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Life and Death Meet on Vacation

An Angel and a Reaper walk into a bar...

By Grace Gettys Published about a year ago Updated about a year ago 8 min read
Life and Death Meet on Vacation
Photo by Taylor Friehl on Unsplash

The tropical island was a sanctuary for families coming to escape their mundane lives that revolved around their work. It was a perfect place for people from all over the world to reside for a week. The all inclusive resort was nestled among the palm trees with the ocean as the background. There were loud children running back and forth from the snack shacks to the various pools that were located within eye sight of their parents. Everyone seemed to be here with someone except for Evangeline. She was perched on a bar stool in front of a slow bar that was located near an adult’s only pool. It provided a little distance from the children, but not from noise. The hot sun beat down on her body causing her ivory skin to glow. You would expect her skin to turn red, but she was used to hotter conditions. She lifted her face to the sun and felt the beams of light penetrate her closed eyes through her sunglasses. She wished that the sun would get hotter and melt away her stress from having to save humans on a day to day basis. She was a saving angel after all.

“Here’s your Mai Tai, Miss.” The bartender’s voice cut through her thoughts as he placed her drink on the bar. She turned to grab her glass, but a voice interrupted her movement.

“You don’t want that one, Angel.” Placed next to her glass was a sad looking pineapple that looked like it had been used for several days. She had almost picked that up by mistake instead of her glass.

“Oh!” She jumped in surprise.

“Didn’t mean to startle you, no need to jump.” A man was seated at the bar a couple stools down from her. He grabbed his pineapple from the bar and thanked the bartender.

Evangeline jumped up and looked around frantically, wondering why she was put into this situation. She was on vacation after all, she wasn’t supposed to working. The man saw her anxious eyes scouring the poolside looking for danger.

“Woah, woah, woah miss, I’m on vacation.” The man was sitting on his bar stool not looking to do anything else except enjoy his pineapple.

“Vacation? Here?” She didn’t believe him even though he certainly looked the part. He was a large man wearing a very loud Hawaiian shirt with a floppy sunhat that covered his bald head. He had a cast of white sunscreen on his face from not being properly rubbed in. He look a long slurp from his pineapple and motion for her to sit back down. “I’ve never heard of your kind taking vacations.” Evangeline skeptically probed while grabbing the drink that actually belonged to her.

“My kind?” The man let out a hearty laugh that make his belly bounce with emotion. “And what’s my kind, Angel?” He wiggled his eyebrows at her teasing her to continue.

“Stop calling me Angel, Reaper. We can recognize each other, but I don’t want anyone else to know what I am.” Evangeline took a long sip from her glass. Maybe she should have ordered a double. He was a Reaper, the exact opposite of her kind. She was still on edge, because if he was here then he must be working. And if he was working then she might have to jump to the rescue of some poor human on vacation.

“I prefer to go by Craig,” He gave her a nonchalant look before continuing. “What’s your name so I don’t have to call you Angel?”


Craig chucked, “I could have guess that, it’s very angelic.” Evangeline couldn’t help but smile at his contagious laughter. “So, why are you vacationing with the humans?”

She startled. No one had asked her that, she hadn’t even asked herself that. She thought for a minute before answering. “Well, I guess I like to see them truly relaxing or at least pretending to relax.” She let out a weak sigh. “Sometimes it’s really hard to keep up with all the dumb things I have to save people from. Just last week, I had to save a guy who was trying to see how many eggs he could fit in his mouth and ended up choking. I, of course saved him, but that won’t stop him from doing something like that again.”

Craig let out a laugh that shook the bar this time. “Eggs? Were they cooked or were they whole eggs he was trying to hold in his mouth?”

Evangeline was confused that he seemed interested but continued, “They were raw eggs that he had cracked open into his mouth.” She couldn’t help but join in with his laughter and soon they both had tears running down their cheeks. Her shoulders seemed to loosen with each laugh that expelled out of her lungs.

Craig motioned for the bartender and ordered another drink and gave him his pineapple. Evangeline was curious about him too, “Why are you vacationing here?”

“Oh, I just like their Mai Tais.” He grabbed his newly filled pineapple and slurped the cocktail.

“And the pineapple?” She couldn’t help herself. She was used to seeing ridiculous things, but this was something else.

“Every time I come here, I like to see how long I can reuse the same pineapple with all the Mai Tais I drink here. My highest record is 6 days.” Craig smiled, “I’m not sure how long this one will last though, I might have to do my job on this guy.” He nodded at the pineapple and let out a bark of laughter from his own joke.

“But why?” Evangeline couldn’t believe it.

“Because it something fun to do, why not?” He gave her a curious look. “It sounds to me that you need to learn how to relax.”

She let out a sigh and stirred the ice in her glass. “You’re not wrong,” She abruptly looked at him, “How do you do it? My job is exhausting from constantly saving the humans. Are you not exhausted from taking lives?”

Craig shrugged, “Its not so bad. It can be sad sometimes, but I’m just there to collect them. It’s not like I made that guy put all those eggs in his mouth.” Craig raised his eyebrows. “You can stress about all of the dumb antics that humans do, but you can also laugh at them. They will never stop doing ridiculous things that will almost kill them, it’s in their nature.”

Evangeline thought about it for a second. “but how am I supposed to laugh when I need to do my job?”

“Easy, just laugh after you save them.” Craig chortled. “Save them and then move on. It’s not that serious.”

Evangeline laughed with him. He was right she realized. The amount of things she’s seen while saving people would fill countless books. “That egg story was not even the strangest thing I’ve seen involving eggs.”

Craig gave her a skeptical look which gave her permission to keep going. “This one guy decided to buy an unimaginable amount of eggs to make a slip and slide in this back yard. He had put tarps down and cracked all those eggs everywhere. And you never would guess what almost killed him.” She trailed off hoping that Craig was absorbed enough to continue.

“Well?” Craig couldn’t contain his interest.

“Its ridiculous,” Evangeline giggled. “His dog got out and began eating the eggs. The guy ended up chasing the dog onto his trampoline where the guy ended up slipping, hitting his head and passing out face first in the puddled eggs.”

“So he had a concussion?”

“No actually, he almost got hypothermia from laying in the cold eggs for too long.” Craig and Evangeline erupted in laughter causing everyone in the pool to look at them curiously. They spent the rest of the day drinking and talking about the crazy things that they have watched humans do. Evangeline could feel her tension melt away as the sun drifted towards the horizon. One last call from the bartender interrupted their story telling.

After his pineapple was filled for the last time, Craig raised his into the air. “To Evangeline, the saving angel for dumb humans, who can now laugh and enjoy her job.”

Evangeline raised her glass in return. “Thanks Craig,” she let out a high pitched laugh that shook her entire body. She suddenly became very serious after a second. “Sometimes it not all ridiculous, sometimes it's really rewarding when I save someone who isn’t making a bad decision.” She raised her glass again. “To all the humans who make the job mean something. To the ones who are doing their best that I can save in a moments notice, like when a flowerpot falls from a balcony and I push them out of the way.” Evangeline smiled bigger. “They were so grateful that they did not get hit by a random happenstance and they send up a thank you to me, whether they realize it or not.” Evangeline was standing now and waving her glass around. “That was me! I did that! Those moments are what its all about!

“Here! Here!” Craig shouted back. “To the humans for keeping us employed!”

Evangeline crashed back on her chair suddenly out of breath. She felt good, maybe it was because of all the Mai Tais; but she came to a realization tonight and it was because of Craig, who was a Reaper. “A Reaper!” She thought, a man who was supposed to be the enemy, but he had been what she needed this vacation.

Craig was unaware of Evangeline’s rambling thoughts when he took a last drink from his pineapple. “Well, time to add another day to this pineapple.” He rose and stretched out his limbs from sitting all day. “It was a pleasure to meet you Evangeline,” He tipped his floppy hat to her. “Thanks for being a great conversationalist.”

Evangeline rose as well, she did not expect to be here all day. “Thank you Craig,” she grinned at him realizing this is the first time where she did not feel any worry or dread. “Same time next year?” She half joked, but she knew she did really want to see him again.

Craig let out a deep laugh, “Sure thing Eva.” He winked at her before leaving, “See you at work!”


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I am an avid storyteller that likes to write about anything that inspires me whether that comes from visiting the beach or blogging about what is on my mind.

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