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lonely love story

by Dylan-Quinn Harris 9 months ago in Series
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b1a4 fan fiction

"Hey, I'm going out, ok," Jinyoung shouts from the living room.

"Ok!" the others reply

"Call if you need anything." He said, swiftly closing the door behind himself.

Jinyoung was on his way to the store to pick up some things for dinner. He was walking by an old, creepy, dark alleyway that he would normally pass right by but today, something just clicked inside of him. He stopped. He stood there, looking down the alleyway almost as if his legs wouldn't continue. He saw a strange silhouette in the distance. As Jinyoung steps a little closer into the darkness and calls out.


knees knocking, heart-pounding, and voice cracking. Jinyoung kept walking closer and closer toward the strange figure. " Hey! Who are you?" His voice got louder with every step he took, and before he knew it, he was screaming at the top of his lungs. For a moment, Jinyoung felt silly and was ready to turn back when a man walked out; he wasn't much taller, he had black shiny hair, he looked about the same age, they practically looked like twins. Jinyoung was floored by the resemblance, he stood in awe. the man walked toward him, within seconds jinyoung became even weaker in the knees, then the man spoke.

"Come, come with me." His voice sounded airy, as though life had been drained from him. He turned slowly walking forward, into the deep darkness. jinyoung weighed his confusion and curiosity, he chose to be the cat but hoped not to die.

"Come, come." the man continued.

They walked deeper and deeper into the dark alleyway and all he could hear was Jinyoung's voice as he had a long stream of questions and complaints.

" Hey Mister, where are we going? Hey, why do you want me? Hey, we've been walking for a long time almost "4minute(s)" or "8eight", Hey, why aren't are you answering any of my questions?"-

"STOP!" the man shouted and mumbled to himself...

"I forgot how annoying I could be."

"What do you mean "I"? Jinyoung responded.

"Ok, stop, we're we're," the man said, completely blowing Jinyoung's last question out of the water. The man turned and pointed to a street that seemed to be empty, Jinyoung said.

"what do you mean "here"? there's nothing there."

"Just wait for it." the man shushed.

jinyoung stood in confusion as he stared at the empty road. He was starting to get upset and was ready to turn around when they heard

"OH MY! LOOK!!! a woman shouted from a distance. Jinyoung snapped his neck back to see what was going on. then out of the blue, the man pushed jinyoung into the road and yelled


Jinyoung found himself lying on the ground with bright lights from a car zooming out of control, he closed his fox-like eyes and curled into a ball. As he prepared himself for his untimely demise he-

"HEY, HEY, HEY!" this is too far into the story, so, let me take it back a bit."

Chapter 2

It was quiet in the b1a4 dorm until...

"HEY GUYS, GET UP!" someone yelled from the living room, after slamming the door.

the members struggled to get their sleepy as i mean heads out of bed. The first to get up; sandule; slowly hopped out of bed and crawled to the doorway for support to stand. The next was CNU, then soon baro, jinyoung, and finally Gongchan. Soon all the members were wide awake, they gathered in the living room where someone was waiting for them.

"Hello boys, I'm KARA and I have some news, it doesn't matter if it's good or bad, it's still news so listen up. We are taking you to a spa resort-"

The members busted into cheers with full-blown energy, but not for long.

"WERE YOU'LL BE PERFORMING!! if i might add seeing as i was rudely interrupted." she scolded them for their outburst of excitement

" We are very sorry," said jinyoung

" Now as I was saying, you will get a chance to be rewarded with 2 weeks off at the resort, but you must have a flawless performance, if not then you'll be cleaning the entire theater including stands and backstage. Gentlemen, what do you think?"

the members turned to each other and then back again and jinyoung said,

"Where is this resort going to be?" with a smile and fox-like eyes shooting through her soul, she replies with a cold shoulder and pointed nose

" Sunny Hill beauty and relaxation resort."

The members started to jump for joy (on the inside) and smiles appeared on their faces.

" Alright then, when do we get going?" jinyoung added

"Tonight. Remember if you fail you will be cleaning the entire stage and stands and bathrooms including the lady’s room."

Their smiles slowly faded, and happy thoughts turned into worry.

"We will go over the schedule at 2 PM when you are there you will meet the owner; Ms.Ailee; you are to treat her with the utmost respect, GOT IT?!"

The members nodded and watched her as she walked out of the door. Once she was gone the members jumped up and rushed to their rooms and closets grabbing outfits and bathing suits, but carried the worry of messing up.

As each member thinks of reasons why they deserve to have these 2 weeks off they also beat themselves up to everything right. Later that day; at 2 PM; the group met up with the manager, camera crew, makeup artist, and hair/clothes stylists where they planned out the entire performance. later that night they headed out on the road; jinyoung was driving, shinwoo in the passenger seat, and baro, Gongchan, and sandeul were in the back seat; as they drove through the night they fought the sleep with singing and laughter and making a wrong turn mid-song. solo solo day! Jinyoung's phone sang with such a happy tune, but what was waiting on the other side wasn't so happy, it was more of this...


"What! but how?

"I don't know nor do I care, just turn that thing around and step on it and no more mess-ups if we do have any more you guys are done for!"

"I understand." jinyoung gulped

The rest of the members snickered and giggled as jinyoung turned the car around and soon got back on the right track, he went back to singing and laughing. It was a BATTLE but they got there. It was late so they came in very quietly. As they walked up to the front desk looking in AH a lady walked out and said

"Hello I'm Ailee and you must be B1A4, right? I hear you will be performing tomorrow night for a week off, am I correct?" she smiled

while giving complete eye contact with jinyoung.

"um, yes" jinyoung stuttered

"Alright, then I'll show you to your rooms. This way" she waved her hand signaling the other members to follow along; still in amazement; they walked in a line as though they were on a field trip behind the leader.

"Your rooms are in BLOCK B and the room password is CODE-V and here's a room card just for easy access and cart keys for our golf course. Now just set your things here we'll have someone to get that taken care of, and tomorrow I'll show you to the stage where you'll be performing. Well, see you on MONDAY KIZ." With that, she left the boys to settle in.

"Man, this place is awesome," Baro whispered

"Yeah, it's great here, but we have to be on our best behavior, ok?" jinyoung replied

"Ok" the others agreed as they walked inside their rooms.

After entering the room they were even more excited to see the animal printed beds, bamboo walls, and mahogany wood dressers and tables, and a 6-inch flat-screen TV. and the bathroom was toilet heaven with the checkerboard floors and a pint house window view with a remote pull-down shade. The boys all dreamed of how they could get used to a place like this when... POP,POP,POP,POP,POP!

"You boys need to shower, brush, and get some sleep. We have to get up early so we came to get you ready for the performance. You have to get fitted and well acquainted with the stage for tomorrow night, and remember it has to be flawless." she gave a very evil-like laugh and then put on a straight face as the members were pulled back from the temporary home away from homesick just thinking of all the work that had to be done, now they wanted that week off but they also wondered if they could pull it off well enough to get these weeks off. (Will they do it? keep reading if you like it I’ll have more for you when i come back)


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Dylan-Quinn Harris

living my life and doing me things.

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