that mean Larissa?"

"Are we together or not?" he asks

"Look, I don't know. I'm already stressing out about this pregnancy!" she states sitting back in her chair

"I just can't! I just keep going from one disaster to another" she whispers leaning her head down into her hands

West sits there watching her for a moment, on the verge of a break down

"Larissa" he says softly

When she doesn't respond he says

"Riss, look at me!"

When she looks up, he sees the despair in her eyes

"I can't live through loosing another baby West!" she whispers

"Breathe, just breathe. You're putting too much pressure on yourself." he states then gets up and walks over to her

"Are you finished?" he asks referring to her food

"Yeah" she replies

Taking her hand, he leads her to the couch. Sitting down West asks

"What do you want?"

"What do you mean?" she asks unsure where he's going

"Paint me a picture" he smiles

"Tell me what you want right now. What would make you happy? Where do you want to live? Do you want to work? If so, what do you want to do?"

"Without thinking about anyone else, just tell me what you want!" he states

Larissa laughs then closing her eyes, she leans her head back and as she thinks, her smile fades, then with tears threatening to fall, she opens her eyes and says

"I want to be here, with you!"

Taking his hand, she whispers

"West, I'm so sorry!"

"Me too!" he replies

Before either of them can say anything else, Larissa's phone rings. Checking the ID, she says

"I'm sorry I gotta take this it's the realtor."

When she answers the call, West gets up and goes into his office, then closes the door behind him.

After wrapping up her call, Larissa calls West to tell him she's off the phone and he can come back out into the living room

"Everything okay?"

"Yeah, they accepted my offer this morning!" she smiles

"She said, she's gonna see if she can get the inspection done this week and close by Monday." she adds

"That's great, but are you sure you want to buy a place?"

"I'm sure. You'll like it, it's beautiful. Three bedrooms, open floorplan, hardwood floors throughout. It has huge walk-in closets and it's not even fifteen minutes from here. And the view is breathtaking, it's on the sixteenth floor!" she states looking at him

"Ok, you sound excited about it, so I'm happy for you!" West replies

"I am, thanks!" she replies

"You up for a drive?" she asks

"I suppose. To where?"

"I'll tell you about it in the car" she replies quickly getting up from the couch

West helps her up and he says

"I'm glad you're feeling better!"

"Thanks to you!" she states

Opening the car door for her West asks

"Who are you seeing for your leg?"

"It's complicated!" she replies as he closes the door

"What do you mean?" West asks once he gets in the car

"Well, Dr. Smith is referring me to someone"

West looks at her to continue

"But they're booking out a month"

"You're gonna wait that long?"

"I don't really have a choice. I told you it's complicated."

"Okay" he replies

"Where're we going?" West asks

Turning the volume up on her phone Larissa says

"I have the address pulled up, just pull out and it'll start"

Larissa takes West to what will be her new place if everything goes through. They sit in the car for a while, then ride through downtown looking at properties. Then after taking a short walk on I-Drive, they head back to the resort.

Once they're back at Utopia, they're getting out of the car and Larissa says

"I'm sorry that I've taken up your entire morning."

"It's ok, I enjoyed it." he replies

"I have another interview today at noon, but my schedule is open after that if you wanna stop by" he adds

"Okay, I'm gonna go by the spa. I'll probably invite Meghan to go with me. I'll call you later" she replies giving him a quick kiss then heads toward her suite


Veronica Pollard

Loving house wife and mother with a passion for writing. With hopes of one day becoming a published author and script writer. This is the place to find a drama filled love story you'll love! Enjoy!

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Veronica Pollard
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