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Let’s Begin with Ourselves

by Thomas Preston Patterson 5 months ago in Mystery · updated 4 months ago
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everything will find it’s right place

Range Regardens by Thomas Preston Patterson

To take time considering how it is to be, on the one hand, while tuning out, on the other hand, is essentially a defensive measure.. one that we may leave behind in discerning our train of thought from an evasion of distractions, so we can conceptualize how all our creations are able to be brought about by a few of the options that have also been detected by the questnotion counsellor.

Whenever we might allow our feelings to become more a part of our thinking process, we might see a time capsule stand out to give us rise over opportunities we might take seriously.

we wouldn’t hold on

to a single regret that

wouldn’t be a gift.

“Did you think you would have made it?”

All maps are rendered equal.

“Why not wait and see what else might hold surprises?

Shift I’ll get to it: when I get to it.

Was the mission to measure irony traded for an immeasurable replacement?

If we manage just to smile today, that’s one way we wouldn’t have to suppose we discover them to be more attentive.

dear questnotion counsellor,

On the “first day”, our ability to be who we are outlines the reality of who we are.

Helpless as the friend may be, if a part of you will also go wherever he goes, he will not be alone. - Jiddu Krishnamurti

Show me where to look from a fixed point but tell me what will we find in relation to its possibility.

Laughter is upheld if there is an element of popularity that wouldn’t turn out to be misleading.

What we can’t do without teaching, we can’t do without the cultivation of an inquiring mind.

There is a story behind faces that we have not burdened ourselves to make that signifies the possessions and ideals that we don’t need to identify with.

That corner is turned a long time before we hear what the young and innocent have to say.

It is our own wonder, not something we have been told, to discover what is true.

The field of progress shines as a light unto every profession of appeal.

Observation of the familiar has to be where the mind is simply aware of what there is to relieve.

We shouldn’t have to apologize when the world is so full of hope.

He shall see what turns something around right motioning any day by storm.

keep the faith,

a time traveler

dear time traveler,

If moving from the prompt of “one more time around” would lead us to go about doing something one more time, I probably wouldn’t have changed it.

When we hold onto a particular belief or dogma, our struggle with current events is more likely.

If we find a piano man in the corner of a larger field, he might can sing us one of his transmissions.

For what it’s worth, if you believe in yourself, you can do anything you want to.

Next to our neighbors, each of us is born with everything we can realize of our dreams.

If you call on yourself by reminder, you can show yourself to trust.

As soon as you show yourself how to trust, you can call on your own agency.

It is not the recounting of how we do what we like, but the indication we take to what we have that applies a blessing to life.

However, if living in quest of the present notion is leaving us with the instant perception from its beauty, we are doing something right by ascertaining how we feel without seeking pleasure from it.

When correction does much, encouragement does more. There is nothing insignificant conveyed from an invariable perception.

Finding value beneath an idea is purely an individual matter. Since we left it in development, we can find no reason it should be imposed on by others.

There isn’t an excuse to keep us from believing in what we really believe.

Respect was invented to cover the empty place where love should be. - Leo Tolstoy

travel well,

the questnotion counsellor

Respect was invented to cover the empty place where love should be.

“Can you see yourself imagining there is no heaven?”

Sympathy is confirmed where sentiment and emotion are without.

“Is it easy if you try?”

To understand one’s own presence, visibility awaits in happenstance.

“No hell below us, Above us only sky?”

Nobody knows that what we need can be only described in tandem as lost in time.

”Can you imagine all the people living for today?”

Our oasis surely has no meaning unless it helps us experience the vast subtleties of having fun.

“Imagine there is no countries?”

I know of a place where it’s quiet only happens if it wouldn’t mind what happens.

“Nothing to kill or die for, no religion, too?”

There is no need to talk about regrets, because happenstance matters.

“Imagine all the people living life in peace” - John Lennon

If we wouldn’t judge them according to our personal likes and dislikes, they shouldn’t have these barriers and hindrances to finding peace.

“I am wondering, can you imagine there are no possessions?”

There is no end to self-knowledge.

“No need for greed or hunger?”

All we ever needed to observe without evaluating.

“A brotherhood of man?”

That’s when the resonant form of ideology to change miracles is brought about.

“Imagine all the people sharing all the world?”

Our kid will one day be able to decide upon what matters to him, whether or not we watch him at play or are studying his different moods.

dear questnotion counsellor,

We cannot reconcile a strategy unless we wouldn’t have to help it.

We find a blessing in every occasion we find to hear at least one little song, read one good poem, see one exquisite picture, and, if possible, speak a few sensible words. - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

What is real and what’s for sale is not to be found where the focus of safety in a relationship is rendered less typical than your need for it to be resolved.

Missing imagination doesn’t want us to pretend.

You need to keep your mind from disguising the struggles, the miseries, the laughter, and the tears that come along with your own experience in order to endure when uncertainty becomes more insistent.

Whether the next day makes you right or wrong doesn’t make your living any less valid.

There is something going on around here that has no end when you can always learn from it.

A man who thought he knew what I saw was mistaken by a child laughing in the sun.

If understanding how we treat people would remind us of the way we see them, the way they became would remind us of how we treated them.

Our boat isn’t bashful unless we don’t want it to keep us from ferrying off the waves of its lorry.

keep the faith,

a time traveler

dear time traveler,

The model is no exception.

It doesn’t matter what step we say it is if it is the only step that brings focus.

What one describes “earlier” isn’t what one can think of as “later..”

Whether the answer is come at the expense of borrowed feelings, we didn’t know quite what to do.

The curious doesn’t want to hurry us, but when I was faster, I was a ways behind?

All is well with him who can bring about peace within himself, for only he can bring about peace in the world.

Look within a single time at the start of a new beginning.

There is no “back up” where imagination hasn’t yet come in, to offer the way to see what lies in the heat of parity.

Advice often compels our response by its guidance.

travel well,

the questnotion counsellor

Advice often compels our response by its guidance

”Why do we assign advice to anything that can’t be expressed?”

If it will help us to do a better job, we can evaluate how something else compels us beyond our expressions.

According to that culture, one can project, invent, imagine: linguistically, emotionally, intellectually, a meaning to life without us finding it out for ourselves.

”Does that mean showing up leaves anything yet to be decided?"

Detachment in life is not so much about letting go, it’s about giving something up so we can show up.

A thought is: knowledge, experience, memory; whatever culture in which one has been brought up.

it’s not just something that’s got us with a red dot on it.

There can always be more evidence to support us, whether its fashion is being made known according to our response by its guidance.

”When was the last time you pushed yourself out of your comfort zone and what did you learn from that experience?”

When I was working at Domino’s, I developed a sense of conscientiousness to see myself as living inside the community with other people. I learned a sense of teamwork in the way I managed myself.

As I grow in a situation such as this, I can have an answer to a question like, “Why did someone write that book?”, or a statement like “You don’t have to like your job every day if you can love your job every day”

”What is one way that you check in with others in order to create a more shared reality for connection, understanding, and collaboration?”

We can be great at anything we bring up. Finding a segment scene can be an expedition even from this point of inception.

”Is it important to find out if we are serious at all?”

Yes. However, I want to be known for decency, to be the kind of person that is a good listener and has a sense of courtesy.

Along these lines, it has been said that a book is like vaccination for the soul, in that it opens up the heart to observe what’s sacred.

”What is your definition of an authentic relationship?”

An authentic relationship is one where we are willing to make ourselves accountable to people that we trust, so things can begin to show up in more focus.

If the process is accurate, participation can be likened to attributing the morning sky to our logic in a world with no demands on reason.

”What are some boundaries and expectations that are true for you?”

I probably wouldn’t mind being more willing to make amends to my restitution, as far as limiting beliefs go..

At the end of the day, I’d like to expect myself to openly express emergent observations and commit to observable behaviors as the situation permits.

”What is practical about investing in a shared reality?”

I would say, we would need to understand that being accountable to people that we trust is a practical investment to our shared reality.

Lowering our expectations isn’t a bad place to start. If nothing else, sacred rules the decisions we are making in this moment.

”what gives you the ability to observe without making assumptions?”

If I can zero in on the observation process, identifying primary ingredients of courtesy would help out..

Tomorrow, it can be signified by an attribution of today.

”What would you like to get off your chest?”

Association of what has been left out from what hasn’t been tried yet. Our attention of things changes, but an awareness is brought back through borrowed feelings.

Both how we understand this distinct reception and the components we endorse to “the one with our friends” can find us in an assignment of grace.

If we could only understand that grace, not verbally, not merely intellectually, structurally, nor linguistically, we should also get to keep on with it in order to experience the spectrum of emotions that will make us far more capable of forging genuine bonds and authentic connections.

If we can depend on attracting more from understanding, whether it’s attached to a consolation of priority, we cannot possibly stand alone.

If we could set aside rewards, so their results would leave us with an association of what has been left out, we can find ourselves too blessed to be stressed.

”How can an accepting community exist where our visions transform trials into gifts?”

Maybe this can happen so that the quest for a counseling notion might find something more for us to consider.

dear questnotion counsellor,

In this day in age, we can find ourselves in certain situations that can only truly improve once we respond to our observations of the moment that lifts us out of vague indifference.

By the study of how intuition promotes wellness through interpretation, any bottle can be as useful to our promotion of everyday behaviors and mannerisms.

On behalf of what we interpret, we can infer what it is that will do enough to generate actions that can help us meet this moment.

It is a timeless glimpse of wisdom that may verily incline us to a query unmatched by our distinction.

They teach about how we might have been inclined to ignore the negative so we can live the positive with waves of inspiration.

One way we can be encouraged to embrace curiosity is by helping ourselves to keep our basis of judgmental regulation within the context of our awareness.

The context of everything that depends on further interest is our inner guide to improve on this awareness which eventually helps us to become better leaders.

The benefits offered by this representation provide us all with a greater sense of differentiation that helps to inform how we respond by our own self-inquiries.

When we take note of any two questions we may have about something, we can overlook any shortcomings that led to our point of inquiry.

People who can find refuge in us may well find refuge in others.

Making complex ideas simple could make it easier to avoid hiding conversions among our interpretations, which brings us more ability to work around our challenges more effectively.

keep the faith,

a time traveler

dear time traveler,

You find an area where you could work hard at it, and then you work hard to keep it.

I feel that when we have to say “see how that goes” we might not have been looking at the problem.

You see, a value system is the precondition for perception itself because beauuty is unpropositional.

Our benefits to the community that supecede a conversation wouldn’t necessarily involve jurisdiction that users could resolve in order to establish how definitions of cause and status mitigate circumstances.

The fact of the matter is, people can’t be truly happy and fulfilled in life until their day to day existence and work is consistent with their own deepest values.

The hardest thing to do is not to find the right job, the hardest thing to do is to find out what you believe.

Truth and common sense must be sacrificed for fragile feelings. This is but a symptom of never having had to develop resilience.

I have thought that some games can help them to get through the situations they are in no matter the risk because that teaches them that it is better than not trying the thing.

That can also relieve them of the paradox whereby one could be more keen to explore new options to communicate and interact with others.

You are enough to investigate anything that would work out if certain people were to arrive at challenges the rest of us haven’t yet encountered.

travel well,

the questnotion counsellor

“..but it gets better..”

People who want to bring about change can become more conscious.

Hope says we can be educated enough to believe.

..and faith says that we can be educated enough to question what there is to be thought.

We can always be motivated to change life for the better with the use of discipline.

Someone asked me to say so:

The words “flippant” and “contrapuntal” aren’t always synonyms so much as they aren’t always antonyms.

Someone delivering pizzas found a turtle upside down.

So this is Vern.

Vern is a concept, created by you while reading this.

When you stop, Vern ceases to exist.

Your attention is the thin barrier between Vern and the void.

He’s just as scared as Vernal.

Two people were walking along the road.

They were friends.

And they had been talking about the world and so on.

As they go along, one of them sees something on the ground and picks it up.

And so the very looking at it transforms him.

The other fellow says: “What is it that you have found?”

“What is it that made you so extraordinarily beautiful suddenly?”

He said, “I have picked up truth.”

And the other fellow says, “Marvelous. Let’s go and organize it.”

Let’s begin with ourselves.

It could have been me.

I do look to admit what’s getting better.

We eagerly made an effort to become a part of the endeavor to work anything out.

The ideas we profess are not too contemporaneous without transcending boredom.

It feels good inside the virtue of a patient who knows not what won’t hurt him.

You only learn when you tell yourself all things. We have all been practical before.

The merit of an observation stands out by its own permission.

But the significance of results is what we miss in the age of request.

His advice actually sees farther than its headlights, but it could make the whole trip that way.

God is with him, teaching him life’s journey.

He needs him here on earth to encourage others to be as strong.

God still has a purpose for him here on earth, but he is in training right now to help another person someday, or many people.

The subject cannot come here.

dear questnotion counsellor,

Just after the second visitor had found a place to wait outside the parking lot, it got on the phone with its parents. “How do you take up an issue with the streets even when you’re down?”

It asked them that because it didn’t know how to cope.

Since we prefer stories to statistics, our dreams become real.

If we think statistics are designed to eliminate us from the game, then the mistakes we make are probably more likely to be ignored, denied, or hidden from confirmation bias.

The analytical research clown posse can seek to confirm, instead of transcend, the shift in confirmation bias.

Someone who manages life well knows how to spot their own analytical research clown posse because he so rarely appreciates the role that chance and coincidence plays in his life.

“In many cases, our knowledge of even simple statistics is rudimentary.” - Thomas Kida

One peer says my collar is popped up, another can misperceive our collar management based on something more anecdotal, like how cool the weather is.

We can oversimplify how we don’t need to be a cool person to know about that.

We probably wouldn’t have such faulty memories had our analytical clown posse not been lucky enough to find us that way.

Consider the following story about three visitors.

Each of them spent the whole afternoon on the phone with parents trying to make their way around to our friend.

Each visitor was addressed by his challenged assumptions to their resolving the issue with an adjective or two that would help them find him.

They were pleased, because if they had tried to get to their destination and failed (by driving off the road, for example) any effort to visit him wouldn’t necessarily be totally and completely diminished.

For what it’s worth, our friend was calm and collected.

The first one was told by its parents that they didn’t know how to relay directions over the phone because the internet was too hard to navigate.

“Goodness gracious,” it said, “How is it that you couldn’t have told me that you can’t do such a thing? This is unfair!”

The second one tried to get a parking spot and failed.

“What good is this! I’m so sorry!” cried the second visitor. “Whatever”

The third one ran out of gas.

“How many times must I go through this without being tested? Ha!”

Now little did we know that there was a forth visitor. It’s the one who had a dropped call. We’ll get back to it later.

Hours went by, and each traveler developed a plan of action based on its comings and goings.

The first one said, “I don’t know what to do. I could get angry and rebel, but that would not ease my suffering.”

So it reasoned with its parents to hang tight, and it would come on over to get directions. There seemed to be no way that he could possibly get there on time, so he would have to be late.

The second one had spent all afternoon managing traffic in order to get this far. It came to the conclusion that he was living in a mad world.

The third visitor would fare much better as long as it had a testimonial that was affordable, since it didn’t mind showing up late. In order to put gas in its tank, it would still have to lean on experience among the others to make it there.

Our forth visitor felt the pain and misery of the others, but placed it in the context of its own basis of the situation at hand. It understood the general questions that needed to be resolved in order to be able to afford consultation possible.

Somewhere along the way, it came up to the third one walking on the side of the road with a gas can. It pulled up and rolled down his window to ask a couple of questions. It motioned up the road, asking: “are you ready for a lift?” The third answered in the affirmative. It then asked the fellow, “Can you tell me how to get to our friend’s place?” Adjectives were exchanged and they began on their way.

A few moments later, they heard a horn blowing from way up the street. It was the first one. He recognized them from a ways away and was so happy because they would be able to share what their responses wear.

At this point, the first visitor comes up with the idea that certain traditions adopt insecurity as a paradox: "At least someone else might not be lost."

“We got you” said the third one, as they continued to our friend’s house. The first one followed.

This is how the third visitor is inadvertently reminded by its parents of someone who wasn’t a stranger: “Did I look like him to you when it looked like I knew what to do?" he asks the forth one. "One of us would lean more in the favor of discipline."

"What he really wants is to care more about people when he talked to them." the forth one explained to the first.

When they made it there, they found the second one waiting by his car outside the parking lot.

“What happened?” he asks them, hoping to hear some good news.

“Didn’t you understand the directions?” asked the forth one. “our friend is waiting for us at the park.”

The more we sort out how essential we are to understand this distinct “reception” and how each of the components we endorse to the one with our friends is something that can be more effectively involved, the more it looks like their results are able to make it happen in the face of something we have more in common.

The Bildung of our opportunity is still provenient if we can attend to what is fair, necessary, and kind.

If we can remember that, then maybe our response can be as significant as to what others are experiencing.

“True propositions about forms are absolutely true” says visitor three.

Since the power to transcend comes from within, our consistency leaves no expectations behind.

On the other hand, the ultimate expression of coherence is the principle of non-contradiction. This is but one idea of many.

All of us have something relevant to bring. We don’t want to manage life without it.

One difference between the layout and our pursuit is that we walk away without explaining why a decision was made.

It takes discipline to do something like this.

“I’m thinking about going into Yoga.” visitor one says to its parents over the phone.

Let’s look at the idea of progress. Most ideas of progress are reactionary.

“Some of you people just about missed it” said visitor two.

"I'm good." the third visitor said.

“Being in the city is a different idea than the park.”

"Imagination is more important than knowledge, as knowledge is limited." - Albert Einstein

"I’m questioning and seeking for an answer," says the forth visitor.

The second visitor has spent his time outside the parking lot wondering if it doesn’t always seem to go that we don’t know what we’ve got till it’s gone.

He also wondered about how humans are using blueprints as a commodity, religions as factories, and worship places as supermarkets where the "feel good be happy" doctrines are sold.

Was this what the panel wouldn’t assume, if the forth visitor might have just left out one word to change the meaning of a whole sentence?

Visitor two wonders if it might have been received more favorably, if it added in, “I’m always questioning and seeking for answers.”

What if the original intent of religions to be the blueprints for building a civilization and to create harmonious relationships between the individual-community-institutions had been channeled through the discipline of the conscience and education of the mind?

Only one person can come up with a question, but the range of his life is a workshop.

A campaign is no better than a showcase for acquiring and displaying personal health, wealth and happiness as it is on TV shows and sermons.

The forth visitor remembered back in the day, it used to ask a lot of questions about what it was like before paradise was paved into a parking lot.

It would remember one of its parents saying to it, “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.”

How else would it be that one parent could see whether he didn’t lack the strategy needed in order to respond to what another one might wonder that might not have been viable?

Reactionary ideas of progress often hearken back to an illusoric past. - Sam Vaknin

When I notice how expectations persist in the same manner that is most beneficial to them in the long run, I don’t give too much thought to the way we can change them.

I feel like it is sometimes necessary to confront our own darker, harsher realities in order to focus on developing the negative things more up close, so that our discoveries can be understood into a greater realization.

Even if we work extremely hard to compartmentalize what we feel, leaving no room for subjective point of view brings us back to getting attracted to overwhelming circumstances beyond our control that won’t help us get anywhere.

These circumstances are immune to our will, strength, and logic, and we can’t ignore them or pretend that they don’t matter.

Let’s look at the statement, “do you think you would have made it”

Whether of not we think that someone would have “made it,” we are placing value on their approach to handle a situation.

One might think that various indications can help us to get through the situations we are in no matter the risk because that teaches us that it is better than not trying the thing.

This attitude can also relieve them of the paradox whereby one could be more keen to explore the options in order to communicate and interact more with others.

We must evidence something that can be perceived in order to understand their estimated mindset.

Whether it’s from a redemption that can be predicted, as applied to visitor one, it goes beyond practicality, as applied to visitor two, that any complement beyond compare, as applied to visitor three, wouldn’t issue true propositions about anything sensible.

To understand the underestimated from a redemption that can be shared with those that are unseen finds us updated with evidence of something that isn’t challenged.

(I am not escaping by subjecting myself in their footsteps.)

Whither we shall see ourselves having been brought up in a distinction that becomes modified to be received from this fellowship?

If we look at our visitor’s condition to observe what its content is, even as gazing up unto the clouds, which are beautiful, whither shall our thoughts be running into the naenu skye?

You know where you are with a baby or infant struggling in a pen all by itself. We don’t scold the parents for not looking in on him, we go to the infant and comfort it ourselves.

Most of us would give considerable attention to such personal indications when making our decisions.

Campaign winners wouldn’t be the only ones who would shape the world to come.

“There is no limit to the number of social entrepreneurs who can make this planet a better place.” - Nicholas Kristof

“We may see opportunities when we believe it will work out.” the third visitor says.

What if more people are happy just so long as they have a future to which they can look forward?

Whether it be expression of something in which there is a stillness that resists easy simplification, or it would depend on something that is expected in the future, if we know how to practice a random act of kindness, nothing save change itself came last.

It can petition us from anywhere, on behalf of what we interpret, to infer what it is that will do enough to generate actions that can help us meet this moment.

“Logic, intelligence, and reason are satisfied, but the heart goes hungry.. For man seems to be unable to live without myth, without the belief that the routine and drudgery, the pain and fear of this life have some meaning and goal in the future.” - Allan W. Watts

The analytical clown posse is like unto men huddling together and shouting to give themselves courage in the dark.

Anything which might inform how we respond to forseeable expectations can provide us with greater sense of inference by distinguishing how we can work through an assertion.

If the public had any suspicion that the posse does or does not exist, the invention would be in vain.

“But what are we to do?” questions visitor forth:

The extraordinary thing about this is as a time stamp that would reveal the truths behind so-called myths of traditional religion and metaphysic:

It reveals, not beliefs, but actual realities ~ not a paradox to the ideas of God and of eternal life, but an invocation to go forth!

There are reasons for juxtaposing a revolution to this kind of traditional standing in relation to religious ideas as reality to symbol and cause to effect.

A common error of ordinary religious practice is to universally mistake the symbol, to look at the finger pointing the way and then to mete form with it to relieve oneself of discomfort in an ordinance out of obligation, rather than follow it.

Religious ideas are like suppositions- of little use, and often misleading, unless you know the concrete realities to which they refer.

To suppose that the third visitor met the fourth one on the way down the road, and they were met by the visitor one from all the way down the road, it is useful to consider how they would be met by visitor two if not all the way down the road.

We can avoid a propositional right of way when we realize it doesn’t entail that anything contrary to this supposition applies to us.

If that is a subject of analytical research, then the testimonials are able to develop something instead of going through a long process without transformation.

If we can say that the first visitor appreciates it when people don’t jump to conclusions, then of course it would look like the others had found instructions for something whereby he wouldn’t mind if they knew he could hear about it from them.

In other words, there could be an empowerment of experience, whereby the next thing can be understood.

keep the faith,

a time traveler

dear time traveler,

No one needs another reason to be understood.

No one needs a reason when visitor two would be the first to tell the others about what they reminded him of, since our narrative wouldn’t find them outside of his acceptance of recognition.

Whether awareness by recognition wouldn’t make a bothersome situation, all of this has one question, that a smart view to share judging by how lucky this one was wouldn’t be fair without…

If you would be asked to consciously experiment with open-mindedness, even though you’ve been put through the most horrible situations, you can use that experience to come out as a better person, or you could use that experience to be a horrible mess…

After they had found the second visitor in the parking lot, one of the posse could be heard, asking themselves, “What if we’re ready to let go of what we thought we’d need to have to enjoy a good life, and instead focus on the things that bring us more peace and joy than anything in the world?”

You are enough to investigate anything that would work out if certain people were to arrive at challenges the rest of us haven’t yet encountered.

Joyful? Patient? Hopeful? Was he addressing the individual out of necessity? Was he dismissive to any number of assumptions? Was he encouraged to lean in out of confidence? Did he praise life due to a call for justice? Did he learn to be present either from our portrayal in the world, having been accepted by us, or both? Did we notice if he had anything arbitrarily familiar about him?

When he started realizing what he didn’t want, and when he looked at it from a more expansive view, he could see that all of these things that he might have done by outlining the reality of who he could become might have helped him to see that if he looked at the bigger picture, then he would see how all of these experiences were playing into how he is doing now.

travel well,

the questnotion counsellor


About the author

Thomas Preston Patterson

I am drawn to create a more yielded outlook : a differentiation which might inform how we respond to forseeable expectations that can provide us with greater sense of inference by distinguishing how we can work through any evidence in peace

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