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Living 'The Matrix'

by Soleira Green about a month ago in Fan Fiction

I took the red pill!

Blue pill or red pill? Stay asleep in the matrix or wake up into a brand new version of reality? Me, I took the red pill without a single moment's hesitation!

I raced to the cinema in 1999 to see this bizarre movie 'The Matrix' that had everyone talking. Sat entranced through every second of it. In fact to say I was leaping up and down in my seat was an understatement. I was breathtaken, delighted, in awe of every moment of it.

How is it possible, I thought, that these script writers and movie producers knew exactly how to portray what I and others were already beginning to live. For I had already swallowed the red pill some years before and left the old reality far behind.

Oh Neo, I understand your struggle. I cherish your journey. I know it far too well. The stripping away of constructs you had believed in the whole of your life.

... That suits were a thing and black was the colour of success.

... That if you worked just a little harder, put in a few more hours, did what your boss told you to do, you would win at this reality game once and for all.

... That discrimination didn't really exist and if you were smart, then you would triumph and come out on top.

Hah! Goodbye Matrix. Hello Life!

As I watched Neo navigate the streams of reality, learning how to source the code to free everyone from the tyranny of a fake matrix, I felt something deep stir in me. Another awakening took place in me that day. That I (and you and you and you) could be a Neo, an iconic hero of our times. Not that I was itching to be a hero mind you, but you know what I mean.

To watch him dodge that first bullet and then stop the bullets in their tracks, oohh how I would love to do that for the world ... to stop wars and violence, replacing it with deep connection and greater understanding for all. I swear I must have leapt off my chair right then and shouted YES to whoever in the greater game might be listening and offering up the Neo opportunities.

When the second movie 'The Matrix Reloaded' came out in 2003, I was pretty disappointed actually. Too much action, too much violence. They seemed to have given in to money making and forgotten the mysticism of the Matrix that had called us all to partake of its genius in the first place.

It was therefore with reluctance that I went to see the third movie 'The Matrix Revolutions'. Thank goodness, greatness had been restored and the finale took my breath away as Neo dissolved the Matrix into light. Yes, I shouted once again to the rooftops, we can do this. We can shift this world from duality, polarity, hierarchy, competition and disconnection into a reality where each person's unique genius expression abounds, where all life is honoured and respected, seen as the sentient, intelligent beings they are. And so I became an alchemist, a consciousness creator, a future innovator ... a Neo if you will. Certainly not the only ONE, but definitely one of the ONES for sure.

I gathered my alchemical crew around me, not in sub reality submarines, but on Zoom calls with people from all over the world. Awakened ones, magical ones, miraculous ones, genius ones, ones that were ready to remake the matrix of the world together in awesome ways. We swapped machine gun turrets for the ability to power up epiphanous transformation in the world. Gave over on the hierarchy game and learned to work together in what I love to call collaborative genius fusion.

Together we have coded a new matrix of consciousness for this world and slipped it into place so gently and quietly that I doubt the black suits have even noticed. We are living new templates of reality that supersede all that's gone before. We are in love with life and in love with planet Earth.

And that brings us to 2021 when the next movie 'The Matrix Resurrections' is scheduled to be out at Christmas. I shall race to see it and hope that Lana Wachowski has remained true to the true purpose of an epic sci-fiction movie like this. A sign of our times. A signal to awaken. A portal into new'ness for us all.

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Soleira Green

I love writing & have written a book called 'The Genius Game' (one of 10 books currently published). I love empowering people to unleash their brilliance into the world. Discover more about me at

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Soleira Green
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