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Lasting Impressions

by Charise Leung 5 months ago in Fantasy · updated 5 months ago
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Eryn's Spirit Guide

Eryn sighed as she closed her bedroom door. She went to her bed and sat down on the edge.

“Where did things go wrong? I used to love going to my school, I had lots of friends. Now no one gives a crap about me anymore. I get that I’ve been distant, who wouldn’t be. My best friend died! Or do furry friends not matter? Patches had been with me since I was born. I lost his collar which saddens me even more. On top of that, I have a horrible History teacher this year. I know I’m not the confident person I used to be, I don’t know if I will ever be that confident anymore. I'm just so tired of pretending to be ok. I don’t know what to do. It’s Friday and I will spend another weekend all alone.” She thought.

She picked up her pen and threw it across the room. She was hoping it would release some of her pent-up emotions. Instead, sadness just flowed to the surface. She started crying. She put her head in her hands and tried to keep her crying quietly. Eryn hated crying but she couldn’t control it. And she also hated that she couldn’t control it too.

Eryn thought that since it was already dark and she wasn’t hungry, going to bed early would make everything a little bit better. As she got comfortable under her blankets, Eryn heard a tapping on her window.

She got out of bed and went to the window. She saw a beautiful white owl perched outside. Without hesitation and drawn to this being, she opened the window.

The white owl rushed in.

“Hello, you are such a beautiful creature. But I don’t think you belong in my room.” Eryn said.

“Good evening, Eryn. A pleasure to make your acquaintance.” The owl responded.

Eryn was startled not expecting the owl to talk.

“Whoa, you can talk?” Eryn asked.

“Yes, Eryn. But I’m no ordinary owl, I am your spirit guide. You may call me Ezekiel.”

“Nice to meet you, Ezekiel. Why are you here?” Eryn asked, and still felt very confused.

“Well Eryn, usually when a spirit guide meets their human it’s because no subtle intervention has helped them overcome the trouble they are in. Eryn, I know you’ve been in a troubling situation for a while. Do you agree?” Ezekiel replied with a deep question.

Eryn knew this was true, which swirled the aching sadness back to the surface. She successfully held back her tears. But you could see the pain in her face if you looked closely. She mustered up a nod and gazed downward.

“I can feel your emotions, Eryn, you don’t have to hold back for me. I’m here to help you rediscover yourself. I know that you are a magical soul but you lost your light and magic. And it is no wonder given the loss you had taken.” Ezekiel said.

“How do you suppose I will regain my magic?” Eryn asked

“You need to remember how powerful you are Eryn. And I have just the right tasks to help you with that.” Ezekiel responded.

Before Eryn could protest Ezekiel turned into a boy her age and reached for Eryn's hand. In an instant, they were transported to a beautiful underground layer. They were in the library, and it was unlike anything Eryn has ever seen in person.

“Where are we and can you turn into anything else?” Eryn frightfully asked.

“No, Eryn these are the only two forms I can take. When in human form I use less energy, but I wanted you to know I was your spirit animal. That is why I came to you in my Owl form. Please follow me, as we will work on your first task.” Ezekiel responded.

Eryn followed him through a corridor into a sunroom. There were a few tables with maps and other stationery items.

“Your first task is to find Atlantis.” Ezekiel eagerly said and pointed to a world map laying on one of the tables.

“That’s impossible, no one has found it. If it even exists. Wait it does it exist?” Eyrn said

Ezekiel laughed a bit then said “We shall find out. But in order for you to find it, you must use your magic. And since you’ve lost your way we can use tools to get us back on track.”

“Hold out your hand” Ezekiel then added.

He put his hand just above hers and a crystal pendulum appeared.

“You shall use this to find Atlantis. This pendulum is an extension of your higher soul. This magical tool is still you, like all magical tools.” Ezekiel said as Eryn held on to the pendulum.

“How do I use it?” Eryn asked.

“It’s very simple to use. First, ask it to show you yes.” Ezekiel explained.

Eryn did as Ezekiel requested.

“Show me yes,” Eryn asked as she held the pendulum in one hand.

The pendulum made a circular motion.

“Now ask it to show you no,” Ezekiel said.

“Please show me no,” Eryn asked.

This time the pendulum went in a back and forth line motion.

“Great! Now when asking a question you must be specific and have a clear vision of what you're asking in your mind. For some accuracy let’s gather some pictures and info we have on Atlantis.” Ezekiel says while walking to one of the bookshelves and grabbing a few books off the shelf.

“Here you go, these have the best descriptions of Atlantis.” Ezekiel continued.

Eryn looked through the books he had given her. She was in awe of the details. She has never seen such a glorious place.

“Wow, I hope I can find Atlantis.” She said with excitement and a little sadness, at the idea that this civilization had somehow vanished.

“Do you have a clear picture in your mind now of Atlantis?” Ezekiel asked.

“Yes, I do Ezekiel,” Eryn responded.

“Come here then,” Ezekiel said pointing to the table with the large map. “Let's try asking your pendulum where on the map Atlantis is.”

“Where is Atlantis?” Eryn asked the pendulum over the map. The pendulum went in crazy directions.

“A better way to ask is: Is this where Atlantis is lost? While moving the pendulum to different locations. Then it can give you a clear yes or no answer.” Ezekiel said gently correcting her.

Eyrn did this and glided over a few areas on the map while asking this question. Then finally the pendulum showed her a yes in a remote area over a vast ocean.

Ezekiel smiled. “Great let's go!” He said

“What how? That’s in the middle of the ocean.”Eryn replied.

“True, Follow me,” Ezekiel said.

They went over to a chest and he pulled out a drawer. He then took out a ring.

“With this, you can leave your body. Some people can achieve this with practice. It’s called Astral Projecting. But we don’t have weeks or months to get you to that point.” Ezekiel said while handing her a ring.

Eyrn put on the ring and a huge weight fell off her. She turned around and saw her body laying on the floor.

“Whoa, this is so weird,” Eyrn said.

“Luckily for me, I am a spirit, so I can easily transform,” Ezekiel said with a little grin.

“Ready to go check it out?” Ezekiel asked.

“I think so,” Eryn said as she was still getting used to not having a body holding her down.

Ezekiel took her hand and teleported them to the area Eryn found on the map. Eryn could see them both delve into the ocean and descend deeper to the bottom of the sea. At last, they came upon miles of stone wreckage. It appeared there was a lost civilization here.

“How can we be sure this is Atlantis?” Eryn asked.

“Let’s get a closer look,” Ezekiel said with a grin.

They moved closer through the rubble and discovered a cave. This led to another underground layer beneath the desolate stone wreckage. In this second encapsulated area, Eryn and Ezekiel saw four large pyramids. One of the pyramids had Atlantis writing on it.

“That pyramids writing translates to: “Gladly received Guests of Atlantis, please enter here.” Ezekiel pointed out.

They moved through the sea cave to the front of the pyramid. There was a large door with more Atlantis wording written on a plague that stood near the entrance.

Eryn looked at Ezekiel in question as to what was written on the plague.

“It says: “I agree to be benevolent and kind toward all in Atlantis.” Repeat out loud for entrance.” Ezekiel read while looking at the plaque.

“I agree to be benevolent and kind towards all in Atlantis.” Both Eryn and Ezekiel repeated aloud together. And truly encompassing the promise they were making.

At once the large door opened. They walked through the entrance and saw a long downward staircase. They followed the staircase down towards another door. This time there was a button that needed to be pushed to open the door. They proceeded into a small area that led to another door. There was more Atlantean writing on the wall to the right that translated to “please release water first” next to a lever. Ezekiel pushed down on the lever. This expelled the water. Then Ezekiel pushed the button to open the second door. Inside they saw Atlantis which was still a thriving city full of life. Since they were in spirit form, no Atlantean noticed their presence.

“This is Atlantis Eryn, there is no question about it.” Ezekiel proclaimed. “We can’t stay too long as we have other tests but we can learn a little at the Atlantis visitor center.” He then said as he pointed to a building in front of them.

“It’s so beautiful here, I don’t want to leave. But I understand.” Admiring the beautiful marble and gold architectures. The environment was clean and bursting with agriculture.

They went into the visitor center and saw 8 stands.

“Please insert crystal to watch Atlantis history.” Was written on top in Atlantean writing. Just beneath that was an opening for the crystal. The crystal was hanging on a gold wire attached to the stand.

“It says to insert the crystal,” Ezekiel said while grabbing the crystal, then handing it to Eryn.

Eryn went to touch it and felt a surge go through her, it wasn’t strong but she felt something. She put the crystal in the slot. A holographic picture screen went up above the stand. Then different languages were sliding across the screen. English showed up. So Ezekiel said in a firm voice,“English please.”

The holographic monitor responded, “You have chosen English, please stand by for presentation.”

The presentation started. It showed how Atlantis came to be. It showed how they became an advanced civilization and the type of technology they discovered. But then it showed how the gods did not like how advanced they became in such a short amount of time. So they devised a plan to flood on earth and start over. When the Atlanteans learned of the god's plans, they came up with a solution to become a lost civilization. The gods were pleased with the result and no longer bothered the Atlanteans.

Eryn couldn’t understand some of the things they mentioned in the presentation, as her brain was still developing. But she enjoyed the feeling of knowing what had happened to Atlantis.

“Maybe another time we can come back to Atlantis, but for now we must go, Eryn,” Ezekiel stated.

“Well, since we know where it is, we shall return!” Eryn said with a grin.

“Can you see how powerful your words can be, never lose that wisdom,” Ezekiel responded. But because he knew what the next test would be, he was a little hesitant to carry on.

“Time to go,” Ezekiel said while grabbing Eryn's wrist and teleporting them back to Ezekiel's library.

“Wow what an amazing test, I feel energized for the next one,” Eryn said.

“Well, you're gonna need that energy. The next task, I believe you won’t enjoy as much, if at all.” Ezekiel responded, then said, “Just remember that your words and feelings have power.”

“We will do some practice trials before you do this task on your own,” Ezekiel said while Eryn listened intently.

“First let’s switch your tools,” Ezekiel said reaching out for the ring Eryn was still wearing.

Eryn took off her ring and her body returned to her.

Then they went over to the chest where they originally found the ring. Ezekiel put away the ring, then opened another drawer. Inside there was a rectangular case, Ezekiel pulled it out and set it on top of the chest. He opened it up and picked up a turquoise stone wand.

“This wand is for protection and is also to condense your power words into energy,” Ezekiel explained to Eryn.

“Let’s test it out. First, you will calm your mind and breath, then draw a circle in front of you. After drawing the circle, move your wand in the direction you want the energy to flow. Then use some powerful words such as “with the power of my guided spirit and my own power, BE GONE!” Ezekiel said as he handed the wand over to Eryn.

She practiced a few times and really felt the words resonate in her body.

“I think I’m ready,” Eryn said.

“I can feel you are!” Ezekiel replied.

Ezekiel transported them to a dark room. “I will be here with you,” Ezekiel said while transforming into his white owl body. He then perched on her shoulder.

All of a sudden monsters from her nightmares started to surround her from out of the darkness. A clown with no eyes, some creepy dolls, and zombie-looking creatures started towards her. Her heart started racing and she started to doubt her powers. Then she said out loud “I am powerful!” This reassurance to herself calmed her a little bit.

As the monsters were approaching her she closed her eyes and calmed her mind. She took deep breathes to slow her breathing. Then as the monsters were about a foot from her, she took the wand and drew a huge circle. “By my power and the power of Ezekiel, BE GONE!” Eryn spoke and motioned the wand in all directions to where the monsters were coming from. They all disappeared. It was again black but the adrenaline in her body was at its peak.

“Amazing work!”Ezekiel said.

Eryn's adrenaline was normalizing.

“Yeah, I definitely did not like that!” Eryn said to Ezekiel while Ezekiel teleported them back to his library room.

Ezekiel went back to his boy form then said, “yeah, but you did great! Now when anything or anyone wants to mess with you, you know that you can send them away.”

Eryn did feel a bit stronger and more assured of her abilities now.

“Before I give you your last task, I have something to give you,” Ezekiel said and handed over a little scroll.

Eryn opened it. Inside it read:

“Dear Eryn,

I’ve seen you struggle this last year with me being gone. That’s why I’ve assigned Ezekiel as your spirit guide. We both want you to see how amazing you truly are. I also want you to know I’m always with you no matter what.

With love,

Your Best friend Patches

Eryn teared up, but this time it was tears of happiness. Now she knew that he was in a good place and if she needed him he would be there.

Eryn rolled up the scroll.

“I’m sorry Eryn, though we want to help you become more self-confident and magical again, we can’t allow you to take this letter back home,” Ezekiel told her. “These tasks will help you to do this, but only in your subconscious mind. After tonight you will forget most of what happened. But you will take the belief of magic with you and also the knowing that Patches is doing good.” Ezekiel then finished explaining.

Eryn saddened by the prospect of losing such memories said, “Ok.” Eryn reluctantly handed back the scroll.

“The last task you don’t need any tools. This task will evaluate if your self-confidence has increased. All you need to do is change something in the future. You could change the weather, put money in your bank account, make a wish for the future. The only rule is you can’t control any soul. As humans have free will it will not turn out as expected. Now to do this you must visualize what you want to happen and feel in your heart that it will come to be. Then state “So it shall be.” Ezekiel said.

Eryn had an idea of what she wanted to happen. So she closed her eyes and visualized the outcome. She clearly saw Patches Collar in her hand. “So it shall be!” She said out loud.

Eryn opened her eyes feeling a bit hazy. She looked around and she realized she was back in her room. The memories of the night were quickly fading. “Was that all a dream?” She thought.

Eryn got out of bed. The sun was shining in her room. It gave a sense of renewal and Eryn felt refreshed from the warmth.

Today I am going to start my magical journey. I want to really learn how to astral project and use a pendulum. I think there is a little shop I can go to in town. Eryn thought to herself.

“Eryn” Eryn's sister Aleese called out.

I wonder what she wants. Eryn thought. Eryn went over to her bedroom door and opened it. Her sister stood outside her room.

“What’s up Aleese?” Eryn asked her younger sister.

“This was laying on the floor in my bedroom, I know you were looking for it for a long time,” Aleese said with a smile, as she handed her Patches dog collar.

Eryn received it with a smile. “Thank you, sis!” She looked down and saw it in her had just like she visualized.

“It wasn’t a dream,” Eryn thought and all the memories of her tasks came flooding back.

Then a little message from Ezekiel came to her mind:

“Eryn great job on all the tasks, you now are no longer the girl you used to be. The crystal you touched in Atlantis has slightly changed your DNA, and the last two tasks have created an epigene. Your subconscious mind knows how magical you are. You shall continue your magical journey. And if you ever need us, Patches and I will be there in an instant.”


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