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Liking Classmates

a guy who likes his female classmatea guy who likes his female classmate

By tfx_hytPublished about a month ago 2 min read

In a busy high school, there lived a student named Fix. Fix is a smart, humorous and kind young man. In his class, there is a classmate who always attracts his attention, namely Sel. Sel is a cheerful, friendly girl and has a charming smile.

Every day, Fix and Sel sit next to each other in class. They often exchange stories, joke around, and help each other with their lessons. As the days go by, Fix's feelings for Sel deepen. He realized that he was starting to like Sel as more than just a normal friend.

However, Fix feels hesitant to express his feelings to Sel. He is worried that their friendship will change if Sel doesn't feel the same way. Fix decides to keep his feelings a secret and continues to be friends with Sel as usual.

One day, while they were studying together in the school library, Fix accidentally confessed his feelings to Sel. Sel was surprised but smiled gently. He admitted that he also felt the same way about Fix.

From there, their friendship turned into something more than just classmates. They begin to get to know each other more deeply, support each other, and go on various adventures together. Both of them learn that love does not always come in a dramatic way, but can grow from a strong friendship and mutual understanding.

Fix and Sel are examples for other classmates about how a relationship that started as friendship can develop into something beautiful and meaningful. They learn that true love is not just about feelings, but also about trust, understanding, and loyalty. And they are grateful to have found true love in their classmate. After Fix confessed his feelings to Sel, their relationship became closer and full of warmth. Sel, as a kind girl, accepted Fix's feelings sincerely and openly. The two of them start going on various adventures together, from attending school events to exploring interesting places around the city.

Sel always supports Fix's dreams and aspirations with full confidence. He is an example of what a true friend should be, always there in good times and bad, providing selfless support. Fix was increasingly inspired by Sel's kindness and warm heart, making him even more convinced that Sel was a special girl for him.

When they both faced end-of-year exams, Sel was always by Fix's side, helping him study and encouraging him. With support and love from Sel, Fix feels confident that the two of them can face all challenges together.

Finally, on graduation day, the atmosphere at school was very lively. Fix and Sel sat at the graduation celebration, smiling happily because they had successfully completed their school term. They gave each other congratulations and warm hugs as a sign of the friendship and love that existed between them.

Sel looked at Fix with pride, feeling grateful to have had a true friend like Fix all this time. Fix also feels lucky to have Sel as a loyal companion in every step of his life. They both celebrated each other's successes, while promising to continue to support each other and maintain their relationship in the future.

Graduation day is an unforgettable moment for Fix and Sel. They step into the new world full of enthusiasm and hope, ready to face the challenges and adventures that await in the future. Fix and Sel are confident that their story of friendship and love will continue to grow and inspire the people around them.


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