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Legend of Kaguya-hime


By Moharif YuliantoPublished 3 months ago 3 min read
Legend of Kaguya-hime
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In the tranquil heart of Japan, nestled amongst emerald bamboo groves, an old bamboo cutter named Okina lived a simple life. One crisp morning, as the sun peeked over the horizon, Okina embarked on his usual routine, venturing into the grove to harvest bamboo for his craft. As he surveyed the swaying stalks, a peculiar sight caught his eye. A single stalk shimmered with an otherworldly glow, beckoning him closer.

Intrigued, Okina approached the luminescent bamboo and cautiously split it open. Nestled within, cradled by the soft fibers, lay a tiny, exquisite baby girl. Her skin was as fair as moonlight, and her eyes sparkled with an ethereal luminescence. Overwhelmed with wonder, Okina, who was childless, took the baby home, presenting her to his wife, who was equally awestruck.

They named the child Kaguya-hime, meaning "Princess of the Shining Night," a testament to her celestial arrival. As Kaguya-hime grew, her beauty blossomed like a rare flower. Her hair shone like spun moonlight, and her laughter echoed like the tinkling of wind chimes. But with each passing day, it became evident that Kaguya-hime was no ordinary child. She possessed an uncanny intelligence and grace that far surpassed those of her peers.

News of Kaguya-hime's unearthly beauty spread like wildfire throughout the land. Soon, noblemen from every corner of the kingdom came calling, vying for her hand in marriage. But Kaguya-hime, with an air of otherworldly wisdom, politely refused them all. She claimed she had no desire for a worldly marriage and longed for a simpler life.

Her persistent suitors, unwilling to accept rejection, showered her with extravagant gifts – jewels that shimmered like captured stars, silks woven from moonlight, and exotic treasures from distant lands. However, Kaguya-hime remained unmoved. The more she was presented with the ostentatious trappings of wealth and power, the more she yearned for the serenity of her bamboo home.

One moonlit night, Kaguya-hime confided in Okina and his wife. Tears welled in her eyes as she revealed her true origins. She was a princess from the moon, sent to Earth for a time. However, a celestial decree demanded her return on the night of the full moon. Grief-stricken, Okina and his wife vowed to protect her secret and help her prepare for her inevitable departure.

News of the full moon reached Kaguya-hime's persistent suitors. Misinterpreting a celestial prophecy, they believed it to be the night Kaguya-hime would finally choose a husband. Blinded by ambition, they stormed Okina's humble home, each vying for her favor.

Panic surged through the household. Okina pleaded with the men, revealing Kaguya-hime's celestial origins. But his pleas fell on deaf ears. Just as the situation threatened to spiral out of control, a radiant light bathed the room. Heavenly beings materialized, their ethereal forms casting an otherworldly glow.

The leader, a celestial emissary, confirmed Kaguya-hime's identity and the urgency of her return. The suitors, humbled and filled with remorse, watched as Kaguya-hime, draped in a shimmering moonlit robe, bid farewell to Okina and his wife, tears streaming down her face.

As the full moon bathed the land in its silvery light, Kaguya-hime climbed aboard a celestial chariot, drawn by magnificent winged creatures. She cast one last longing glance at the Earth, a place that had become her home, before disappearing into the night sky.

Okina and his wife, heartbroken but filled with a sense of acceptance, watched as Kaguya-hime faded into the heavens. In their humble garden, a single stalk of glowing bamboo sprouted, a silent reminder of the extraordinary princess who had graced their lives. The legend of Kaguya-hime, the moon princess, became woven into the fabric of Japanese folklore, a timeless tale of celestial beauty, unwavering love, and the bittersweet longing for a home beyond the stars.


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  • Flamance @ lit.2 months ago

    Awesome story I love it so much

  • Judey Kalchik 3 months ago

    This shows the hallmarks of unattributed AI. As per Vocal standards AI must be noted at the start of content created with AI

Moharif YuliantoWritten by Moharif Yulianto

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