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Little Girl Please Go to Sleep

by A.A.C. 3 months ago in Short Story

a made-up story by my dad

Little Girl Please Go to Sleep
Photo by Ben on Unsplash

This is a “story” that my father and mother would tell me when I did not want to sleep. Like many children I tried to stall the best way possible to avoid my nap time with many excuses; “One more story please!”, “May I get a glass of water?” “I have to go to the bathroom!” So my dad told me this story and hopefully, some readers will enjoy it! It is called “Little Girl, Please Go to Sleep!” The title is straightforward. It is about a little girl who just could not go to sleep. Sp, she goes on a quest with a peculiar creature. Here is the story…

There once was a little girl

That just could not go to sleep

They gave her warm milk, they gave her a warm bath

They told her to try and count the sheep.

Her mother said “Nothing seems to work!

Not the warm milk nor the warm bath”

Her father said “Sweety please count some more sheep again”

The little girl pouted and said “But daddy, I hate math!”

The parents were at a lost

The little girl just would not go to bed

She was all tucked in

But she would not lay her head

Then out the window

She seen the stars turn into stairs

She saw a figure

With a nightcap and pajamas with little brown teddy bears

A zany creature was knocking on the window

The little girl said “who could it be?”

The creature said “You don’t know who I am?

My name is Sleepy-Deepy!”

The little girl said

“Sleepy Deepy, why are you here?

Sleepy-Deepy replied

“Oh you can’t sleep I fear”

She looked down

Sleepy-Deepy said “Why will you not close your eyes?

The little girl cried and said

“Because...I GOT THE CASE OF THE “Y”s !”

“The “Y’s?” said Sleepy Deepy

“Well what is that?”

The little girl replied: “Why is the sky blue? “Why are the stars white?”

“Why is the moon fat?!”

Sleepy Deepy laughed and said

“Oh, your mind is awake

I know just what to do

It’s a piece of cake

I will help you through!”

So Sleepy-Deepy opened the window

He took the little girl on a quest

He knew to answer her questions

Maybe then her mind will want to rest

Sleepy-Deepy answered many questions

“Why are the clouds fluffy?” to “Why honey comes from bees?”

Even though the little girl was losing her “Y’s”

She was starting to get the case of the “Zzzzz”

The two of them rocked on the moon

They also hopped on the stairs

They laid to rest

On two rocking chairs

All over the world, people were sleep

The usual kisses and “Good Night”

Some with stuffed animals

Others with a nightlight

They traveled and seen little children

All asleep and having a dream

The two were able to see it

For the stars put on a gleam

Then Sleepy-Deepy took her

To go and count the sheep

They were all so quiet

Lying peacefully asleep

Sleepy-Deepy took the little girl

Back to her soft little bed

Where she laid down

To rest her head

Sleepy-Deepy pulled off the teddy bear on his pajamas

He gave it to the little girl and tucked her in

He gently walked out through the window

With a soft grin

Sleepy-Deepy left before her eyes

He had gone so soon

But don’t worry!

Sleepy-Deepy is always near; he sleeps on the moon

The little Girl’s parents came in

There wasn’t so much as a peep

The little girl laid so peacefully

The little girl was finally asleep!

The end!

Short Story


I want to see if I have a career in writing and put it to the test

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